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Her dress got a direct piss jet hit from her pee stream.

Dear Readers,
I begin August with 4 sightings, the same as July's 1 st weekend, but I get 2 each night instead of 4 on 1 night like July. 67 sightings for the year now compared to just 46 on this date last year, I'm feeling pretty good about returning to 100+ sightings for the year again after falling short the last 2 years, I'll get there unless I stop going out for sightings. It still doesn't seem like a typical sightings year because there have been few great sightings and no shots, how does this year compare to my average numbers by August? My 16-year average is 75 sightings at the beginning of August, this year is close but not quite there. 2006 was the last time I did that, having 76 sightings to start August and I finished the year with 127 - my 14 th straight year of 100+ sightings that ended the next year. If I had 8 more sightings this year and all were also shots, this would be more like the sightings years I'm used to with 75 sightings and 8 shots!

A web page report this week. I decided I wanted to jazz up my tame reports with a shot from a sighting this week and I actually got jackpot lucky: this shot truly fits the description of "You think you've seen it all and then you see this!" I'm amazed at how, as much as I've seen in sightings there still are things I haven't seen that I couldn't imagine until I see them. 3 shots from this one sighting today, more on it and it's 3 shots in it's story, which is the weekend's final sightings story.

Pretty good crowds in the sightings area with Friday night being a little more active than the July Friday nights. According to my lady counts the weekend's crowd was also bigger than the 1 st August weekend last year, which produced 2 sightings. Are you seeing the correlation here, that the bigger the crowds the more sightings? Another busy bar officially closed this week, that's 3 this summer: is that the poor economy or the normal shakeout that occurs in the bar/restaurant industry? It has the crowd scattered more throughout the sightings area, there are pockets of big crowds around the open places and deserted streets in the areas where bars have closed. It hasn't affected attendance overall since the crowds are a little bigger, my sightings area works so well because it's a big enough area it can absorb the occasional bar closings: my 67 sightings this year are spread out over 27 different spots throughout the area. 2 sightings each night, on to the stories and that amazing picture story:

Saturday, 1:34 a.m.- Walking up a street by a corner bar I heard voices in the alley behind it. Looking into the alley a young Hispanic lady in jeans was standing in front of the back doorway facing it, talking to somebody in the doorway she was guarding. I went across the street and watched from there, after about 20 seconds she moved and a petite black girl came out snapping up the front of her tight jeans. They both walked off down the alley to 2 other black ladies waiting for them by the next building, the group walked off to a club on the next block they were going to. Nothing exciting here, too dark in the doorway to see a puddle.

1:47 a.m.- On the RTD block at the shuttle bus stop end a group of what looked like teenagers was sitting on a bench area not far from me (I say 'teenagers' because we have a night curfew during the summer and teens are supposed to be off the streets by 11 p.m.), 2 guys and 2 girls. One of the guys got up and went past the open terminal building back to the pee sidewalk, I noticed one of the ladies staring at him as he peed behind the wall bordering the grass, he finished and came back over to the group. She then got up and headed towards the pee areas, also walking by the open terminal building doors. She was average height and skinny wearing tight jeans, dirty-looking blonde hair in dreadlocks and not very appealing to me so I didn't follow her despite being sure she was going to pee. She stopped by the pee sidewalk and looked around, then went a couple of steps down it and her head went down below the top of the wall bordering the grass as she squatted down. She stood up and pulled up her jeans about 10 seconds later and walked out zipping up the front of them as she walked back to the group, they all left a few minutes later. I went over to the pee sidewalk to find her puddle, a small splatter spot with a widening stream running backwards down the sloped sidewalk to the puddle where the guy had peed before her.

Sunday, 12:57 a.m.- Bigger crowd tonight, as Saturday nights have been all year. Walking by the corner building and parking lot next to it on the block north of the RTD block 4 early 20's black girls were getting out of a car in the lot and going back to the alley behind the lot, I went on to the RTD block and looked into the alley from across the street there. 3 of the ladies were in the middle of the alley waiting, where was lady 4? They were impatient and soon started walking off without her, I knew she was peeing somewhere in that alley. Suddenly from the back doorway of that building next to the parking lot she comes out, zipping up the front of her white denim Capri pants yelling to the others to wait for her as she runs down the alley after them trying to buckle up the belt of her pants. This time I went into the alley and looked into the doorway, that area lighted by lights on the back of the corner bank building across the alley that covered that area and there was her average-sized puddle. The ground in the doorway was flat, her puddle pooled up there with no streams running from it out into the alley. 2 nd black lady this weekend!

