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I really do have to use the bathroom. I can't stop to talk!

Dear Readers,
after taking last weekend off (too damn cold, night temps in the 20's both nights) I was out both nights this weekend and rewarded with 4 sightings. 5 for October (tying last year's October total) and I officially pass last year's record low 89 as I now have 93 sightings for the year...a few more good-weather weekends and I'll get back to my customary 100+ sightings year.
Could have snapped shots of 2 of the 4 sightings but passed on both, friends of the peeing ladies were nearby and would have seen me. That's 7 shots now I could have gotten but passed on this year, no question I'm approaching the shots different mentally now and that's why I have no shots this year - more on that later.
Night temps were in the upper 40's this weekend, warm compared to last weekend. Crowd size is down noticeably compared to September, about 250 less ladies per night based on my late hour lady-counts and the average is about 150 ladies less than October nights last year, although the same number of ladies have peed already (5) as the bigger crowds produced for the entire month of October last year....how do you figure that?
There was some nice 'bladder energy' this weekend, a missed sighting and some almost-sightings.

Getting to the area Friday night I saw 2 ladies come out of a parking lot and wait on the sidewalk for a guy with them who was peeing by their car. Just as I got to them one of the ladies took off one of her shoes and picked it up to inspect, saying "I think I peed in my shoe!" as I walked by. I was too late to see where she peed, didn't see any other puddles but the guy's after the group left and leaving the area at the end of the night 2 sexy ladies in skirts and heels were tensely walking to their car in a parking lot in the busy area with their arms folded as several guys around their cars in the lot tried to flirt with them. "I can't stop to talk, I have to use the bathroom!" lady 1 said. "Lady 2 agreed, saying, "I really gotta use the bathroom!" as she pulled open the passenger door of the car and quickly got in. The car quickly sped out of the lot, I don't know if they just said they had to pee to blow off the guys or they really were desperate, but from their body language they did appear to really need to pee.
1 sighting Friday night and 3 Saturday, stories:

Saturday, 1:23 a.m. - In the south part of the sightings area I walked past an always-populated alley (2 clubs with alley entrances). 2 ladies and a guy were standing by the back of the corner building talking, like they were waiting for someone. Just on the other side of the alley I saw someone moving around on a ramp sidewalk behind that building, I could see it was the back and head of a squatted lady. After about 5 seconds she stood up and pulled up her panties and black leggings, molesting her crotch area for a few moments to adjust her panties back in place before walking out to the waiting group across the alley. They walked out past me, everyone mid 20's with this lady the tallest in the group (about 5' 8"). She had below shoulder length brown hair wearing a white pullover sweater and the black leggings and high heels, showing off her curvy shapely legs. I went into the alley and found her puddle on the sidewalk behind the building, a pool of pee that sat right there. I've snapped shots of 2 different ladies peeing here back in my early sightings years of the early '90's, one of them an interesting shot because the lady was looking at me and giving me the finger while her visible stream was flowing.

