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She was grabbing and holding her crotch through her dress.

Dear Readers,
rain remains the theme of the month as it rained again both nights last weekend but I managed to get 3 sightings. 6 now for May, disappointing but tempered by the fact rain washed out Saturday night the first 2 weekends. I'm glad this is a 5-weekend month and there's 1 more weekend left, but I likely won't make the month's average of 11 sightings now unless next weekend produces sightings on both nights - possible, since it's finally expected to be warm and dry ALL of next weekend. 32 sightings for the year, 20 on this date last year so my net (+12) still has me on pace for 100 this year.

Cloudy rainy weather stuck around this week since last Wednesday, raining mostly in the evenings and overnight. I went out both nights, rain stopping Friday night a little after midnight before I went out. It was still raining when I went out Saturday night but was forecast to stop by the late (prime-time sightings) hours so I went out and the rain did finally stop by the time I got to the sightings area. Temps were in the mid 50's both nights but because the ground was freshly wet in most places I wouldn't see puddles of any of the sightings I'd get so I had to make absolutely sure I saw enough to confirm a lady actually peed - unless she went to a shielded dry spot. So no puddles to shoot this week, it reminded me of how much I've come to rely on ladies' puddles as the 'evidence' of my sightings and strange as it sounds, the sightings aren't quite as enjoyable when I can't see the puddles made by the ladies - their importance has really grown over the years!

Crowds were better this weekend. Friday night's was the biggest in a month and Saturday night was 2nd only to New Years' Eve. I love the bigger crowds but it causes the dilemma of what areas to cover. I stay where most of the people (ladies) are, but I always feel on nights like this I'm missing sightings somewhere else in the area. But it's still May and cool, they aren't peeing like they will be when it gets warmer. All the sightings came late Saturday night, stories:

Sunday, 2:13 a.m. - After the big crowds thinned out in the RTD block area I went north to the area of the big active (not any more) parking lot. I was standing across the street by the alley by a parking garage, 2 ladies and a guy were walking up towards me from the previous block. The ladies were petite wearing tight jeans, one of them seemed to be complaining and the guy pointed to the alley. He then grabbed his zipper and went over to a dumpster by the end of the alley and stopped by it and started peeing. "Awww, man!" one of the ladies said, envious of what he was doing because it was making her desperation worse. The other lady grabbed her arm and pointed to cars parked in a car port parking area behind the back of the loft buildings and the 2 headed towards the 1st car. The desperate lady unsnapped her jeans and went between the front of the 1st car and fence in front of the parking spaces, lady 2 joining her. Both were early 20's with long black hair, they pushed their jeans down and squatted together. I could see their heads above the front of the car, they could see me if I tried to go over there so I watched from outside the alley. The guy finished and went over and stood in the middle of the alley facing me, so I had to stop watching the ladies. One of them said something to him and he turned around to look at her, I looked over to see lady 1 standing up in front of the car slowly pulling up her panties and then jeans. Then lady 2 stood up and slowly pulled up her panties and jeans and the 2 walked out, the 3 walked off down the alley. A tight, dark area where they peed, although it was dry I didn't go look for puddles because they ran underneath the car where I wouldn't see them anyway. With no streams coming out from under the back of the car these weren't very big pisses...

2:15 a.m. - ...and while this was happening another group of people came out of the corner bar on the next block and walked up to this alley. It was 3 ladies and 2 guys, I liked my chances of a sighting here. They walked up to and turned into the same alley, as the other group who just peed was about halfway to the other end of the alley. This group, all early to mid-20's, walked down the alley too. I watched to see if anyone had to pee and sure enough one of the ladies got antsy - a slim short-haired blonde wearing a purplish sleeveless short dress and sandals. She was looking around at the row of parked cars in the car port area, dancing around and giving herself away, she was grabbing and holding her crotch through her dress. Finally she settled on a dumpster about 2/3 of the way down the alley by the back of the building before the car port area. After dancing around she finally ran around the back of the dumpster by the building wall, pulling up the bottom sides of her dress before squatting down behind the dumpster out of my view. A 2nd lady stood guard in front of the dumpster and one of the guys stood guard out in the middle of the alley, while the other 2 - a couple - weren't interested in the drama and walked off down the alley to wait for the others. This dumpster was in a rain-soaked area and she peed on wet ground, so there was no puddle to see.

This brings up the ages-old sightings habit that amazes me that I've never understood. This group closed down the bar they were in, I saw them come out of that corner bar before they walked a half-block to this alley. They were about the only ones left in the bar, how could this lady not know she badly needed to pee and leave without using the bathroom? And when they walked by me she was happy-go-lucky and didn't seem in any distress, but shortly after getting in the alley she suddenly realizes her bladder is about to burst and starts acting really desperate before finally going behind the dumpster for an emergency piss. I see this all the time, it's what produces my sightings. Why do people, especially ladies - do this so much? Why do they not realize they have to pee until after they leave somewhere where they could have used the bathroom? The lifestyles of the young and careless I suppose, but I'm not complaining...I love that they do it!

Production down: The RTD block has only 3 sightings this year, it's lowest production ever at this point. That needs to change too for me to have a big year, lots of ladies needing to pee were going in to use the bathroom during that last late hour (when it used to be closed). RTD is talking about more budget cuts during the summer because of declining revenue, I'd love to see them cut that late weekend bus and go back to closing the building earlier which would return late sightings there to what they used to be. They plan to move out of that building in 3 to 5 years as the terminal building merges with a train station several blocks west into a new mass-transit center, then the current building will be sold and redeveloped. Plenty of people will still be coming around there needing to pee, I hope even after development the block remains conducive to sightings. But I don't want to think about all that yet...

Seen my new pee techniques page yet? https://www.desperatewomen.com/techniques.html The page has already gotten a lot of hits, should become as popular on the site as the sample album pages with the pictures. I'm prepared for negative commentary on something like that, none so far...it's prompted a few women to send in ladies room surveys. I think I've done it in a 'tasteful' way, so everybody seeing the page is probably learning something. Me, the 'expert' in female outdoor peeing techniques? That's about as hilarious as it gets!

Next weekend should be my best sightings weekend of the month as the summer sightings season begins. Even though I've gotten some sightings out of those rainy nights weather like that always keeps a lot of people away or makes those there leave early, it'll be nice to have good weather and a full 'normal' weekend of sightings activity.

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