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She badly needed to pee, as each movement was aggravating her aching bladder.

Dear Readers,

A frustrating weekend produces only 3 sightings when the crowds in the sightings area were big enough to produce so much more! Just 5 sightings for June, but I reach 50 for the year and again am on pace to get 100+ sightings for my 14th consecutive year with the big sightings months ahead. Another shot is included this week from the weekend's last sighting, making this another web page stories edition. It's a different kind of shot than I've attached so far, more normal!
The temps remain unseasonably warm - no, make that hot, 90's during the day and night temps near 70 again last weekend. The Saturday night crowd was the biggest in the sightings area I've seen in nearly 2 years, the new country bar blaring country music loudly through its speakers into the street to run off the young bar-hoppers but it didn't work. Long lines were outside so many bars I saw fresh pee puddles in ramps and doorways of non-bar buildings on one block, where people who couldn't wait in the long bar lines had peed. Most of them looked like men's puddles, all made during the 11 p.m. hour before I got there. It's probably time to start coming down earlier for summer hours as there will be some ladies caught short too if the crowds are this big. I've been coming down late because the pattern of sightings this year has been most of them coming during the 2 a.m. hour and fewer in the earlier hours than years past. I'll try coming earlier, probably next weekend, as we actually get closer to the real start of summer I should get as much as I can out of this gift of extra summer weather we're getting.
The 3 late sightings were all sexy, just 1 Friday night and 2 Saturday - when I was thinking I was going to go home with no sightings either night.
On to the stories, the picture is in the last story:
Saturday, 2:09 a.m.
- At the RTD station by the shuttle bus stop I was starting to leave when 2 ladies got out of a car parked on the street by the terminal building. They walked across the patio area to the grass, lady 1 tall with long black hair, average build, wearing tan dress pants and heeled sandals and lady 2 petite with black hair up in a bun wearing a black tank top blouse and dark denim flared short skirt and sandals. She was walking very tenderly like she was in pain, arms folded and bent forward at the waist taking tiny steps. Anyone watching her could tell she badly needed to pee, as each movement was aggravating her aching bladder. I love these moments when I know a lady is desperate and she's going to pee! They walked towards the pee sidewalk, stopping when they saw the sprinklers watering the grass above and next to the sidewalk. They stood there looking around, people sitting on a bench near them keeping her from squatting right there on the grass. They saw the steps leading to the employee parking lot to their right, lady 2 walked quickly to them and went down the steps as I walked across the grass to the wall near there. The people on the benches had no idea what was going on, once again I was the only one who knew a lady was about to pee! Lady 1 stopped at the top of the steps and turned around to stand guard, I got out the camera and looked over the wall thinking desperate lady 2 would be right below me in the lot and she was: the sidewalk from the steps leads to a corner and the back wall of another small maintenance building next to the parking lot, she was directly below me (about 5 feet) in a bent-over position with the back of her skirt flipped up over her butt. I had a top view of her bent-over head and back with her butt facing the corner, not a good angle to see anything as she hadn't started to pee yet. Suddenly lady 1 on the steps turns around to look at her, forcing me to jump back from the wall or she'd see me. "Hurry up and pee!" lady 1 yelled to lady 2. "Okay, I'm going to!" lady 2 said as lady 1 again turned her back to the steps. But then the whiny boyfriend came over, wondering where lady 2 was. "She's down there behind me peeing!" lady 1 said to him. He stood in the middle of the patio area facing there, about 40 feet away - but he'd see me if I pointed the camera over the wall and snapped a shot of his lady. With this angle not showing much anyway I decided it wasn't worth it to snap the shot and risk angry reactions from these 3, so I moved away from the wall and let her pee. But this was yet another shot that was there if I wanted it, making it the 5th straight week I've had a legitimate shot opportunity - but I've snapped only 1 of those 5, the blonde I snapped 2 weekends ago in the alley.
Finally lady 2 came up the steps (I didn't look over the wall and watch her pee, I would've snapped the shot) and the 3 walked back to their car. Lady 2 was much more relaxed and comfortable as she walked now, her bladder now empty. Everybody got in the car and they left, I looked over the wall and found her big puddle below where she stood with it's stream running along the base of the wall towards the parking lot, a noticeable piss odour coming from it. 2nd lady to pee in this spot in the last 3 weeks, I snapped another lady peeing in this spot last summer, plus a lady who didn't make it to this spot and took a huge piss standing bent-over on the steps, both of those in my Album 12 and this isn't the only spot at the RTD station that a lady peed in again recently....

