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Dear Readers,

The month of September continues its recent trend of being an awesome sightings month as I get 10 in the first Oktoberfest weekend. 2 of the sightings came at Oktoberfest and several of the others in the sightings area later both nights were from Oktoberfest ladies and some of these were among the best of the year because they were long intense pisses, thanks to bladders full of Oktoberfest beers! 15 sightings for September and 78 for the year, now well ahead of the 70 I had on this date last year I am back on track for 100 sightings again - but now that it's getting closer to the cold weather months, much of that will depend on the weather the rest of the year.

The bad news, if you can call it that, is that I didn't get any new shots of desperate ladies, just the puddle shots here in this web page report. My shot ratio of now 78 to 1 is like I'm not snapping shots anymore, I've realized I'm approaching getting shots differently now since I passed on 3 of this week's peeing ladies I could have snapped shots of. What's different now? I find myself being much more selective in the scenes I will shoot: I want cute ladies in revealing angles that show streams, in situations where it's not too risky for me to snap their shots - the ideal being a lady taking a big revealing piss by herself and it's just me and her there. Very few sightings have met this criteria. This year, as you know most female sightings are not too revealing because of ladies squatting and either the angles of them you see, their clothes, or both covers a lot of their peeing areas and stream. I have lots of shots like that and want more shots of the eye-popping revealing sightings, since I know they continue to be out there. My fabulous new camera hasn't been bringing me much luck at all in that regard, a few have come close but the ladies have either been guarded or others were close enough that trying for those shots would have been risky - and I want to keep my sightings work a calm and enjoyable experience. I do have the pleasant thought that the shots I do get should be terrific ones, shots that I will keep looking at over and over because they're so fascinating - like the ones in my 'Best of the Best' album.

Weather was great for the 1 st Octoberfest weekend, clear and low 50's night temps both nights. Crowds there were huge, people just love to drink beer! The lone potty station was in the middle of the 2 blocks and boy were ladies storming to them in huge numbers. Some businesses did close off bathroom access to Oktoberfest revellers but 2 huge bars - 1 on each of the 2 blocks - let people in to use their bathrooms and ladies by the dozens were storming into those bars. The 2 sightings, there, 1 each night, became simple to get because they came in the same way: ladies leaving who had to pee that refused to use the potties. They were identifiable as I watched people leaving through those middle blocks by the potties, most everyone passing them stopped for a piss before leaving except for these 2 ladies who made it clear they wouldn't use them despite needing to piss like racehorses. Nearby parking lots served as the better alternative, as they were all around that street where the potty station was which made it easy for me to decide what areas to watch. Late Saturday night 2 ladies peeing together combined for the longest stream I've seen this year, which is the puddle shot later in this report: 2 puddle shots because it took 2 shots to get all of their puddles and piss stream!

Lady counts: Oktoberfest presented a dilemma here, I wasn't sure who all to count. It would have been impossible to count all the ladies there, the ones who had to pee were easily identified by those who went to the potties or hurried into the 2 bars letting people in to use their bathrooms. Since I'm doing my counting ratio based on ladies peeing outside, those going to bathrooms negated any reason to count them - just the 2 ladies who peed outside were countable so I added them to my late-hour lady counts in the rest of the sightings area. Those stats will follow the 10 stories in this busy report, fun reading! On to the stories:

Saturday, 12:43 a.m.- 1 st Oktoberfest sighting! I was between the middle of the 2 blocks near the parking lots and alley where I thought ladies would go to pee, even though 2 rows of porta-potties were on the street in front of me. Beer-drinking ladies who had to pee were coming over there in droves to use the potties, finally a group of 2 mid-20's couples who were leaving stopped by me. "We're gonna piss before we go, are you ladies coming?" one of the guys said. One nodded her head while the 2nd lady said no, an above average height short haired blonde in jeans. "After all those beers, you mean to tell me you don't have to pee?" the guy asked lady 2. "Yeah I do, but I can't do it here!" lady 2 said. "I'll go by the van when we get back to the parking lot."

