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The woman was standing guard in front of her peeing friend.

Dear Readers,

a sexy Oktoberfest weekend with 5 sightings, all ladies who had been at Oktoberfest.
As usual none of the sightings came on the Oktoberfest grounds, they were later in the sightings area after the ladies left Oktoberfest. I didn't spend much time there but while there saw some really sexy desperation among the ladies that was probably more enjoyable than the sightings! Yes, more beer-drinking among the ladies has definitely been the missing element in my sightings area this year because I haven't seen much of this sexy desperation among the ladies there.
12 sightings for September, moving it past July and August again and the year's 2nd best sightings month with another Oktoberfest weekend to look forward to. 82 sightings for the year now, 10 ahead of last year's pace on this date. But the finish line is now visible, the 89 sightings I got last year. That's within easy reach now, I should get there within the next month and if I have a decent October, I'm back to 100 sightings again and the level of sightings success I'm used to.
The Oktoberfest crowds were great both nights, because of all the cute ladies I saw with cups of beer who had to pee so badly they were very animated about it. Walking by groups of people standing and talking more ladies complained of needing to pee and when I went to the potty station area ladies were consistently rushing up very anxious to get to a potty, some complaining about how they were about to "pee in their panties." The most extreme desperate behaviour was Friday night, when a slim blonde in jeans was turned away from one of the few bars on the 2 blocks that wasn't letting people in to use their bathroom (far too many still were, combined with parking lots and potential pee spots on those blocks being fenced off that's why no sightings happen there). She refused to use the porta-potties, started pushing her way through the big crowds to get to a bar on the next block outside the Oktoberfest area. I heard her voice yelling emphatically, "I have to pee, I have to PEE!" getting closer to me, finally I'm pushed aside from behind as she ran by with her boyfriend apologizing to me and others she pushed out of her way. She finally got through the crowd to the end of the block and ran across the street to a bar on the next corner, where unfortunately they let her in to use their bathroom.
After leaving there the excitement continued into the sightings area, particularly the busy block which was right across the street from the Oktoberfest blocks.
Desperate ladies were showing up at the bars there too looking for relief, particularly enjoyable was 3 late 20's blondes in jeans. Standing by a crowd outside a bar the 3 were about to pass by me and the blonde in the middle of the 3 was carrying the traditional Oktoberfest empty glass beer mug people leave with as souvenirs. As she got closer I could see she was squeezing her crotch with one hand and had a pained look on her face, she was so desperate she didn't care who saw her holding herself. "I gotta find somewhere to PEE!" she said as they walked by me.
It was wonderful seeing this all weekend, there should have been a lot more than just 5 sightings! Why weren't there? Getting into the sightings area the atmosphere was drastically different. The crowd, particularly Friday night, was smaller with no bladder energy at all among the ladies. As a result none of the sightings came Friday night, I need Friday night to be more productive next weekend to have a chance at the 19 sightings I got in September last year. Saturday night's crowd was much bigger, about 200 more ladies than Friday night according to my late-hour lady counts. Still the bladder energy among the ladies in the sightings area wasn't much better as all the ladies who had to pee were Oktoberfest ladies. A group of 4 ladies in leggings and heels coming from Oktoberfest walked up to the RTD building, one of them stumbling and visibly drunk. "I need to pee!" she said in a weak tired voice stumbling up to the terminal building doors. I noticed her also carrying an empty beer mug so these were Oktoberfest ladies too and they all looked like they had to piss a gallon. She thought the building was closed (it was still open) and started walking past the front doors of the terminal building towards the grassy park area and there was no doubt on my mind she was going to pee - but the sensor opened the sliding terminal building doors as she walked by them, which surprised her. She staggered inside and the 3 other ladies who had been dragging along slowly too, suddenly got a burst of energy when they realized a bathroom was available and all ran into the building behind her and hurried down the steps to the lower level where the bathrooms were. This did upset me, I wanted to see them all have to pee outside!
