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Pee Sightings of Ladies in Active Alley

Dear Readers,
September starts with just 3 sightings in it's first weekend, but who am I to complain considering I've already got more sightings than last year?
My 'greed' is back, I want more! 82 sightings for the year (I'm counting the young girl sighting from last week), just 18 away from my cherished number of 100 that makes this a 'normal' year of sightings for me. Watching the ladies this weekend I just found myself amazed that I continue to see some on a regular basis who can't hold their pee at night - don't see this during the day because there are so many places open where they can use the bathroom.
I used to think my night sightings were just part of the 'culture' there, but I've been coming here long enough to see a few generations and these ladies really have to pee badly while out walking the streets - most right after leaving crowded bars. I'm sure crowded bathrooms in the bars are part of it, ladies not wanting to use the bar bathrooms another part of it too, but there also has to be other factors because none of these ladies seems to want to pee outside; they are just so desperate they can't control themselves. Fascinating!
As expected, the late-hour female crowd this weekend was about 500 smaller than last weekend with a bigger drop in Saturday night's crowd. It was slightly bigger than September's 1st weekend last year, which only produced 1 sighting, but the month would produce 17 more sightings from an active 2 Oktoberfest weekends. Of course, I'm hoping for more of the same this year! Night temps are finally starting to cool off, low 60's this weekend which is jacket weather compared to how hot it's been this summer. I passed on another shot this weekend I could have had, in active alley. I'm realizing shots there are risky because so many people are around, but it says something about how desperate the ladies have to be to pee there with so many people nearby.
2 of the 3 sightings came in active alley, extending its lead as the year's most popular outdoor pee area for ladies.
I was curious about what this alley has produced for me before this year, a summary of it's sightings history is after the stories. 1 sighting Friday night and 2 Saturday, stories:

Saturday, 1:56 a.m.- Outside active alley on the busy block a guy and 2 ladies ran into the alley. I tried to watch from that end but they were running, forcing me to go in the alley after them to see where they went. Unfortunately they ran all the way through and out the other end of the alley by the warehouse music hall, but I got lucky: a mid 20's pretty lady with long black hair wearing a white/gold print miniskirt and high heels left her 2 friends and walked into the alley, walking towards me. "Where are you going?" one of her friends asked. "I have to use the bathroom!" she said, just a few feet from me before looking up at me as we passed in the alley. She smiled, not caring that I heard her. She was carrying a gold purse, casually walked on and went up beside the far dumpster behind the music hall glancing at me to see that I was not going over there before quickly squatting down beside the dumpster out of my view. Damn!! Her 2 friends waited outside the alley, leaving this pretty lady to pee by herself unguarded. I wanted this shot, but there were just too many people nearby to risk it - in years past I definitely would have snapped this one. So I waited on the sidewalk outside the alley, so tempted to go in the small parking lot across the alley from there where I could see her but didn't - told myself not to unless I was going to snap her shot since I'd have just a second or 2 before she reacted. It was a long piss, nearly 40 seconds before she stood up from beside the dumpster. She was staring at me immediately, as though she knew I was interested in what she was doing before walking out pulling her skirt back into place. She went over to her friends outside the alley where they resumed trying to flag down a cab, she was a classy-looking lady who you'd never think would be the type to pee in an alley. But you never know, she did not hesitate to do it and didn't try to hide from me that she was peeing. Again a huge turn-on, my favorite type of lady to see in this situation! 20th sighting in active alley as it stretches it's lead as the top pee spot.
Sunday, 1:55 a.m.- In my customary spot outside the big active parking lot, a lady in a short black dress and tall boots runs around the corner from the busy block and past the corner building into active alley. She ran to the 2nd building and up behind it, pulling up the back of her dress before disappearing behind the building. Suddenly another lady runs into the alley after her, looking around and finally spotting her behind the building peeing. She nervously stands guard in front of that area, pacing around and clearly embarrassed about what her friend was doing. The desperate lady came out about 35 seconds later, pulling her dress back into place. The ladies crossed the street and walked by me, the one who peed early 20's and slim with long brown hair, about 5' 7". Walking through active alley from the busy block end to this end about 5 minutes earlier, a guy was peeing right where this lady went so she peed over his puddle.
2:44 a.m.- On my way out of the area to my car I was passing the big active parking lot when I saw a group of people enter the alley behind the lot. As they walked past the driveway with dumpsters where people usually pee one of the guys went up there, a heavyset guy wearing a long jacket. The guy starts unsnapping his jeans, was this a lady? He pushed the jeans down to mid-thigh and squatted down by the wall on one side of the driveway, yeah it was a chubby woman and not a guy! This is the other side of watching pretty ladies pee, sometimes I get ones like this too. She took about a 20 second piss while her friends waited in the alley, before standing up and pulling up her jeans and the group walked off.

