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I heard her gentle splattering piss and then saw her pee stream

Dear Readers,

4 sightings last weekend, getting me to 43 for the year and 7 for June, right what I had at this point in June last year. 33 sightings on this date last year, so I remain 10 ahead of last year's pace.

I enjoyed all 4 of this week's sightings, they're starting to get better - and sexier, as the weather gets warmer. Could have snapped shots of 2 of them but passed, I've changed a bit about my shots….more on that after this week's stories.

Great crowds this weekend, biggest since New Year's Eve as the summer mode is here. Saturday night's crowd was a little bigger but left earlier and again this week there was a sighting on the RTD block so it looks like things are starting to pick up there again and as long as I've been at this I'm producing some strange historical numbers like this: 3 of the 4 ladies who peed this week were wearing jeans, giving me 989 sightings all-time of ladies wearing jeans so I'm closing in on 1000 ladies in jeans peeing - I'll get there this summer. Ladies in skirts and dresses peeing are a distant 2nd at 529 and they are well ahead of ladies in shorts at 297.
On to the stories:
Saturday, 12:45 a.m.- Shortly after getting to the sightings area I walked through the busy block as I usually do. Crowds were the biggest since New Years' Eve, as I stopped to watch them for a moment 2 black ladies came out of the crowds and walked past me down the street towards the next block. One of the ladies caught my attention: tall and chubby wearing a short blue sleeveless dress belted around the waist, she didn't look very appealing to me but she thought she was looking good. I walked off behind them as I was also leaving the area, they stopped outside the alley they walked past. The big lady was carrying a purse, she handed it to the other lady and started walking into the alley while the other lady waited there outside the alley. She was going to pee! About 5 cars were parked in spaces behind the corner building on the far side of the alley, the big lady turned up between 2 of them at the far end of that parking area pulling up the back of her dress. I had gone into the bigger parking lot across the alley from there where I could see her, partially squatted down in a side view to me she looked over and saw me and moved around to in front of the car and squatted down where I couldn't see her. About a 20 second piss before she stood up pulling the back of her dress down and walked out, going over to her friend who gave her purse back and the 2 walked off. Too dark where she peed to look for her puddle.

2:02 a.m.- At the south end of the RTD block by the shuttle bus stop I saw someone walking across the grass in the park area in the middle of the block, stopping by a tree. I walked up onto the patio for a closer look because I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman in the darkness. Suddenly the person pushed their pants down to mid-thigh and bent over slightly with feet spread and peed down to the grass, it was a lady. Walking down the sidewalk by the terminal building getting closer to her I could see it was a tall slim Asian lady in her 20's, she was finishing after the 10-second piss and pulling up her jeans. A white guy was nearby waiting for (and watching) her while another couple with them was sitting on a nearby stoop in the grass waiting for her. The Asian lady was really drunk and acting silly, so drunk I bet she wouldn't have even remembered she peed in the grass. The 2 couples quickly walked off, the other lady was drunk too with both ladies appearing more drunk than the guys.

Sunday, 1:53 a.m.- On the RTD block's south end by the shuttle bus stop I saw a lady go into the parking lot across the street heading back towards the alley. I crossed the street then and went into the lot to avoid getting caught in traffic like last weekend, unfortunately this lady stopped by a car in the middle of the lot and stood there talking with a guy, no signs she had to pee. I went to the sidewalk outside the lot and after a few minutes decided to go back to the RTD block, as it happens so often as I walked down the sidewalk to the street to cross I passed by a car in the lot in the row by the sidewalk. A petite chubby 20's lady was in a sitting position above the car's back tire pushing down her jeans, her boyfriend standing guard in front of her facing the lot with his back to me. She was in a side view to me as I had an unguarded view of her, with jeans down to mid-thigh she leaned her naked butt against the rear fender above the tire and was looking down between her spread feet. After about 5 seconds I heard gentle splattering and then saw her pee stream, shooting straight down from her butt and making a puddle beside the tire and behind her feet. The puddle was growing quickly but I couldn't stand there and stare because she was going to notice me any second. I walked past the car out of her view, turned and walked by and glanced at her as I passed the gap between cars where she was. I did this a few times as it kept her from noticing me, about my 4th pass by she had finished and was pulling up her jeans and standing back up. She and her boyfriend then walked out of the lot past me, leaving her big splatter puddle by the back tire of the car. Streams from it ran under the car but didn't come out the other side, so I'd call it an average sized piss.

1:56 a.m.- Still there by the crowd at the food cart on the corner outside that lot another chubby lady in jeans ran into the lot by herself. I watched her go between 2 cars in the middle of the lot and turn around to face my direction, hurriedly unsnapping the front of her jeans and quickly squatting down between the cars. I entered the lot again walking over towards there as an SUV entered the lot and started backing into an empty space in the row by the sidewalk a few spaces from where the previous lady just peed. In doing so it's headlights shined directly on the lady between the cars peeing, a couple of other guys came over to talk to the guys in the SUV. The peeing lady was squatted in a front view, momentarily put her hand over her eyes to block the bright light from the headlights but she made no effort to stop or cover herself as she was peeing too hard. I could see a faint reflection of her stream hitting the ground between her spread feet as the dark ground around her feet was getting bigger, finally the SUV was parked and the driver shut off the headlights. Nobody had noticed her but me, I watched her faint silhouette in the dark stay squatted for another 10 to 15 seconds before she stood up and pulled up her jeans and walked out like nothing unusual had just happened. Enough people were milling around in the lot so I waited awhile before going over to try to see her puddle in that dark area, when I went back about 10 minutes later I saw 2 thin streams running out from under the car 2 spaces away so she took a nice big piss. Then I saw a guy sitting in a truck right behind where her puddle was looking at me, who got there shortly after she peed so I couldn't go over to her puddle - but it was probably too dark there to see it anyway.
I noticed a few guys sitting in cars throughout the lot watching people come and go, I suspect more pee watchers. I wanted to snap shots of 1 or both puddles but too many people were around, I'll have to pay more attention to this lot because there's more ladies peeing here than I thought! I watch for ladies going back to the alley from the RTD block across the street but clearly many more go between cars somewhere in the lot, probably on most nights when the food cart is there and crowds are around there is when ladies pee. The cart has been there on mostly good-weather Saturday nights, during the summer it should start being there both nights when the weather is consistently warmer.

With the crowds being so big there should have been more ladies peeing. So why weren't they? I was thinking about that all weekend and the answer is that the ladies are different now. I think the days where I got 150 to 180 sightings a year are over, at least for now. My sightings area has transitioned more into a late-night habitat than it was in my early sightings years, more places are open late where people (ladies) can use the bathroom than it used to be and the ladies themselves are more prepared for being out long hours at night and not as many seem to be getting desperate.

And I'm different too. In past years I probably would have tried to snap shots of both Saturday night sightings, particularly the 1st with the lady peeing a visible stream leaning against the car fender. While I love seeing sightings like that as much as ever, the first thing I think now is "do I have a shot of a lady peeing like that", and in almost all cases the answer has been yes - even this one, so I don't go for them. The wild cards are if a lady is super sexy and mostly by herself (making it a safe shot) and these ladies weren't: I passed up another piss like the 1st lady's just a few weeks ago. We're into sexy season now so I should start seeing more ladies I want to shoot, I am kind of surprised I'm so peaceful with just snapping 1 sightings shot in almost a year which would have had me upset and restless just a couple of years ago. But as highlighted by my new female outdoor peeing techniques page I put up on my site, I have certainly seen a lot.....

...and will see much more….starting next weekend!

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