Sunday, 1:28 a.m .- Walking over to the busy area I saw a group of ladies and a guy in a corner parking lot standing by their SUV. One of the ladies left the group and started walking back towards the alley, changed her mind before getting there and went back to the group. It looked like she was trying to get one of the other ladies to go with her but none would, so she went between cars a couple of spaces away and pushed down her jeans and squatted by the front tires of the cars. She was in a side view to me across the street, I could have gone over and snapped the shot but didn't want to with her friends right there. She peed close to 40 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans, one of the few long pisses I've seen this year and the reason why it was a shot possibility. The group walked off a few minutes later, she was above average height with blonde hair in a ponytail wearing a short maroon coat and jeans. I went into the lot to find her huge puddle between the front tires of the 2 cars, her stream running underneath one of the cars.
Last night 2 ladies went to their car in this same lot. While the driver was unlocking her door, the lady on the passenger side crossed her thighs and suddenly said, "I have to PEE!" The driver opened her door and unlocked the passenger door, both ladies set their purses down on the seats and closed the doors and ran back to the alley. I thought I had 2 sightings here, but they changed their minds and went back to the car and got in and left without peeing.
1:57 a.m .- Over at the north end of the RTD block 2 couples were sitting by the bus stop at the north end. Suddenly one of the guys jumps up with his girlfriend and they run across the street holding hands and into the alley to the dumpsters behind the corner bank building. They were early 20's, she was about 5'8" with short blonde hair, a punk rock/biker look wearing all black - cropped sleeve top and tight jeans, with tattoos on her arms and studded jewellery. They ran into the alley, her leading the way and going up between 2 dumpsters. He stood in the gap looking at her, her head going down below the top of the dumpsters as she squatted down. After about 20 seconds he moved away as her head re-appeared between the dumpsters as she finished and stood up, she came out and he went between the dumpsters to pee. She walked right up behind him and placed her chin on one of his shoulders, looking down at him holding his cock and peeing. Guys, would you like a lady doing this while you peed? He finished and they came out of the alley and crossed the street back to their friends, no puddle to see since he peed over hers.
This spot has 14 sightings this year, add to it the 5 sightings in the parking lot across the alley and the combined 19 make this the top pee area this year. The RTD block across the street is a close 2nd with 15.
2:11 a.m .- At the south (shuttle bus stop) end of the RTD block I was watching the crowd around the food cart outside the corner parking lot across the street. I saw a petite lady leave the crowd and enter the parking lot, I knew immediately she was going to pee and crossed the street and went into the lot. She went between 2 cars right near the middle of the lot by the empty attendant's booth, a sexy early 20's Latina lady with light brown big hair and red tank top with faded light blue tight jeans and high heels. Standing by the back of the cars she was starting to unsnap the front waist of her jeans but people were walking by around there and a car nearby was starting to back out of it's space, so she hesitated to wait for everybody to leave. She squeezed her thighs together with an irritated look on her face, very sexy! I noticed 2 other guys saw her and started staring at her, she saw them and tried to wait for them to move on but they weren't going anywhere. The look on her face soon turned to painful, finally she pushed down her jeans and squatted with her back to one of the cars in a side view to me. One of the guys watching entered the lot and walked by there stopping to stare at her, she turned her head away and continued to pee. Fortunately he moved on and didn't stand there staring like a dork, I had another chance for a shot here but again passed because I thought a lady this pretty probably had a boyfriend waiting in the crowd by the food cart. 2 thin streams were running out from underneath the other side of the car from the small puddle around her feet, she stood up after about 15 seconds and pulled up her jeans. She walked out dancing and happy, feeling much better and as I thought there was a big-ego looking boyfriend waiting to greet her. She left a small puddle, the 2 thin streams running from it going about 6 feet underneath the car.

Last week I was working on the "my 10 favorite sightings" report I would send on a winter weekend where I got no sightings, thought I'd have it ready to send last week. With 2278 overall sightings over the years picking my favorite 10 could be tough, so I did it off of the sightings that popped up in my mind. I thought I was ready to go and browsed through my pictures and sightings spreadsheets from my early years and found some that I'd forgotten about so I'm re-working that report.
I then went through all my pictures and was shocked by a lot of them, there are a lot of them that are better than I once thought they were - basically because of how tame sightings have been the last few years.
I went through all my shots, including the bad ones and am also working on "The big picture report" to summarize my collection, which gets more impressive to me as years go by and I appreciate how hard it is to get as many great shots as I did.
Not snapping a shot this year will be historic, the last year I didn't snap a sightings shot was in 1991, the year before I got my first camera and started my sightings photography in 1992. But after looking at all of my shots it's not depressing that I have no shots this year, the sightings now just aren't as spectacular as they were in my big picture years. An occasional sighting comes close, but the best ones now are not as good as most of the every-weekend sightings I got during my big picture years. Most of this year's sightings would make ordinary shots at best, so I haven't been tempted to snap shots of most of them. The highlight of my picture report will be the reactions from the ladies. How many were angry, didn't mind or even liked being snapped peeing?
How many were so angry they chased me, how many were embarrassed?
How many great shots were there that showed ladies' flowing streams (more than I thought!).

I've looked at all 238 shots I've snapped for the characteristics and reactions of the 269 ladies in them (31 shots had multiple ladies peeing), this will be a fascinating report because nobody has made such a large collection of real ladies peeing in real desperate situations...even the bad shots look better to me now than when I snapped them, fascinating the timing I had on so many of these shots in getting great revealing angles and snapping the shots at just the perfect moment!
Look forward to this and my best sightings reports sometime this winter on non-sightings weekends.
The 2 shots I passed on this week typify why shots have gotten harder to get these days: more women are becoming like men and not so afraid of peeing outside with people nearby and being seen, which makes it riskier for me to snap shots. The 2 ladies this weekend were 2 more who did that, people nearby would have seen me if I snapped their shots. Virtually all the ladies in my big picture years went out of their way to find secluded spots where they wouldn't be seen and once they found secluded spots relaxed and peed because they never expected anyone to see them. This meant those shots were snapped with just me and the peeing ladies there, very safe for me!
In the meantime October has 2 more weekends ending with Halloween as I inch closer to 100 sightings again. Let's hope for good weather here for a few more weekends!

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