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Thick gushing female piss. My pissing Christmas present.

Dear Readers,
I got an early Christmas present over the weekend that I'm sure you will enjoy hearing about - 2 sightings and another new shot!
The 2 sightings give me a new December record of 7 (still paltry, but we're talking December here) and 176 for the year, 4 off my yearly best. The shot is my 2nd this month, equaling my December best in pictures BEFORE New Years' Eve next weekend, when I usually get 90% of my December shots. It's my 26th shot this year, tying my 2nd most ever for a year, and 166th overall. It's going to come down to the last weekend of the year to decide if I will set new yearly records in this spectacular sightings year and with New Years' Eve being next Sunday I could be out on 3 consecutive nights! I will work Friday and Saturday nights if the weather permits (it's cold and snowing today, Monday), but will be out on New Years' Eve regardless.
I went out late briefly on both Friday and Saturday nights, not expecting to see much of anything since this was the weekend before Christmas. The weather was cold but clear, temps in the low 30's. Some ice and snow was still in places on some sidewalks and parking lots from snow earlier in the week. Few people were out on the streets either night, parking lots ranged from mostly empty to about half full in the busy area.
The crowd was bigger on Friday night, when I got the 2 sightings and picture, while Saturday night I saw a lot of men pissing all over the area but no women. The picture story is incredible, probably my favorite kind of situation to see a lady in. You'd think it wouldn't happen when it's so cold outside, but full bladders have a mind of their own!

Stories, with picture story preceded by date & Desp jpg number:
Friday, 2:06 a.m.- I was mostly in the block by the RTD building as that's where I saw the most people walking around tonight. I passed a 20's couple walking towards the RTD building as I was walking away, I glanced as they turned up the sidewalk by the administration building towards the bus terminal. From the sidewalk I saw them stop by the locked terminal doors, upon discovering they were locked they embraced each other and started kissing for a few minutes. The guy walked over to a big concrete pillar near them, unzipping his pants. He started peeing on the pillar as she stared at him, then she started unsnapping the front waist of her tight black jeans. She was average height and slim, short black hair and a short black jacket with white athletic shoes. She pushed her jeans down to her knees and squatted a few feet from him, in a side/ front view to me. I waited about 10 seconds before slowly walking up the sidewalk towards them, his back was to me but she would see me. Looking at me she continued to pee until I got about 20 feet away, then quickly stood up and pulled up her jeans. He finished when I was about 10 feet away, both quickly walking off talking. Her puddle was about average sized for a lady, quite a bit smaller than his. There were chips of ice on the pavement underneath her that she peed on, I guess she was attempting to melt them! A true sign of togetherness, watching this couple pee together outside the RTD building! I never considered trying for this shot, since he was there and she saw me coming anyway.

2:14 a.m. (12-23-00, Desp 166) - My favorite kind of situation! I was just on the next block from there, walking towards the busy area (not busy tonight) when a group of 4 people in their 20's were walking towards me on the sidewalk going the other way, coming from the busy area about 2 blocks away. We were passing each other by the driveway entrance to a parking garage, the lights in the garage lighting the 3 guys and 1 lady in this group (all mid 20's). The lady was average height and slim with short brown hair, wearing jeans and a short blue coat. She grabbed at the front waist of her jeans and turned up into the driveway, none of the guys following. As the guys walked past the driveway she was reaching under the bottom of her coat to grab the waist of her jeans on both sides, walking around the empty attendant's booth just inside the driveway. She left the bar needing to pee and barely 2 blocks later her bladder was starting to burst! The guys stopped just past the driveway to wait for her, I walked past the driveway in the other direction and passed the booth just as she came running around it towards the short back wall of the garage by me on the sidewalk. The front of her jeans were open and she was starting to push them down, but saw me walking by just outside the wall. "Aw, man!", she said in a very distressed voice and stopped. I think if I'd stopped and stared at her she would have stood there and peed on herself, it was pretty apparent she could not hold her pee another second. I smiled at her and looked away, kept walking like I wasn't interested in what I knew she was about to do. I took one step and heard loud splattering, got out the camera as I looked back over the wall. Her jeans were down and she was squatted by the booth, facing it with her back to me. Her thick yellow stream was gushing to a growing puddle between her feet on the pavement, wow!! The guys were on the other side of the driveway some 30 feet away and not paying any attention to me, so I leaned over the short wall and pointed the camera at her. While centering her in the view finder, suddenly her violent stream stopped. No slowing or trickling, it just stopped - immediately - like a faucet had been quickly turned off.
She started to stand up and pull up her panties, I snapped her before losing altogether what I thought was going to be a nice mid-stream shot. The flash fired, she stood and pulled up her jeans and looked over at me.
She didn't seem to know what just happened, although she knew I saw her take this emergency piss. The guys didn't seem to notice what happened either, as I turned and casually walked off down the sidewalk putting the camera away while she came out of the garage. This was only a 5 to 8 second piss, but her puddle wasn't small at all - a big splatter spot next to the booth with a thin stream running along the base of the booth and out towards the middle of the garage floor for some 6 feet. I've never seen a lady peeing so hard stop so suddenly! Should be an interesting shot though, as I'll never forget her reaction when she saw me just before she peed, I could have made her pee on herself! This is my first shot for album 9.
Walking on the next block on the way to my car to leave, an SUV pulls up outside a closed bar. A really sexy blonde in her late 20's gets out, dressed like it was the middle of summer but looking great: low cut knit blue sweater top, black blazer, navy (or purple) satin miniskirt and black high heels. She walked around a long railing on the sidewalk and had to walk back on the other side before being able to go up to the front door of the bar, only to quickly return in a few seconds. "FUCK!!", she said as she opened the driver's door of the SUV and started getting back in. "They won't even let me come in to use the bathroom!", she said angrily to the other ladies in there as she slammed her door shut. Wow, I would have LOVED to see this sexy lady hike up her skirt and pee outside near there! Unfortunately she didn't have to go bad enough to have to do that, the SUV started up and quickly drove off. I had to settle for thoughts of knowing that she had an uncomfortable drive home, running for the bathroom as soon as she got her front door open!

HANG TIME: That's the name of a Saturday morning teen show on NBC about a high school girl who plays basketball on the boys team. Last Saturday they re-ran an episode from September where the group of kids (guys on the basketball team) and a student manager named Mary Beth were in a shopping mall trying to win a contest to get a new Volkswagen Beetle. They had to stay in the car, sitting in the mall and the one who remained the longest would win. Late in the show Mary Beth, in the back seat, starts fumbling around trying to get out of the car. She gets out, wearing a hooded sweat suit top, tight black leggings and clunky open heel shoes and tightly squeezes her pussy with one hand and runs around the car. "Mary Beth, where are you going?", one of the other girls there asks her. "I'm taking my potty break!", Mary Beth says as she flips over an hourglass on a table next to the car still squeezing her pussy. She runs to the ladies room a few feet away in the background, letting go of herself as she pushes open the door and goes in. I taped this segment this time since I knew it would be on and playing it back she really was squeezing her pussy tightly as she ran! Times are really changing, I think we can look forward to more full bladder situations with females on TV and movies. Producers and censors don't seem to be afraid to do it anymore, and why not? Like everything else, men have been doing it for years. I wonder if the Hollywood power women have stepped forward and said, "OK, it's time to show us needing to pee too. Men have been seen needing to go for years, we women demand equal desperation in our roles!"

My New Years' Eve report will be next week (might be sent Tuesday if I have a lot to write!) and my 2000 sightings summary will be the week after.
Hope you are having a nice Christmas.

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