The 2 guys and other lady scampered over to potties and went in while lady 2 stood there patiently and waited for them, not showing any signs of discomfort or needing to pee. I was excited in anticipation of what was going to happen here, when the other 3 came out of the potties the 4 walked off with me following. They walked a block from the Oktoberfest area before turning into a parking lot, their car was parked in a space right by the sidewalk with a white van next to it. The blonde went over and opened the passenger door of her car next to the van, standing in front of it to shield her (I was behind them) while her boyfriend stood in the gap behind her. I saw her push her jeans down and bend over, peeing standing behind the guy and open car door where I couldn't see it but I did see the pavement around her feet getting darker. After about 20 seconds she stood up and pulled up her jeans, she and her boyfriend got in the car (she was driving) and it pulled out of the lot. I went over and saw her huge puddle beside the van, snapped a shot of it as a possible for this report but ended up using the shot of a bigger puddle instead.

1:43 a.m.- Back in the sightings area I was surprised by how small the crowd was. I was walking by the corner parking lot next to a 1-level parking garage, that lot barely half full with the parking garage virtually empty, when I noticed 2 ladies in the middle of the lot walking quickly towards the back corner of the parking garage where they turned into the alley. Did somebody have to pee? I walked through the lot back to the alley to see 1 of the ladies standing by a dark space under a small stairway on a building across the alley, I walked to the end of the alley and waited them out. About 25 seconds later she moves away from the stairs and the 2nd lady emerges from the dark space, a tall slim brunette in jeans who was zipping up the front of them as they walked across the alley back into the parking lot. Their car was in the front row of the lot by the sidewalk, they got in and started to drive out of the lot as I walked by their car.

1:53 a.m.- 1 st shot I passed on. Walking back over to the RTD block from the busy area, I passed the corner building on the block before it and its parking lot. I looked into it just in time to see a lady who had come in the alley walk up to the back corner of the building and push down her jeans and squat down on the sidewalk by the building. Her back and naked butt was facing me, I could see her boyfriend across the alley peeing by a dumpster there. I was too far away to hear or see her stream and she was squatted low to the ground anyway, I probably could have gotten there for the back shot of her but watched from the sidewalk just in front of the parking lot - nearly half a block away since she was back by the alley. She peed for almost 30 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans, by then her boyfriend had finished and the 2 walked out of the alley to their car parked on the street. I found her surprisingly small puddle, a single stream running from it towards the middle of the alley but not having enough volume to make it there.

2:04 a.m.- Across the street at the south end of the RTD block 2 Hispanic ladies I saw a few minutes earlier came walking out of the alley there, both petite with long black hair. Somebody must have peed, since I know they came from the north end and the busy area so they didn't wind up there by coincidence. I turned into the alley and immediately saw 2 thin streams running from a sidewalk behind the corner building to the drains in the middle of the alley, walked over to the sidewalk to see a fresh female puddle where one of the ladies sat down on the edge of the sidewalk and peed down to the alley below. Only thing here is, I don't know which one of them peed!

2:21 a.m.- Walking across the street from the north end of the RTD block 2 ladies turned the corner coming from the busy area, both early 20's and petite with long black hair wearing jeans. As they passed me one of them said, "I gotta piss!" I looked back as they were about to pass the alley on that block, the desperate lady took her long-strapped purse off her shoulder and held it out for lady 2. Lady 2 took the purse and lady 1 quickly ran into the alley, I crossed the street to the bus stop shelter on the RTD block directly across from the alley. Lady 1 was just inside the alley waiting for her friend, she yelled, "Anyone coming down the alley can see you!" I couldn't, I knew she was between the dumpsters behind that corner bank building as that's the only place she could have gotten to so quick and yes, she came out from beside the 1st dumpster barely 10 seconds later zipping up the front of her pink jeans before the 2 walked off.

