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Pee Sighting of Ladies Peeing Behind Cars in Alley at Night

Dear Readers,
today I should be writing about my first June shot, but instead I have to write about how it got away! It was another frustrating June weekend, as I got 4 sightings and a lost shot. I have just 5 sightings for the month (56 for the year), not so good considering the huge crowds now coming into the sightings area. So far this June hasn't yet found it's rhythm, despite the warm nights. It will now be a struggle to reach May's totals, which would definitely be a first!
Friday, 1:06 a.m.- Unbelievable! I was walking through a big parking lot, following 4 very animated 20's ladies in skirts hoping somebody would pee. Instead they walked through the lot to a parking garage across the street, but I noticed a blonde lady sitting in the driver's seat of an SUV parked near the end of the row I was walking by. I noticed the passenger door open, saw legs squatted facing me on the ground under the open door. I didn't hear any noise, but walked around to the back of the row getting out the camera in case this lady was peeing. My timing was perfect, as when I looked between the SUV and the car parked next to it both front and back doors were open on the passenger side and the lady squatted between them was just starting to pee. I had a back view of her, because these vehicles have such high ground clearance she was clearly visible from mid-back down. I had a back view of her squatted butt, white panties bunched up just below her knee. I didn't see any clothes below her panties, so she was wearing a short skirt or dress. A thick stream started gushing out of her straight down to the ground as I held the camera up to my eye and centered her in the view finder. I pushed the shutter button, the camera clicked but the shutter didn't fire. What?? I quickly pushed the shutter again as her stream was slowing already, she was almost finished. Again the camera clicked but it did not fire! All the LED lights on the camera indicated both flash and focus were ready to go, why didn't it fire? Now the lady was up and getting in the SUV, this shot opportunity was gone forever. Damm!! I was livid as I walked out of the lot, checking all the camera functions to see if anything was wrong. The frame counter had not advanced, so I didn't get her. The SUV drove by me as it turned out of the lot, both ladies were late 20's/early 30's pretty career type ladies, the puddle she made was on the small side. Stuff like this really upsets me, as much effort as I have to make to get close enough to snap these shots! Unfortunately, this story will be the only memory of this pee sighting. What happened? 2:26 a.m.- Walking down another street I saw 2 20's ladies running down that street. They stopped by an alley, talking for a few seconds before one of them went into the alley. I ran to try to get there as the 2nd lady stood at the end of the alley looking in at her friend, but as I got across the street the 1st lady came out zipping up the front of her shorts. I went in the alley to look for her puddle after they walked off, seeing her puddle of pee flowing down the middle of the alley. I found her splatter spot, in a space next to the back of the 1st building with several thin streams running to the middle of the alley where the thick stream was flowing. There was white chalky-like residue at the head of the stream as it flowed down the alley, definitely part of the pee and not something it flowed over and picked up in the alley. What was in this lady's system that she peed out? It was probably a pretty uncomfortable piss for her! Surprisingly this is my first pee sighting this year of a lady wearing shorts, which rank 2nd overall (24%) only behind jeans (42%) as the attire ladies wear most when they pee. But we're into 'shorts season' now, so I should be seeing a lot more of these. Saturday, 12:55 a.m.- I was very determined tonight to get a make-up shot for last night's disappointment. Over by the RTD building a group of 7 ladies passed by. "Where are we going, I gotta pee!" one of the ladies yelled out. All were in their 20's, she and another lady in a black knit short skirt briefly looked up a sidewalk near me for a possible place to pee before walking off back to the others. I followed this group, and when they went into a parking garage I went in after them. They went to their car in a row on the first floor, parked facing the building. The lady in the skirt went up between theirs and the next car by the wall, turned her back to the wall and hiked up her skirt as she squatted down. I had taken out my car keys as I would soon be passing them, the other ladies saw me and warned her someone was coming. She stood back up, walking out as I passed the group. "I can wait 'till we get home!", she said as she opened one of the car doors. I went about 4 cars down and up beside it to the garage wall, where I could see this lady if she tried to pee in the same spot again. "He's gone now, go ahead and pee!", one of the other ladies said. The lady went back to the same spot, the other ladies standing guard on both sides of the car so no more passers-by would know she was back there peeing. I had a pretty clear side view as she turned her back to the wall again, reached up under her skirt and pulled down her white panties and squatted. I could see most of her upper body and butt, everything else blocked by the car. She had short hair and a hard tomboy face, kind of like a lesbian - but the way she was peeing was sexy! I was too far away, and the view too obstructed, to think about trying to snap her. Plus, being in a parking garage I'd have to walk by them to get to the exit to leave. Other than the lighting, parking garages aren't the safest places to try to shoot in! She finished after about 30 seconds, partially standing up and pulling up her panties. She held her skirt up around her waist as she pulled her panties back up into a comfortable position, sexy to watch! She pulled her skirt back down and walked out, everyone got in the car and they drove out of the garage. She left a big splatter spot, her stream ran down the sloped garage floor by the wall under the next 3 cars, towards the entrance driveway. This was a good pee sighting, a very sexy piss!

Things went downhill after that. I followed several groups of ladies, but every time they stopped somewhere where someone might pee, horny guys were coming from everywhere to talk to them. It started raining lightly off and on for the rest of the night, and at closing time police blocked off the most crowded streets and made cars leave the area. They also stopped by the bigger parking lots where people were still hanging out, telling them through their megaphones to "Leave immediately or you will be ticketed for loitering!" About 2:15 a.m. I was leaving that area, walking down a street outside a big and mostly empty parking lot when I saw a car parked in the row of dirt just outside the lot. A back door was open on the other side, the interior light on to reveal 2 20's ladies in the back seat and another in the driver's seat in front. They closed the back door as I approached, and as I passed the girl in the driver's seat was staring at me. Right next to that door was a fresh pee puddle in the dirt, I had missed her peeing by maybe 5 minutes. I did count her as a pee sighting, since the evidence was so obvious! When out in my sightings area, I regularly fantasize about some of the sexy ladies I see coming up to me and peeing on me in some dark alley or parking lot. But would I really ask a lady for that? I don't think I would. Despite the fact my 'hobby' is fueled by real women I see peeing, it's still very much fantasy for me - I guess because I don't know any of these ladies I have pictures of! I posted very sexy summary descriptions of my newest shots at my site , on the 'What's New' page. I think you'll enjoy them!

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