All 5 sightings came Saturday night, with a 6th that I can't call a sighting because I didn't see where the lady went to confirm she peed but I believe she did.
Sunday, 12:46 a.m.
- Getting back into the regular sightings area I was walking past a big corner Irish bar when I saw 2 couples in the alley behind the bar. They were coming from the other end of the block towards my end, about halfway down the alley when somebody from the group darted up by a car parked sideways behind the back of a building. I couldn't tell if it was a guy or lady so waited across the street from the end of the alley to see the person come out. The 1st couple stopped for a moment in the middle of the alley and waited, then the 3rd person went to a dumpster to pee and it was a guy so that original person I saw had to be a lady and it was, she came out from the far side of the parked car after about a minute and as the group got closer to the end of the alley by me, I could see it was a petite blonde wearing white shorts. She was tugging at her shorts to adjust the panties underneath, all of the group was early 20's. Her boyfriend who had just peed was carrying an empty glass beer mug, so they had been at Oktoberfest.
The area by the car where the blonde peed was dark so I didn't go over there to look for her puddle.

1:54 a.m .- Leaving the RTD block I saw 2 pretty ladies in short dresses going into the alley on the block north where I snapped last week's puddle shot. I hustled over to see where they went, they turned up by the back of the corner building across the alley from where the lady peed last weekend where another dumpster sits between the building and parking lot next to the building. I couldn't see them from across the street as they were behind the back of the building, I really wanted to see these ladies pee and decided to go in the alley and walk past there. I got out the camera and turned it on, if a shot of them peeing was there I was going to get it - this would be my best chance for my first shot this year. I heard their voices as I entered the alley, why are women so insistent on talking when they pee? Holding the camera down by my side as I passed by the building and looked over where they were, lady 2 was standing on the building's back sidewalk (between the building and dumpster) facing the alley so she saw me immediately, behind her I saw lady 1 leaning against the building wall and I could hear splattering as she was peeing. "Ohhh!" lady 1 said looking at me with an embarrassed smile on her face. No shot here since she was standing guard in front of her peeing friend, dammit!! I walked further down the alley, stopping by a big construction dumpster sitting behind the parking garage about midway down the alley. Another guy had entered the alley behind me and was now walking past them, from my angle now I could see the peeing lady behind her. She was standing, leaning her butt against the building wall with legs spread and knees slightly bent, wearing a denim miniskirt. The ground was dark between her spread feet, I was now too far away to hear the splattering. She finished and came out, changed places with lady 2 who went and leaned against the wall in the same place as lady 1 straddling her feet over the puddle. She reached under her short gray minidress and I could hear splattering as she started a loud piss, lasting just under 15 seconds as lady 1 stood guard in front of her, but I could see her peeing from my side angle down the alley. Lady 2 then stepped away from the wall and the 2 ladies started walking back out of the alley, lady 2 stopping and reaching into her purse to pull out a confetti hat - which she got from Oktoberfest, they had been there too - and started wiping the insides of both her legs as she had apparently splashed herself a little. She then threw the hat down in the alley and the 2 walked off, going to a SUV parked on the street by there with waiting boyfriends: probably a good thing I couldn't get a shot here!
Sexy, sexy, sexy watching these ladies pee! Both peed standing in the same position over the same spot, leaning their butts against the wall behind them making 1 combined big puddle. Their technique, standing leaning their butt against the wall behind them for balance and spreading their legs, is the 5th most popular of the 7 outdoor techniques I wrote about in my pee techniques page, they even did it in almost the identical way as the lady featured in the picture of that technique on the page ( https://www.desperatewomen.com/techniques.html if you haven't seen it). About 2.7% of the ladies I see use this technique according to my stats, I'm kinda surprised it's that low because more of the ladies I see don't want to squat low to the ground and I'd think more of them would be using the more upright positions. But about 83% of ladies peeing outside still do it by squatting low to the ground. 2:04 a.m.- I wanted to snap a shot of those ladies' combined puddle behind the building, but had to keep going back out of the alley and waiting as people kept walking by.
