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Hairy Women Caught Peeing Down a Dark Alley at Night

Hairy Women caught peeing a thick golden piss stream from their hairy bush

Dear Readers,

Only 3 piss sightings in a weekend that should have produced more and another piss puddle picture last weekend. It was an ugly weekend otherwise in the piss sightings area with a lot of stupid violence, hopefully not an indicator of another bad summer on the horizon. I normally don't mention things like this in these reports, but I will say a little about it later.

12 sightings of women caught peeing for June and 38 for the year, 3 ahead of last year on this date. A web page report with 2 pictures this week, the 2nd picture being of the ladies who made the puddles in today's piss puddle picture walking away from the scene - I picture video of them leaving and this picture was made from the video as I'm testing that feature. Their images are small because I'm far enough away and can't use my camera's zoom in shooting video, not a bad thing in this case because I don't show images of ladies' faces that clearly identify who they are.

I discovered while editing last week's videos that I can brighten them up so the ladies can be seen easier, making the video much more watchable - although the images are still small because it's picture at wide angle where I can't use the camera's zoom. Haven't found a compressed format that produces anywhere near the same picture quality as the original video, which would keep me from sending these videos out by e-mail to people. The original .avi video is 10mb per minute, much too big to send out in e-mail. The various Windows video formats can compress it down to less than 2mb per minute of video, but the picture quality looks terrible with the subjects being so small. I'm working on it, I think I'll come up with some way to get it done.

With night temps in the 60's the first weekend of summer brought a summer sized crowd to the piss sightings area as both the busy area (north) and the once slow end (south) was overflowing with people and the middle area by the RTD block was also more crowded than usual. What jumped out at me immediately was that most of the ladies are really dressing nice, more than half wearing nice skirts and dresses instead of jeans. But that's a double-edged sword: while I love seeing more ladies in nice skirts and dresses, fewer of them will pee outside dressed nice so it hurts sightings - evidenced by no piss sightings Friday night and all 3 on Saturday. I saw several ladies in skirts who had to pee, a group of 4 ladies walking behind me Friday night had 2 ladies vocally complaining about how they were going to burst if they didn't pee soon. I let them pass and followed, 3 of the 4 were wearing skirts including both of the desperate ones, I followed them for several blocks before the desperate ones hurried into a train station to use the bathroom - by the time they got there almost a block ahead of their friends, the 2 desperate ladies were walking so fast they were running by the time they got to the train station. I heard several other beauties in sexy dresses express a need to pee, all fighting through crowds at crowded bars to get in instead of finding outdoor spots and lots of desperate ladies in skirts went into the RTD building late for emergency bathroom visits, always maddening but good anyway because it means the desperate ladies are there. Had these ladies been wearing jeans or pants some of them probably would have peed outside, most ladies just feel and act different when dressed nice - despite the fact it's quicker and easier for ladies to pee outside in a skirt. Fewer piss sightings, but more intense and enjoyable when they do come as 2 of this weekend's 3 ladies were wearing skirts. Stories:

Sunday, 1:22 a.m.- Over in the area by the big warehouse dance club which was packed this weekend, I was walking past an alley that is next to a 1-level parking garage when a black SUV suddenly turned into the alley in front of me, almost hitting a lady who was ahead of me crossing the alley. A pretty blonde was driving with 2 other ladies in the car, they sped down the alley and stopped midway down by the parking garage. The driver's door opens and I saw a blur of somebody getting out and running into a space behind the building across the alley from the parking garage, I entered the alley and started walking towards there to see who was peeing. When I got about 20 feet away a lady came out from a dark space by the gutter of that building, quickly pulling her denim miniskirt back down and running around to the passenger side and getting in a back door. The SUV sped off to the other end of the alley and turned into the street, going to the area where the lady came from I found her small piss puddle in dirt by the gutter. Another of those "can't this wait until later" tiny little pisses.

Things suddenly got rowdy in the middle part of the area, a crowd gathering in the parking lot across the street (east) from the RTD block's south end. 2 cops run into the crowd and snatch out 2 ladies who had been all-out fighting, both wearing short dresses with nobody trying to stop it - guys act so stupid when they see women fighting! They let one go and handcuffed the other, were nicer to her than they would be if it were guys who were fighting. Then I noticed cops walking a foot patrol on the RTD block, what?? Is this what I'm going to have to put up with this summer? Police were closing off the block at the northeast corner of the RTD block, I figured probably to keep traffic out of the busy area - I'd find out later that wasn't why.