2:32 a.m. - A surprise here! With big crowds at the food cart outside the parking lot across the street (southeast corner) from the RTD block, I stayed there to look for ladies going into the parking lot. I saw a lady standing between 2 cars in the row by the sidewalk, she was looking down at something in front of her. Then I saw a thin stream running out from underneath the car in front of her to the sidewalk, I never saw a lady go there! About 10 seconds later a pretty blonde stands up from in front of the other lady, pulling up her panties under her blue short dress. The back bottom of her dress was clinging to her butt and her panties were going up over them, she reached back and pulled the back of her dress out of her panties and pulled them up under her dress: I mention this because it would turn out to be significant a few minutes later. She walked out, the other lady grabbing her to hold her as they walked because she was stumbling drunk. They went back to the crowd by the food cart and waiting friends and they all walked off, I decided to snap a shot of this lady since she's the type I love to see desperate and peeing outdoors.

girl with piss wet skirt She staggered and fell behind the group. I walked up behind her and snapped this shot and went back to the lot to find her average sized puddle between the cars. I snapped the more interesting shot of her stream running out from under the other side of the car across the sidewalk outside the lot, this had been a deceptively big piss and more of it is revealed from that outside angle instead of by her puddle between the cars. When I got home and looked at her shot I noticed the dark spot at the bottom left of her dress, thought it was part of the design or something until I zoomed in to take a closer look. Then I would discover...

close up of skirt piss wetness This was indeed a pee spot on her dress! It was on the part of it I saw clinging to her butt when she stood up and pulled up her panties, she was drunk enough she had been careless about pulling her dress up out of the way when she squatted down and didn't realize she peed on it. It looks like her dress got a direct hit from her pee stream, I thought at first it might have hung down over her butt into her puddle but the pattern of the wetness couldn't be like it is in that scenario: just the bottom edge that was in the puddle and maybe a little higher up would be wet, the wetness wouldn't go as high up the dress as it is here since most of the puddle - and wetness - would be in front of her butt on the ground nowhere near the back of her dress.

Her dress had to be under her butt and thighs (pressed against them) and covering her peehole with her in a sitting or squatted position peeing through the dress to produce a wet spot like this - much the same as if she was sitting in a chair and peeing on the back of her dress and the chair. Isn't that how the wet spot looks like it was made to you?

She had to be either very drunk or out-of-control desperate not to notice she was peeing on the back of her dress! Neither she or her friend noticed the wet spot as they walked off as I'm sure she would have freaked out if they did. But I didn't see it either in the darkness, I never saw it until looking at this shot later. This is every lady's worst nightmare about peeing outside, that they would get pee on themselves or their clothes! Lucky lucky lucky that I happened to snap a shot of this lady after she peed, this is as rare a situation as a lady peeing on herself....I guess you could kinda say that's what she did, she had a peeing accident! She probably didn't realize she did this until the drive home, when sitting on the back of her dress on the car seat she would feel the wetness against her butt and thighs and wonder what it was. I would love to have seen her reaction when she realized what happened, the interesting question is will she ever wear that dress again!

piss puddle by desperate girl Here's the shot of her puddle. This view of her stream coming out from under the car towards me was much more interesting than her small puddle on the other side between the 2 cars, this shows more of how big her piss was with her stream making it's way out to and across the sidewalk. One of the more interesting sightings of the year, she could have also peed on her dress because she was so desperate she lost control and her stream started coming out before she could get her dress up and completely out of the way. These are the things I love to see happen, ladies being so desperate to pee they can't control their emergency outdoor piss!

More July decline: While checking the sightings numbers for the last 5 years and seeing July has dropped to 4 th, I was curious how close it was to 5 th. I was surprised to see that the month of May is right behind July's 76 sightings with 73 over that period, a 12.2 average to July's 12.7. Shocking since May ranks 6 th overall with it's 198 sightings compared to top-ranked July's 349, I guess I need to pay more attention to recent trends. This weekend's sightings give August 340 overall, closing in on July's lead. And my lady-counts have revealed the reason for that decline: August and September crowds are now bigger than July crowds and probably have been for several years. June became my 3rd month to join the 300-sightings club this year, getting to 303 overall with it's 16 sightings this year. 4 th place September has 285, October 5 th with 204, then 6 th place May's 198.

Been a long time since I've done "puddle analysis", this being the first time I've ananlyzed a pee puddle on the back of a lady's dress! (does that mean I can call the shot of her in her wet dress a 'puddle shot'?) Somehow I manage to keep finding ways to make my sightings adventures interesting.

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