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Dear Readers,

I get 4 sightings and 1 shot in September's final weekend to finish the month with 22 sightings and 2 shots, the best month of the year and the only month to finish above its sightings average this year (17.4) - about time! I snapped a puddle shot of the picture sighting which is included today making this a web page report. September's nice totals are even more impressive considering there was only 1 Oktoberfest weekend which contributed just 2 sightings, Oktoberfest ladies have been responsible for about 15% of my September sightings in past years - most of those ladies leaving Oktoberfest with full or near-full bladders and peeing elsewhere in the sightings area later. 77 sightings for the year, well below the 117 I had to end September last year. The highlight of the weekend is the new shot, just my 5th of the year and 239th overall. It's a good one, the best of the year and it came on the RTD block where 4 of this year's 5 shots have come. All 4 of this weekend's sightings were on the RTD block, see why I like that block so much? The final 2 sightings late Saturday night were probably the most improbable I've ever gotten, the kind that make me think that I am just supposed to see ladies pee and there will always be ladies who relieve themselves in front of me!

Night temps are still in the low 60's and upper 50's, a little warmer than usual for this time of year. I noticed a lot of cars parked on the streets when I got to the area Friday night and bigger crowds than I expected, the reason was that people thought this was Oktoberfest's 2nd weekend and came down for that only to find out it's next weekend. I walked through the old Oktoberfest area that I didn't get to last weekend, they have signs up telling people Oktoberfest has moved to the new area and giving directions to it. At the RTD block the Friday night guard stayed out of the way which was good because lots of people were around there so I spent a lot of time there. I was able to work the block normally and got the 2 sightings and shot, Saturday night the pesky security guard was back but was inside the terminal building when the final 2 ladies peed. 30 sightings on the RTD block this year, 39% of this year's total and by far the most of any location (again) in the sightings area. Even with the building open an hour later most of this year and security guards patrolling the grounds ladies continue to pee outside, many are choosing to do that and not go in the building to use the toilet which continues to amaze me! On to the stories, followed by my October preview:

Saturday, 2:14 a.m. (9-29-07, desp 237)- At the RTD block among the crowd was 2 early 20's ladies who had walked over among a group coming from the busy area. Much of the group left after a few minutes but these 2 ladies stayed there talking to guys, lady 1 was average height/build with blonde hair in a short ponytail wearing a navy flared miniskirt with an uneven hem (lower in front and higher in back) and sandals (flip-flops), lady 2 was about the same height and thin wearing jeans. I was starting to leave, heading to the north end of the block as they started leaving too, also heading in my direction. They stopped near the middle of the block to talk to 2 more guys as I went to the corner at the north end of the block, where I saw a couple walking by the alley across the street and the lady turned in with the guy following. Was she headed to those popular dumpsters behind the corner bank building to pee? I was on my way over to find out, glanced back at the 2 ladies on the RTD block just in time to see them leave the 2 guys and walk up on the patio area in the middle of the block back towards the pee areas. Who to watch? I went for the 2 ladies on the RTD block since I felt certain they were going to pee, getting out the camera as a shot was possible here with the Friday night security guard nowhere in sight. I walked past the terminal building part at the north end to the middle of the block looking over at the grassy area by the pee sidewalk expecting to see them, there was lady 1 by the back of the south part of the terminal building squatted down between 2 benches peeing! Lady 2 had gone over to the grass and I saw her squatted there, how strange that each lady would go off by herself to separate areas to pee and lady 1 choosing the sidewalk between the benches on the patio instead of the grass in the darker area where her friend went! The terminal building was still open which both ladies knew from seeing people go in and out earlier, but they preferred to pee outside. I stopped about 20 feet from lady 1 pointing the camera at her, a front/side angle slightly to her right as she was squatted with her back to the terminal building window between the benches facing me. She looked up at me but didn't notice the camera, I pushed the shutter button but it didn't fire immediately as I'm trying a new shooting mode for my night shots to get better sharpness and detail (you'll see why in the puddle shot below). A 'charging flash' message appeared in the LCD window, and after about 3 more seconds - just before I was going to start walking off - the flash finally fired and snapped her shot. "That's not cool!" she said softly looking over at me as I walked past the building. She was still peeing and not appearing to be close to empty yet, it had been about 35 seconds now. "You shouldn't be doing that!" I said as I passed by her (why did I say that when I was thrilled she was peeing there?), noticing she seemed to be pretty out of it. I went past the terminal building to the shuttle bus stop where I watched her friend finish peeing in the grass and pull up her jeans and go over to lady 1. I went back over to the building to snap lady 1's puddle shot, but saw both ladies sitting on the bench on the left with the stream from lady 1's puddle running past them in the sidewalk seam in front of the bench. So I went back to the north end, finally they left about 5 minutes later and I went over and snapped her puddle.

ladies pee puddle on pavement This puddle shot came out a little blurry (digital cameras have a bad habit of mysteriously producing an occasional blurry shot from a sharply-focused scene) but I decided to include it anyway to show what an outrageous place she peed in - right in front of the window of the building where she could have gone in and used the bathroom! She made a surprisingly small puddle for her 40+ second piss and even more surprising the puddle was about half evaporated when I snapped this shot - barely 10 minutes after she made it! That means this was a 'dry' (alcohol) piss, she had been drinking a lot of beer and was drunk which explains why she seemed so out of it.