2:24 a.m.- Coming from the busy area and passing the closed block were 2 mid-20's ladies, who turned and walked down the street towards the alley across the street from the RTD building's north end. Lady 1 was tall with long black hair wearing shorts while lady 2 was average height wearing a black short dress and high-heeled clunky sandals, as they walked past the alley lady 2 turned in with lady 1 following. But there were police cars on the street outside the other end of the alley, that made lady 2 hesitant and the ladies walked off to the next block. I followed from across the street, now knowing somebody had to pee. They went into the parking lot on the corner of the next block, going to the alley behind it and dumpsters by the sidewalk that were enclosed in a small fenced-off area. I saw lady 2 open the gate (facing the alley) and go in with lady 1 following. I went around the sidewalk by the alley and up past there to the parking lot, I could hear splattering as I passed the back doors to the area where the dumpsters are taken in and out. Between the crack of the 2 doors I could see bent-over lady 2's butt facing the doors, just inches from me on the other side of the door from where I was standing! Her dress was hiked up over her butt and a thick goldish piss stream was shooting straight down from her black hairy bush to a growing piss puddle between and behind her spread feet. Ohhh, too bad I couldn't do anything with this scene because of the doors! I watched her pee for a few seconds, camera out and considering how I could capture this piss in some way. Problem is I didn't know how long they were going to pee and which way they'd come out after finishing! I decided to film them coming out of there after they finished, went to a spot in the alley some 40 feet away. Lady 2 peed for about 35 seconds before the splattering stopped, I could see her feet under the doors and they didn't move. In a few seconds she started a 2nd piss stream, peeing again for about 10 more seconds before her bladder was finally empty.

girls who have just had a piss Coming out of the bathroom: The ladies finally came out of their impromptu ladies room a few seconds later, me shooting my video of them from the alley (this picture made from that video). Lady 2 in the black dress is at the middle right of the picture, hidden in the dark open dumpster compartment gate behind her - look closely as she's a little hard to see without lights, with her image being so small. They went over and sat down on a ledge not far from where I was in the parking lot, both ladies seeing me and smiling at me as I walked past them and the dumpster area out of the alley. I'd wait for them to leave before going in to look at their puddles as lady 1 peed too. No low batteries shooting video this week, I had the batteries fully charged this time.

2 piss puddles by desperate women It was a half hour before the ladies finally left and I could go over and see their puddles, they just sat there on the ledge and wouldn't leave. Fortunately lady 2's piss puddle - on the ground by the bottom of the gray back doors (that open to the outside) at the top middle of the picture - was still mostly there and hadn't evaporated much. Her bent-over peeing butt and spread legs was right by and facing that gap between the doors above her piss puddle, that lady 1 is walking by in the above picture from the outside (and where I was standing while watching lady 2 pee). Lady 1's piss puddle is the pool in the middle of the picture, right in front of where I was standing to snap this picture.

Before the last 2 ladies passed by the alley that they didn't go into because of the police cars outside the other end, a few groups of cops (2 or 3 each) had walked through that alley. Were they patrolling for pissers?
I couldn't believe peeing was suddenly so important to the cops - and it wasn't. Around 2 a.m. I heard what sounded like several 'firecrackers' going off, turned out to be gunshots - cops had been involved in a shooting in the big active parking lot (next block from the other end of this alley). One of the suspects fled the area and groups of cops were walking around that alley and the RTD block looking for him. At the street closure at the northeast corner of the RTD block, one of the cops walked over to that alley and turned in, was he looking for suspects too? He walked past the dumpsters by the corner bank building and went to the back doorway of the next building, looking into it before yanking his zipper down and disappearing in the doorway - was this cop peeing? He was out in about 15 seconds, zipping up his pants as he walked out of the alley back to the corner blockade of police cars. How can these cops hassle anybody for peeing outside when I just saw one of them do it??
This is the stuff I usually keep out of my sightings reports, the stuff that reminds me that the realities of life are part of this deal and it's not all just seeing pretty ladies pee. If you'd like to keep the focus of my reports on sightings and aren't interested in this other stuff that sometimes comes up, you can stop reading here and look forward to my next sightings report. For a slice of the rest of the story of my sightings area, read on.

There was a confrontation Saturday night in the big active parking lot between young thug wanna-be rivals (Hispanic males) that led to them shooting at each other. That's the cop-saturated part of the area and they were right there to respond, they shot and killed one of the gunmen and wounded a 2nd, with a 3rd guy running away that the cops are looking for. There have been maybe 5 intense incidents like this over the years on nights when I've been there, this the 3rd time someone was killed. The obvious questions from this are, is the area safe and do I feel safe when I'm there?

This is another stupid incident that will tar the area and bring even more cops there every weekend, which angers me. I've never felt unsafe there, despite the fact I'm outside during all of my outings. The troublemakers are not people who are going to the bars and clubs there, it's outsiders - typically young black and hispanic thug-type males who come to the area to meet up with their enemies and incite violence. It's the same type of senseless violence that happens in city neighborhoods, it's a status symbol to these thugs to shoot up a popular area and draw attention to themselves for being "tough guys". The biggest threats to safety in the area are groups of "agitated males" who are there looking for trouble, which it takes me about 2 seconds to spot. The ladies in the area are why I go there, they're not out to hurt anyone and at worst can be irritating and annoying but are not dangerous. I stay away from where "groups" of men are because they're usually there looking for trouble, and since I'm usually where the ladies are I miss all the 'trouble spots' where guys are acting stupid. I've always been a block or so away from these stupid incidents when they happen, the people who are in danger are the "lookie-loos" who have to have front-row seats to any unruly behavior - if they don't get injured being too close to the action they are subject to being harassed and possibly arrested by cops who respond to the scenes.

We'll see what the fallout from this weekend will be. I suspect there will be more cops combined with more people staying away because they think the area is dangerous, both the wrong responses. I hope people there don't let young thugs ruin the area, it's much easier to run them all off.

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