Sunday, 2:17 a.m. - After a frustrating night of seeing lots of ladies who didn't have to pee, I was at the RTD station about to leave. I was in the patio area in the middle of the block when 2 ladies came running up from the shuttle stop end, circling around the terminal building towards the other side and the grassy area. I recognized them, they were a black and a Hispanic lady in their 20's who had come up here 3 weekends ago - May 21 to be exact, (also a Saturday night) with the Hispanic lady desperate to pee. She hiked up her miniskirt and squatted right by a side window of the terminal building and peed on the sidewalk that night, I got out the camera but she was done in about 5 seconds so I had no chance of a shot. I snapped a shot of her puddle by the window, a big one for just a 5-second piss.
Well, tonight was a replay! Both ladies were dressed nice again, both about 5' 5" with the black lady slim with short hair wearing a sheer sleeveless black dress, the Hispanic lady had long black hair, medium build and was wearing a sexy white sleeveless sheer short dress. She was acting panicky just like she was last month, she had to pee again! They looked over to the pee sidewalk (across the grass some 40 feet away), the Hispanic lady stopped on the sidewalk in the same spot by the building window where she peed last time. She turned to face me, the black lady looking over at me and turning her back to me and standing facing her friend to block my view and the Hispanic lady quickly reached under her dress and yanked her panties down as she squatted facing me. She was about 30 feet away, I had the camera out and tried to go off to the side to get an angle around the black lady as I saw the sidewalk getting dark around the Hispanic lady's feet, but just like the last time she finished and stood up and yanked up her panties before I could do anything - another 5 second piss! Just like last time they ran back around the other side of the building where she stopped and adjusted her panties under her dress, while once again I snapped a shot of her puddle on the same spot on the sidewalk by the terminal building window. I went around the building to snap a shot of her walking away, the 2 ladies were nowhere to be found - until I saw them sitting in a car on the street by the terminal building. Traffic on this street gets heavy to the point of reaching a standstill at closing time, they had been out clubbing and while stuck in that stalled traffic had to pull over to the curb because the Hispanic lady was bursting to pee. Just like last time her puddle was amazingly big for such a quick piss, I have a feeling I'm going to see her again - and I WILL get a shot of her peeing if she does it there again! Her puddle shot was going to be in this week's report but was replaced by one from this final sighting....

shot of lady who just peed 2:25 a.m.- Having caught ladies peeing in the alley behind the big active parking lot the last 2 weekends I passed by there again before leaving. Cops are now staying later there, hanging out until about 3 a.m. as several police cars were still there and a group of cops on the corner of the busy block at the next corner. I heard voices in the mostly-empty lot, looked over to see this pretty blonde and her boyfriend walking down the alley behind the lot and she turned up towards a dumpster behind a building. I crossed the street and entered the lot walking over there as she grabbed the bottom sides of her skirt and went between the back of the dumpster and building wall, turned her back to the wall and her head went down below the top of the dumpster as she squatted down. Her boyfriend went over and stood in front of the dumpster holding her purse that she had given to him, now in the lot near the alley by them I heard gentle splattering and saw 3 thin streams of her pee running out from under the dumpster towards the middle of the alley. After about 15 seconds the splattering stopped and her head reappeared behind the dumpster as she stood up, she walked out to the alley pulling her skirt back into place and her boyfriend handed her purse back to her. They walked off down the alley and started arguing, going out the far end of the alley and past all the cops and down the now mostly-empty busy block. I was intrigued by her and snapped this shot as she walked past a few parked motorcycles on the busy block near the new country bar (the lights in front of her), her boyfriend off to the right out of the shot as they were walking far apart from each other.
Look at her! How great is it to see ladies like her who have to pee so badly in public they can't hold it and pee outside without a 2nd thought, just about every weekend? This is what keeps me coming back for more, I'm very lucky to see ladies in this situation as much as I do! This is still my favourite fantasy-turned-reality, watching ladies like this pee hasn't lost it's fascination for me after all these years. She doesn't look like the kind of lady you'd think would pee in an alley, but I've seen so many like her do it that she is exactly the type who pees outside here! This shot was taken just a few minutes after she peed, hard to believe but my sightings reality is much better than anything I could make up. You will be seeing more shots of sexy ladies like her that I couldn't get a shot of while they peed, that I snap a shot of as they walk off from their public misdeed and leave their puddles behind with no remorse.
3rd straight weekend now I've seen a lady pee in the alley behind this cop-infested lot, so I will start watching it more. The ladies don't care that the cops are there, they're going to pee no matter what! There were about 6 police cars still around the lot then, again nobody but me appeared to see this lady. I believe the cops do know some of the ladies are peeing there, but are going to ignore it as long as the ladies aren't obnoxious about it - while men trying to pee will probably be ticketed or run off. I won't try to snap shots of ladies there as long as cops are there, I'll snap my shots of them after they've peed and left there like I did with this lady.

Mid-year sightings stats highlights: Saturday night leads Friday night in sightings, 28 to 22.....the 2 a.m. hour has been dominant this year with 34 of the 50 sightings.......the RTD station block has 14 sightings, the most of any of the 18 locations where I've gotten sightings this year..... 44% of the ladies who peed had anther lady with them, 26% peed alone and 24% had a boyfriend/husband with them......I have 3 shots of ladies peeing, the 7 puddle shots and now 1 shot of a lady after she peed are new to the scope of my sightings photography this year, because of switching to a digital camera and being able to snap additional shots without having to worry about running out of film like I did with the 35mm camera.
Sightings walks: Last fall I got one of those belt clip-on pedometers as a free throw-in to something else I bought, that counts calories and distance when you walk. I've been wearing it on my night sightings walks to see how far I walk the nights of my outings, after calibrating it so it's accurate the average has been just under 2 miles until this weekend when I walked 3.61 miles through my sightings area Friday night and 3.08 miles Saturday night. For the year I've walked 63.9 miles through my sightings area in 31 outings (17 weekends, most both nights but 3 weekends just 1 night), didn't realize I was getting so much exercise! I'll walk more than this in the 2nd half of the year, putting up more mileage than I have so far from next weekend through Oktoberfest in September when the sightings area crowds will be their biggest and I'll cover more ground regularly and go out earlier, before the weather cools and crowds get smaller in October and I start going out less and walking less.
So, I have to be in good shape to do all my sightings walking (I am tired when I get home!). But now I know just how crazy I really am, this is how far I'm willing to walk just to see pretty ladies in public get desperate and pee outside!

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