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I never saw any ladies that even needed to pee.

Dear Readers,
unbelievably I got no sightings in August's final weekend last week to finish the month with just 7 sightings, my 2nd worst August ever!
It feels like it was my worst August ever because of the many nights without sightings, I went out all 10 weekend nights of the 5-weekend month and got sightings on just 5 of the nights. That's just not supposed to happen during July and August, the troubling trend here is that both August and July have posted their 2 lowest sightings totals in the last 3 years....looks like all that "sightings magic" I've been enjoying for over 15 years here is finally coming to an end.
I remain at 70 sightings for the year, down to just 7 sightings ahead of last year at this date. I'm now back below the pace to finish with 100 sightings for the year again, this would be the 3rd straight year below 100 if that happens again. The explanation for this is easy now, the summer months have been killing my sightings. I need to get at least 50 sightings from the 3 summer months to reach 100 for a year, automatic my first 14 years of sightings as I averaged 63.6 sightings during the summer months over that period. The bottom has fallen out the last 3 years as I got just 33 summer sightings in 2007, 37 last year and again just 33 this summer.
My last 'normal' year was 2006 when I got 55 sightings that summer, finished the year with 127. There hasn't been as much of a drop-off in sightings during the cold weather months, the ladies just aren't peeing during the summer months like they used to - a true 'sightings recession.'
Last weekend saw the smallest crowd since mid June in the sightings area on Friday night with a bigger than average crowd on Saturday night, with night temps in the mid-60's both night.

Here's why I say this is my worst August ever: based on my late hour lady-counts from this year and last, August's late crowds, this month had 2000 more ladies than August last year, an average of 160 more ladies each night but produced only 7 sightings compared to 18 from last year's smaller August crowds. This weekend guys were peeing as usual but I never saw any ladies that even needed to pee. I had a couple of close calls in seeing ladies come out of alleys in places where they could have peed, but I didn't see exactly where they came from and they weren't doing things that indicated they just peed, so I couldn't call them sightings....very frustrating!
This year has turned into how I thought it would be when I first started doing my sightings work back in '93. Back then I thought I'd get just a few sightings a year because few ladies peed outside. As I left the area Sunday morning (late Saturday night) to head to my car and leave, police still had streets closed off by the (formerly) big active parking lot and busy area even though it was mostly deserted, things have really changed over the years! Police used to be long-gone after 2 a.m. and I'd get lots of my sightings, now there aren't nearly as many people lingering in the area after bar closing time at 2 a.m. But I always knew, even in my big sightings years, that days like this were going to arrive at some point. I've worked my sightings area so passionately for so many years because it's been a tremendous gift to see so many pretty ladies every weekend in what is my favorite situation to see ladies in, bursting to pee with no available bathroom anywhere nearby. So July will keep it's lead as my top sightings month for another year, again dodging the bullet of August. It actually expanded it's lead over August from the 2 it began this year with to 6 (349 to 343) as it produced 4 more sightings than August this year (11 to 7).

On to my September preview, it's the only thing I have to report this week:
It's 285 sightings and 31 shots in it's previous 16 years rank it my 4th best month in both sightings and shots with averages of 17.8 sightings and 1.9 shots. Bests for the month are 29 sightings and 7 shots, worsts are 10 sightings and no shots, last year I had 19 sightings and no shots. September was one of just 2 months last year to exceed it's monthly sightings average, has been my most productive month over the last 4 years.
That being said, it has 41 fewer sightings and 14 fewer shots than August, so I can expect a noticeable drop in activity most years...a frightening prospect seeing what the summer months produced. But it has outperformed the slumping summer months each of the last 3 years, so it gives me something to look forward to.
Oktoberfest is the big drawing card during the middle 2 weekends of the month, but since its move from the sightings area to just north of it 2 years ago the event has become a sightings non-factor and I likely won't spend much time there this year unless I see new potential. Weather begins to cool during the month with rain and even snow a possibility, so it could become a factor. This month will be my last chance for a 100-sightings year: a good month keeps hope alive, if this month tanks too I will be cutting back on my sightings outings in October through the rest of the year...no need to be out in cold or bad weather if ladies aren't peeing.

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