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She had to pee and finally had to go and do her huge piss!

Dear Readers,
September finishes with a nice weekend, 6 sightings to finish the month with 18 sightings. No shot possibilities among the sightings and none of them outstanding, but I enjoyed them all. 88 sightings for the year, 82 sightings on this date last year. I will now do better than last year's 89 with 1 more good sightings month left in the year.
September is now this year's top sightings month, for the 3rd straight year it is my top sightings month thanks to the continued decline of the summer months: June's 16 sightings had been the year's best month until last weekend. But I discovered I have another futility streak, I haven't had a month of 20 sightings or more since September 2007 (22 sightings) which has been 24 months now. Amazing that July and August both fell short the last 2 years, since both months still averaging more than 20 sightings each!
I got sightings both nights as I wanted, but the pattern was strange: the 2 Friday night sightings did not come from Oktoberfest ladies despite the crowd there for the final weekend being big as I expected and Saturday night all 4 sightings came from Oktoberfest ladies in the Oktoberfest area, the first time that's happened since moving to this new location. A good way to close it out, if this turns out to be the final Oktoberfest.

The crowds both nights were bigger than last weekend, a cool Friday night (temps upper 40's) had me wearing a coat for the first time since last spring, Saturday night was in the 60's and summer-like again. On to the stories, followed by my October preview:
Saturday, 2:05 a.m. - outside the parking lot east of the RTD block by the food cart, while watching the crowd there a lady was running down the sidewalk towards where I was and turned into the alley across the mall from the parking lot alley. She was tall with long black hair and curvy hips wearing tight jeans, a petite blonde in white jeans was following her. She headed towards a row of cars parked along the wall of the corner building down the alley, she seemed very tense and in a hurry so I knew she was going to pee and none of those cars was hers. She went between the last car and building wall, it was too dark there to see her from outside the alley where I was once she disappeared beside the car. But her friend stood guard in the gap with her back to her friend facing my direction, making it clear the other lady was peeing back there. The friend moved away about 25 seconds later and lady 1 walked out from beside the car snapping up the front of her jeans and the 2 walked out of the alley with lady 1 seeming much more relaxed. It was too dark where she peed to see her puddle so I didn't go over there. This is the area where I get most of my New Years' Eve sightings, thousands of people are gathered around here to watch the midnight fireworks and desperate ladies often rush into this dark alley to go between the cars parked along the buildings.

2:41 a.m. - On my way back to my car to leave I passed 2 teenagers walking their bikes down the sidewalk, a skinny guy and petite short-haired blonde wearing a red short dress/black leggings and tan short boots. I was wondering why they were walking their bikes instead of riding, the guy wanted to ride but the girl didn't: she seemed to be quite uncomfortable as they kept stopping every few feet and she was bending over like she was in pain. Did she have to pee? I decided to watch the 2 as he was saying they were going to start riding at the next corner. They were passing by a bank building, it's drive-through teller area at the end of the block. They stopped there for a moment before walking on, a sidewalk leading to a patio area behind the building was in the middle of the block with the bank hi-rise building being on the last half of the block. They stopped again by the sidewalk leading to the patio area and were talking for awhile, the guy was getting frustrated because he wanted to ride away but she wouldn't get on her bike. I was across the street, they were standing by the side of the building talking when I looked away for a moment. When I looked back over there the guy was on his bike, hers was leaning against the building but she wasn't there. She had to pee and finally had to go and do it! I walked over to where I could see into that sidewalk area leading to the patio, it was dark and I saw trees every few feet on the sidewalk. I learned from last week not to turn away from an area I think a lady is peeing just because I don't see her right away and my instinct was correct: about 10 seconds later she stood up from the far side of the 2nd tree in the darkness, I could see her pull up her leggings and took her time adjusting everything back into place before letting her dress fall back down into place. She came back out to her boyfriend and grabbed her bike and the 2 walked off, she still didn't seem to want to ride but she didn't seem uncomfortable and distracted anymore. That's what was wrong with her, she had to pee and didn't want to try to ride her bike with a full bladder! I went over to the sidewalk to look for her puddle, saw the ground wet around every tree from sprinklers watering them and she had peed on a wet area of the sidewalk where her puddle wouldn't be detected.