Active Alley: I looked up my sightings history with this alley, curious after what it's produced the last 2 months.
I first started working this part of the area in '95 (newly developed then) but didn't get my first sighting in this alley until '97, 7 sightings that year. I've gotten 28 sightings since then over 7 different years, 9 years produced no sightings. 2 sightings in this alley in 2007 are all I got from 2003 to 2010, those were the years cops blanketed the area. This year is easily the best ever for this alley (21 so far) and the year isn't done yet. Valentines alley (1 block east) drew my attention in the early years of this new part of the area, which produced 29 sightings in '99 and 14 sightings in 2000.
What's the most sightings a spot (area) has produced in a year? The big active lot and it's alley behind it, across the street (west) from active alley, produced 45 sightings in 2001 and 43 sightings in 2000, and the RTD block (2 blocks from there) produced 44 in 2005 when the peeing was pushed there from the heavy police coverage in the busy area. No spots have come close to that since 2005, as my sightings totals have gone down.

Funny Story: Saturday night 2 couples went into active alley (at the north end on the busy block). Of course I had to follow since ladies rarely go into an alley unless they're going to pee, but the ladies quickly turned around and started walking back out as the guys continued down the alley. "How rude!" One of the ladies said as they were walking past me. "Inviting us into the alley, I don't want to watch a guy pissing!" I broke out laughing, yes most women still want nothing to do with outdoor peeing - anybody's, not just their own!

My Update: Haven't written this section recently because there's not much to tell. The successful interview I had recently was apparently just to put me on an eligible candidate list for when my old department is ready to hire  and it looks like that time isn't now. The expanded department now has almost 50 individual centers that could call and say "Come to work" since I've been pre-screened, but nobody wants to pull the trigger: apparently I'll have to wait until somebody currently working in one of those positions I'm qualified for leaves or gets fired. Bait-and-switch, they said at the interview jobs were available NOW and mentioned nothing about this being to build up a waiting list.
I also have contacted another temporary agency, one I used to get assignments from after college, in response to jobs posted you get through them. Bait-and-switch here too, they tell me they have 'nothing' and will call me when something comes in: none of the advertised jobs are available. I'm going through this with 2 Temp agencies now, companies just won't hire: new people that is. There are some jobs, but now everything goes to 'insiders': friends and buddies of company people, you just get nowhere unless you know somebody. All of those companies need to be blown up and started over, the problem isn't the people looking for work - it's the companies doing everything wrong and making people suffer because of it, the "business model" of companies today needs to change. So my suffering continues. I'm selling some more personal stuff to get bill money for a couple more months and buy more time (I'm almost out of things to sell), if ANYTHING would come through I'd have something to work with. This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen, I hear worse than even the great depression my grandparents lived through in the 1930's.
Desperatewomen.com remains up because it continues to pay for itself (barely), but continues not to bring in any additional money that would help me with living expenses (if the demand for my shots was still there I'd have snapped all the ones I've passed on this year). I've had to remove some of the links to other sites because they've either gone out of business or changed what they sell, so everybody is struggling. But at 12 years now, desperatewomen.com has become one of the senior pee sites as most of the others have come and gone - as I expected. Most of the rest of the pee sites are pee-porn, mine remains about the only one featuring completely 'natural' peeing out of desperation.

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