Sunday, 12:23 a.m.- Another Oktoberfest sighting leads off Saturday night. I was again on the side street between the 2 Oktoberfest blocks where the potties were when a late 20's-early 30's couple went to their truck parked in one of the parking lots by that street. Their truck was parked in the row by a building in the mostly empty lot, the guy - a big cowboy type - unlocked the passenger door for her and went around to the driver's side. She was petite with long brown hair wearing tight jeans, she opened the door before hesitating and closing it and going in front of the truck between it and the building wall and squatting down below the hood of the truck. The guy opened the driver's door and peed standing by it, the lady came out from in front of the truck about 25 seconds later and got in the passenger side. After they left I went over there where I found her surprisingly big puddle with a crumpled-up tan paper towel in the puddle where she had wiped herself.

Shortly after that another group leaving was passing the potties with one of the ladies complaining about how gross it was to pee in porta-potties. Another lady in the group, a petite lady in jeans, started boasting about how she could pee standing and angle her stream at a urinal and keep it from running down her legs. The other lady and 2 guys with her didn't believe it and kept challenging her to do it, I was hoping they'd go to a parking lot so she could show off her skill but all 4 of them went into potties... L!

1:58 a.m.- Walking that well-travelled block north of the RTD block I passed a lady and 2 guys coming from the busy area, all early 20's. She was cute, the innocent looking type that is my favourite kind of lady to see desperate and peeing outside or in places where she's not supposed to: long black hair and a loose red print short dress and flip-flops. As I walked on towards the busy area I looked back at the group to see them stopping by that parking lot next to the corner building at the other end. They stood there looking into the parking lot before she and one of the guys turned in, I turned and RAN back to that end of the block because I really wanted to see her pee. Guy 2 was standing out on the sidewalk waiting for them and saw me, moving over where he could alert them if somebody was coming. There were 3 guys in there already peeing by cars parked by the building so the lady and guy were looking around for suitable spots, the guy going between 2 other cars while she went to the back sidewalk of the corner building behind the row of cars. That sidewalk is below the level of the parking lot, a 1-foot wall separates it and I watched her step over the wall down to the sidewalk already starting to pull up the sides of her dress. She turned her back to the wall facing the sidewalk and hiked up her dress and squatted down, I could see her from waist up as unfortunately the short wall covered her squatted lower body. Guy 2 outside the lot was staring at me to make sure I didn't try to go over there and with her facing in my direction she would have seen me coming if I tried to get closer - so I had to stay on the sidewalk outside the lot and watch her pee from there. I pulled out the camera and put it in movie mode and pointed it in her direction, by this time she had been peeing for about 15 seconds and showed no signs of being empty yet. I started shooting about 5 seconds before she finished (about a 40 second piss) and got her standing up and coming out of that spot, guy 1 walking by right before her after he finished pissing and the 2 walking back out to the sidewalk and guy 2.

I've become more familiar with the camera and have changed some settings since then, this 22 second video is lighter with her much easier to see, although her image is still small because I shot from far away with no zoom lens. The sound is crystal clear, I can hear her laughing and voices from other people nearby and car sounds: amazing considering I never hear any of that stuff because I'm obviously focused only on the peeing ladies! I've noticed there's a blue streak that runs down one side of the screen on these night videos, turns out it's reflected light from the buildings and light poles nearby. This is still practice stuff, nothing in it good enough to send out.

2:03 a.m.- 2 nd shot I passed on, 2 ladies in this one. I was waiting for the people in that lot to leave so I could go see the lady's puddle. Across the next corner I could see a group outside the RTD employee parking lot trying to flag down a cab and 2 of the ladies turned and went into the parking lot. I knew they were going to pee and crossed the street to there, saw them walking through the lot looking around for a suitable spot. Both were mid-20's blondes, college-girl types wearing tight jeans who I think were probably at Oktoberfest earlier. They finally went to the near back corner of the lot by a maintenance door, just on the other side of the tall wall bordering the lot from the sidewalk so I had to walk past the rest of the group to the driveway entrance of the lot to see them. I saw one of the ladies standing by an RTD car parked at that back end of the lot by the maintenance stairway, unsnapping her jeans and pushing them down and squatting down on the far side of the car where I couldn't see her. I probably could have gone in for a shot because the rest of the group wasn't paying attention to me, but they were so far away they'd have to take long pisses for me to be able to get there in time and since it wouldn't be a revealing shot (front shot in jeans) I decided not to try for it and just waited for them to finish. When I saw a thick stream running out from beside the car about 30 seconds later and they still hadn't come out, I realized I should have gone in there! The stream continued making its way across the lot now going about 50 feet away, it was now past the minute mark and they still hadn't come out! It was finally around 2 minutes before both ladies came walking out together and walked back out to the group. Since they stayed there I went back to the other parking lot to look at the previous lady's puddle on the sidewalk behind the building, unfortunately the entire area was wet from other people peeing there earlier so I couldn't tell how big her puddle was but I could see part of her fresh pee in the wetness.