Sunday, 12:30 a.m .- At Oktoberfest in the middle of the 2 blocks I was leaving to go to the sightings area. Instead of trying to walk through the big crowds on the street to the end of the block by the sightings area I went down the alley behind that block, a natural pee area but I've only seen men peeing there in the 2 years Oktoberfest has been here. When I got to the end of the alley I turned into the corner parking lot there, again a natural pee spot (the main entertainment stage is on the street corner outside that lot) but the lot is roped off and no cars park there during Oktoberfest, providing no cover for ladies to squat and pee. But tonight a lot of cars were parked there, the entire row of spaces by the building next to the lot were full - so now there were possibilities. As I turned from the alley into the lot an SUV was parked in the last space by the alley with another car in the space next to it, a lady was standing in the gap between the 2 cars talking on her cell phone. I thought nothing of it until I saw a lady standing up behind her, she had been squatted between the cars. So I went through the lot to the Oktoberfest festivities on the street and waited for the ladies to leave so I could inspect the area. They stood there for about 15 minutes talking, I thought one of the cars might be theirs. But when they walked out of the alley and crossed the street and left I knew lady 2 had peed, going over there and looking between the cars a fresh wet pee puddle was right where I saw her stand up from so she did pee! The ladies were late 20's, the one who peed was petite and on the slim side with short curly black hair wearing a short red dress with black leggings and tall boots. The pee puddle was pretty big but I really couldn't tell how big the piss was since it ran under the next car and it was too dark to see how far her stream travelled. With Oktoberfest ending at 1a.m. and this being the last one, I decided to stay there and work the closing instead of going into the sightings area as I usually do, figuring some of the ladies leaving who had to pee would now go into this parking lot to do it with the cars there. I was right and quickly rewarded:

1:03 a.m. - 2 ladies leaving Oktoberfest turned into the parking lot. Both were mid to late 20's and about 5' 8", lady 1 with long black hair wearing tight jeans that hugged her wide hips and lady 2 a slim long-haired blonde wearing a pink/orange spaghetti-strap "bubble" mini dress ('bubble' means an elastic band at the bottom of the dress so it hugs the legs) and thin sandals. They walked along the row of cars parked by the building looking at them intently, I knew the way they did this somebody had to pee. They made their way back to the alley and turned in, I went back to the alley to see where they went. Small parking lots were between the 2nd and 3rd buildings on both sides of the alley, the ladies split up and went into each parking lot. I started walking down the alley to see who I could catch, of course hoping it would be the blonde in the short dress so I looked to her side of the alley first. I didn't get out the camera because I didn't think I'd have a shot here and with so many cops in the area it was too risky. The lot the blonde was in was empty so I saw her immediately, she was squatted by the corner of the building wall next to the lot facing the alley in a front view to me. But she had already finished and was standing up and pulling up her panties, I walked by down the alley and she never saw me. I stopped by the next building and watched her pull her dress back down and walk out into the middle of the alley to wait for her friend, that small lot on the other side of the alley. That lot was full and I had no idea which cars she was squatted between, I just knew she was there somewhere and before I could survey the area she came walking out into the alley zipping up the front of her jeans, I never saw exactly where she had peed - but it was too dark back there to have seen her pee puddle anyway. The ladies walked back out of the alley to waiting boyfriends outside the parking lot, I went over to look at the blonde's puddle. It was a tiny little splatter spot, her pee stream running from it just about 3 feet and not even making it to the alley. This was a less than 10 second piss, I think she wasn't at the desperate point but took a convenience piss so she wouldn't be desperate later when she got home - what I think most of the ladies in the sightings area the last few years have been doing before coming to the area.