Among them was a group of 5 people who had run through the parking lot back to the alley from the street in front, as I was standing by the puddle positioning myself for a shot of it. None of them saw me, but a blonde in the group wearing jeans ran into the alley clutching her crotch tightly with both hands. "Where can I pee, where can I pee?" she said anxiously. I walked back out of the alley as the others caught up with her so I could see this one play out, going across the street to the bus shelter on the RTD block. 2 other ladies and 2 guys made up the rest of the group, they watched her dancing around before she ran to the construction dumpster where I had watched the previous sightings from. But rudely the 2 guys went back there to pee, making her come out and wait with the other 2 ladies for them to finish. She stood there with her legs crossed until the guys came out, then she hurriedly ran behind the dumpster unsnapping the front of her jeans. I could see part of the area back there from where I was, saw her push down her jeans and squat down beside the back of the dumpster facing my direction. A 2nd lady from the group wearing black pants went back there and squatted down a few feet from her, the 3rd lady - wearing a black short dress, was the only one in the group who didn't pee. The 2nd lady finished and came out after about 35 seconds, when the desperate lady still hadn't come out after almost 2 minutes both guys went back there to see what she was doing - rude assholes, those guys! They all finally came out, 2 of the group had empty glass beer mugs so this group had been at Oktoberfest too. I went into the alley where I saw streams running out from under the construction dumpster, found the 4 puddles behind it where the group peed. Because of more people and cars coming down that alley it would be nearly a half-hour before I could snap the puddle shot of the 2 ladies, by then some of it was starting to evaporate and with so many interesting stories this week I decided not to include it.
I have to snap puddle shots while they're still freshly wet before they start to evaporate to get their full impact, and decide later if I want to include them in my reports those weeks or not.
Around 2:30 I was at the lot across the street from the RTD block to follow ladies there I thought might pee. They didn't and I was waiting to cross the street back to the RTD block when I saw a lady with long brown hair wearing a blue print short dress walking up towards the terminal building. It was now closed, I wanted to get over there quickly but had to wait for traffic driving by to clear. I watched her go up to the locked doors, when she saw she couldn't get in she turned and went down the back sidewalk towards the pee areas. After she disappeared out of my view traffic cleared and I ran across the street, 2 guys were sitting on the ledge by the pee sidewalk so they scared her off from going there. Their presence irritated me, if they hadn't been there she probably would have been squatted on the pee sidewalk where I definitely would have snapped her shot! The administration building is still under construction with plastic sheets taped and barricaded around most of the building, so there was nowhere around there for her to pee - where did she go? I went over to the terminal building, turned around to look at the 2 guys by the pee sidewalk and suddenly there she is talking to them! She then walked off, going around the shuttle bus stop to waiting friends across the street. Then I realized she could have peed over there, by going up in the garden area next to the sidewalk - the only area there not blocked off. But I never saw her go there or come out from there, which if I'd stayed and watched the area instead of turning away I would have seen her come out of there and I would have counted it as a sighting.
I have to be on my toes constantly, it's so easy to miss a sighting! I caught a lady last week by being extra alert, but missed this one this week. The September crowds are going to finish bigger than they were last year, just 300 short of last September's total and they'll pass that next Friday night. The final Oktoberfest weekend coming up next week, early weather forecasts call for nice weather next weekend so it should be another good one - although historically I've gotten more sightings on Oktoberfest's first weekend. With this being the last go-round for this event (as of now) it should draw a big passionate crowd, with the way sightings have dropped off in recent years I hate to see the event go away now because it's injected much-needed life into my sightings the last few years. If a buyer steps forward to keep the event going it probably won't happen until just before the event next year, that's the way things usually work.
Much of this year I've been thinking about what have been my favorite sightings over the years to occupy my thoughts on the many slow nights. I am looking forward to writing about that on a no-sightings weekend in the next month or so, there have been a few powerful sightings that keep jumping out in my mind - it will be fun to re-live them!

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