huge stream of women's pee snaking across a car park long trail of desperate woman's pee going across a car park
I then went back to the RTD block. The group was gone, so I went into the lot and back to see the huge puddles these 2 ladies made. I passed the combined stream in the middle of the lot some 70 feet away, a big foamy head on the puddle so these were beer pisses from large amounts of Oktoberfest beer. I went over and saw their 2 huge splatter spots by the RTD car and snapped these 2 shots, it took 2 to get all of their piss puddles and long combined piss stream running out from under the back of the car!

2:29 a.m.- Making a last pass by the RTD block before heading for home 2 ladies and a guy entered the block and walked past the employee parking lot, passing me as I was leaving the block. I looked back at the group as they were going to pass the back sidewalk by the pee areas, they passed it and stopped by the driveway for the bus entrance/exit area. The terminal building was now closed and locked up, one of the ladies - average height with long brown hair wearing a navy print sleeveless short dress and flip-flops, seemed antsy as she started down the driveway like she was going to pee there. I turned and started walking back there as the lady came out of the driveway, she was holding the bottom sides of her dress so I knew she wanted to hike it up and pee! She ran up the back sidewalk to the pee areas as the other 2 stood on the sidewalk waiting for her, but they started getting antsy as they saw me coming. As I got to the back sidewalk they were now shouting out to her somebody was coming, I looked up the sidewalk but didn't see her. "I'm almost finished!" I heard the lady's voice say. It was coming from the garden area, I looked over and saw her squatted by a tree peeing in the dirt in a front view to me and looking at me - like the 1:58 sighting, another innocent-looking lady I love to see in this situation! She was about 40 feet away and I could partially see her crotch between her slightly-spread thighs under her hiked dress in the dim light, her friends on the sidewalk staring at me to make sure I didn't try to go over to her. I turned my back to them and pulled out the camera, hoping to get a video of her finishing up since it was the most I could get from this scene too - but as I turned around to face them again she was already up and coming out from the tree pulling her dress back down. She jumped down to the sidewalk and the group walked off, about a 15 second piss. Too dark in the dirt to see her puddle, I wish she would have peed on the sidewalk instead!

Late hour lady-counts: Friday night's crowd in the sightings area was surprisingly small but Saturday night's crowd was the biggest since I started counting, even bigger than the summer weekends. Friday night's ladies who peed were 1.35% of the small crowd that night, the biggest percentage for any night yet while Saturday night's 5 ladies who peed were just 8 tenths of 1 percent of the much bigger crowd. Overall the 10 ladies were 1% of the total weekend lady crowd I counted, the per-night average so far since I started counting at the beginning of July is 5 tenths of 1 percent of the ladies each night peeing outside. Hard to believe, but next weekend I will pass the 10,000 mark in ladies I've counted during the late hours in just 3 months. This is not all of the ladies in my sightings area during the 1 and 2 a.m. hours, just the ones I see in the particular areas I happen to be in when I see them!

Weather looks great again next weekend for Oktoberfest's final weekend, the last for September. If I can get 3 or more sightings and start October in the 80's for the year, I'd be in great shape to get to 100 for the year again. I hated finishing short of 100 sightings last year, after exceeding 100 each of the previous 14 years this is just not right!

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