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Ladies With Jeans Down Peeing in an Alley

Dear Readers,
I did it again! Got my 100th sighting Saturday night, as expected, the 16th time in my 19 years of sightings.
I needed 4 sightings to get there and that's what I got, totally different from last weekend where ladies were peeing everywhere - getting sightings this weekend was like pulling teeth. The sightings give me 21 to (likely) end September, my 4th best September and the 4th time since 2001 I've had more than 20 sightings in September.
It's my 3rd consecutive month with more than 20 sightings, the first time since 2001 I've had 3 20-sightings months in a year. This has turned out to be a more normal sightings year after a slow start. Great to get here again after a record low 75 sightings in a declining economy last year! I'm kinda surprised, I thought I'd have another year like last year with shrinking crowds and low sightings numbers again. I had decreased my outings, missing my first New Years' Eve of sightings in 19 years and didn't get my first sighting this year until March 20 - the latest I've ever gotten my first sighting in a year. But in June the ladies started peeing and giving me reason to go out more, I've been out every weekend since getting 83 sightings since June. The crowds in the sightings area have exploded since then reversing the decline, this summer season (June thru September) late-hour lady crowds have increased by 28% over last summer with July exploding to a 65% increase in late-hour ladies. That has produced 34 more summertime sightings than last year, as my summer sightings have returned to more normal numbers (87) since they dropped off to just 55 in 2007.
Oktoberfest produced just 1 sighting in it's 2nd weekend, a total of 4 Oktoberfest sightings on their grounds the 2 weekends this year - less than last year. The crowd was smaller Friday night despite warm dry weather and nothing at Oktoberfest, all the ladies were going into the open bars to pee.
Bigger crowd Saturday night, but still no bladder energy until the sighting there just before I left to work my normal sightings area  and active alley produced one of the sightings again for the 12th weekend in the 13 I've watched it since the beginning of July, it's 26 sightings are 10 more now than the next busiest spot: the most amazing run of any spot I've ever had in my sightings area. Even the RTD block and big active parking lot didn't produce sightings in their heyday at the rate this alley is now!
1 sighting Friday night, 3 Saturday to get me to 100.

Stories: Saturday, 2:35 a.m.- On a disappointing night I was leaving the RTD block to head for my car when I saw a 20's couple across the street walking by a bank building. The lady suddenly took off running towards the alley behind the building with the guy following, a tall blonde wearing jeans and high heels. She stopped at a concrete post beside the building before getting to the alley, ripping open her jeans and quickly squatting down with her back to the post as the boyfriend moved over to stand guard beside her. I crossed the street to that corner where I could see most of her behind the boyfriend, she peed for almost 40 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans. The couple walked off and I went over there, found her average-sized puddle on the sidewalk with some of the pee running down the cracks between sidewalk blocks. I was surprised as long as she peed that this puddle wasn't bigger.
Sunday 12:53 a.m.- At Oktoberfest I was on the middle street by the potty station, outside the corner parking lot where I shot the videos of the 2 ladies last Friday night. Finally a late 20's couple comes out of the crowd from the main street walking through that parking lot, the guy carrying a half-full mug of beer. She was tall (about 5'8") with brown curly long hair in a ponytail wearing a black knit miniskirt that was riding up and she kept pulling it back down every few steps. They walked through the parking lot but passed the alley, crossing into the parking lot on the other side of the alley. Suddenly she took off running, going to a car parked in the row by the building midway in the lot. She quickly hiked up her skirt and fitted herself between the car's front bumper and building wall with her back to the wall and squatted down, he moved over beside her blocking my view. I watched from outside the lot, after about 25 seconds he moved away and she stepped out pulling her skirt back down; interesting that he, the one drinking the beer, didn't have to pee. I went over to the car and saw her stream running out from behind the front tire, found her small puddle on the ground in front of the bumper. Interesting that my sightings here came near the potty station, this desperate lady and the 2 last weekend choosing to find nearby outdoor spots instead of going over to the potties.
1:49 a.m.- Back in the sightings area I was at the busy block end of active alley. A group of 3 ladies and a guy, all early 20's, went into the alley led by a fat girl in green jeans. She went right up to the 1st dumpster and pushed down her jeans and squatted on the near side where I could see her. Another fat girl in the group immediately ran over and stood guard in front of her with the other 2 standing nearby in the alley. She finished after about 25 seconds and stood up and pulled up her jeans and the group walked down the alley, I could see her stream running towards the middle of the alley but wasn't strong enough to make it. So many guys were peeing in the alley, including that spot before her, that I realize I will rarely get to see puddles in this alley.
2:05 a.m.- 100th pee sighting. I went through active alley and across the street to outside the big active parking lot. I saw a lady in the alley behind that lot, standing outside the nearby driveway people use there. She stood outside the driveway like she was waiting for somebody, was somebody in the driveway peeing? She was average height/medium build with shoulder length black hair wearing jeans, after about 15 seconds she turned and went up into the driveway: she was waiting to see if the coast was clear first! I had to go in the parking lot to see into the driveway, where I saw her on the non-dumpster side of the driveway, she was squatted with her jeans down peeing! She was by herself, if I'd gone through the alley instead of into the parking lot a shot was there - so again, I've had my shot opportunities but didn't want them. After about 20 seconds she stood up and pulled up her jeans, walked across the alley into the parking lot and went to her car.

October preview: 222 sightings and 20 shots in it's previous 18 years, averages of 12.3 sightings and 1.1 shots that rank it 5th in both categories behind the 3 summer months and September. Bests for the month are 24 sightings (twice) and 4 shots, worst is 4 sightings and no shots, last year I had 10 sightings and no shots. This was the last working month of my sightings year last year, part of the reason I finished with just 75 sightings (combined with bad summer months again). Halloween weekend has been the biggest crowd of the year the last 3 years, producing 4 of the month's 10 sightings last year. Halloween is on the last Monday this year, so most of the Halloween parties in the sightings area will probably be on Saturday the 29th as many places are closed on Monday nights and the crowds would probably be small that night anyway - we'll see. If the weather's good I'll try to be out that weekend, depending on my situation by then. It could be nice weather or raining, or cold and snow; we can get any of these by this time of year. My monthly average of 12 sightings is reachable if I'm out for at least 3 of the 4 weekends, or Halloween weekend is big.

I was worried I might not get the 100th this weekend but thought a late lady might come through and one did!
This weekend demonstrates the improbable nature of sightings success: all the elements were there for a blowout weekend like last weekend's 13 sightings but instead I barely get 4. Last year I get 10 Oktoberfest sightings and 75 for the year, this year just 4 Oktoberfest sightings and I'm at 100 sightings for the year. How do you figure this?
This is what is both fascinating and frustrating about sightings, many times they don't happen when they should and do happen when they shouldn't. Now I'm in "gravy mode" going into October as the weather starts to get colder, having once again reached my main yearly goal of 100 sightings. I'll play it by ear each weekend about going out as my situation gets more iffy: Still nothing I need has happened (job-wise) and tempers are starting to flare up again with me and siblings, who are just determined to be part of the problem for me instead of part of the solution. They are gone from my life permanently when this stupidity is finally over, I've already evicted them emotionally. I will enjoy slamming the door in their face and telling them to rot in hell when they need me for something in the future, which I know they will at some point. At least the ladies in my sightings area have come through for me this year, next weekend is forecast to be warm and dry again so I'll probably be out spending more time with them!

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