1:19 a.m. - Again at this lot 2 guys and a lady leaving Oktoberfest turned into it. They walked straight through to the alley, the guys quickly going to dumpsters behind buildings. One of them gave the lady his empty beer mug as she stood in the alley waiting for them. I was about to turn my attention away from this scene when I noticed she was looking around and kept nervously shifting her weight from foot to foot. She was a petite slim blonde in jeans with her hair in a ponytail, I had no doubt she had to pee as she had been drinking beer too - but would she do it outside? Finally she started walking down the alley, turning up into that parking lot where the previous lady in the tight jeans had peed. She started unzipping the front of her jeans before disappearing behind the building out of my view, I didn't consider going down the alley to find her since I'd have to walk past the 2 still-peeing guys who I could see by the dumpsters and both were looking in my direction. They both finished and waited in the middle of the alley for her, she came out about 20 seconds later zipping up her jeans and the group left. After that I left and made my usual rounds through the sightings area. No ladies peed despite good sized crowds, I would have had a monster night if I could have gotten some sightings there!

September's late-night crowd had about 1000 more ladies this year than last in the same number of nights, an average of 110 more ladies per night this year. But 1 fewer lady peed than last year, making the pee percentage less than last September: 4/10 of 1% of the ladies this month compared to 5/10 of 1% of the ladies in September last year. Changing balance of power: September is just the 3rd month this year to reach it's sightings average (17.8) as it continues to be my most productive sightings month the last 5 years. This year's total makes it the 4th month to reach the 300-sightings club, joining July (349), August (343), and June (303); it's now tied with June for my number 3 sightings month. In 2005 September had 21 fewer sightings overall than June (224 to 245), it's 79 sightings since then makes it easily my top sightings month the last 5 years even though it's average is declining too (15.8) over that period. May and June tie for 2nd with 58 sightings each, August 4th with 52, July 5th with 46, April 6th with 33, October 7th with 20 plus whatever it produces this year. So the top 'peeing order' isn't July-August-June-September-October anymore.

October preview: the good news is it's my 5th best sightings month overall, but it's 204 sightings are a substantial drop from September's 303 (it'll be less than a 100-sightings difference by month's end). It's 20 shots in it's previous 16 years give it averages of 12.75 sightings and 1.3 shots, 5th in both categories behind the 3 summer months and September. Bests for the month are 24 sightings (twice) and 4 shots, worst is 4 sightings and no shots, last year I had 5 sightings and no shots. My last October shot was in 2005, a lady wearing a short coat and pants peeing on the back sidewalk at the RTD building (desp 218, Album 12). That was my first night pee shot with my then-new digital camera, October was my top sightings month that year with 24 sightings. Crowd size drops off quite a bit from September (almost 2000 ladies based on last year's late-hour lady count), and October averages 5 fewer sightings than September. Weather almost solely determines my fortunes during this month, good weather can produce big sightings numbers and make it contend for the year's top sightings month, bad weather can produce small crowds and numbers like last year's 5 sightings.
Halloween at month's end is the big attraction of the month particularly if the weather's good and there is an extra hour that final Saturday night from the rollback to standard time. Halloween is on the last Saturday night this year, nice potential if it's not cold and raining or snowing that night as we usually get our first measurable snowstorm in October. Reaching my monthly average gets me back to 100 sightings again, which will be a real accomplishment this year considering how tame the sightings have been all year. Oktoberfest produced 9 of my 18 September sightings this year, those will be gone (and missed) next year if this indeed is Oktoberfest's final year. With September now done it's likely I will finish the year with no shots at all, something that's never happened in my now 17 years of sightings work. I am not bothered by that as much as I thought I'd be, there really haven't been very many big sexy pisses this year which are the ones that make the best shots so at best I'd have a bunch of ordinary shots if I'd been able to snap more of the ladies. The sightings are the main thing for me, shots are icing on the cake if I can get them, but if I can't it doesn't spoil my fun.
I think my big picture years are over, more of the young ladies today are doing a lot of preventative early peeing to prevent being desperate later and are ultra-careful about peeing outside because they know shots of them could turn up on the Internet. The vast majority of my shots during the big picture years the ladies were completely caught off guard, they never imagined anyone being interested in seeing them pee outside enough to snap shots of them doing it. Now they know there's lots of interest in it and don't want to be caught doing it and have their picture taken.

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