Looking at the shot of the lady, it came out pretty good - a little grainy because I was far enough away from her in the dark, but much sharper focus than this puddle shot with enough detail to be the best shot of this year. A mostly front view from her right side, she's squatted low with her feet spread wide, holding the front of her skirt and black purse across her lap as her arms are folded. Her hairy bush is visible with the small puddle she was making below it on the sidewalk, her stream didn't come out so clearly because of the graininess - I needed to be closer to her to get it clearly. She's got her left hand on the railing of the bench on her left for balance and looking down at her work, her back to the window of the terminal building where she could have gone in and peed in the bathroom! I thought she was looking at me but she was so intensely focused on peeing she paid no attention to me at all until the camera's flash went off - so this is another lady taking a natural relaxed piss which is what makes these shots so great. Amazing how I am able to get so many of these! Her clear crotch view is why I like those squatted short skirt shots from the front, most show a visible stream coming out of them. As slow as this year has been, this shot helps a lot in making the year worthwhile as I'm always looking for these. Where have these kind of shot opportunities been all year?

Sunday, 2:18 a.m.- After seeing several ladies earlier complaining of needing to pee who went back into bars, including a desperate blonde who grabbed my arm and had me escort her across the street so she could go in a bar to use its bathroom, just after 2 a.m. it started raining - NO….this was sightings rush hour, not now! But the rain started to get heavier, so I went to the RTD block to wait under the lighted patio at the shuttle bus stop for the rain to stop. While there watching people scattering to get out of the rain there were 2 mid-20's couples near me, the 2 ladies pretty blondes with long hair. Lady 1 was tall and slim, lady 2 average height. Both were wearing sexy sheer short dresses, lady 1 a green dress and lady 2 a black dress - but their sexiness was muted by both wearing jeans under their dresses, then their high-heeled sandals. The tall blonde was on her cell phone talking while pacing around near me, both ladies were chatterboxes and I was getting annoyed listening to them as lady 2 was being bitchy about whatever was bothering her. Both of the boyfriends were the insecure touchy-feely types, hanging all over the ladies and never letting them out of their sight.

Finally one of the boyfriends runs over and jumps up over the ledge behind the bus stop area into the garden behind it to pee. When he finishes he comes back over and puts his arms around the tall blonde from behind, who was still talking on her phone. "Where were you?" she said pausing from her call. He said he went up into the bushes to take a piss, she looked over at the garden area and then quickly ended her phone call. She went to the other blonde and the 2 ladies started to walk off, the insecure guys stopping them wanting to know where they were going. The tall blonde said she had to pee, the guys kept them both talking and wouldn't let them leave. Finally the tall blonde pulled her guy's arms off her and grabbed lady 2's arm, the guys got pitiful again and started asking where they were going. "We have to pee!" the tall blonde said angrily and both ladies climbed up into the garden area. I saw them work their way through the bushes to a pine tree near the back sidewalk and the pee sidewalk, by where the Saturday night security guard usually is (he was inside the terminal building out of the rain). I walked around the outside elevator post which is between the terminal building and there, looking around it into the garden area where I saw both ladies reach under their dresses and push down their jeans and squat exposing their naked butts. They were facing each other in a side view to me, the boyfriends standing on the other side of the garden at the shuttle bus stop looking into the bushes trying to see them. I could have pulled out the camera and snapped an easy shot of these 2 peeing in the dirt by the tree, would have if they had been by themselves and the boyfriends weren't there. The terminal building's unlocked doors were just about 30 feet away and they also had to know it was open seeing people going in, but they chose the bushes for their toilet. Since it was just about the time the last late bus left the security guard might not have let them use the bathroom and sent them back outside.

"It's raining!" lady 2 said, "we're peeing in the rain!" They peed for about 35 seconds before standing up and pulling up their jeans, by then the neurotic boyfriends calling for them and asking if they were all right. Lady 2 started to walk out but the tall blonde grabbed her arm. "Wait a minute!" she said pulling her back. This turned into a full ladies room session as the 2 stayed there by the tree talking for about 10 more minutes, this I could understand because they had to want time away from their whiny men. It was still raining, the security guard came up to the terminal building doors and looked over and saw the ladies up in the garden. I thought he'd come out and run the ladies off from there, but instead he locked the building doors so nobody could try to come in to get out of the rain and went back downstairs. The ladies finally came out of the garden area with the guys helping them down to the sidewalk and they all walked off in the rain. I was annoyed by all 4 but liked the ladies now that I got to watch them pee. The rain was lighter now but hadn't stopped, with the streets now deserted I walked back to my car and left. 2 gift sightings here, didn't expect those!

October preview: The month has 188 sightings and 20 shots in it's previous 14 years, averages of 13.4 sightings and 1.4 shots that rank it 5th in both categories behind the 3 summer months and September. Bests for the month are 24 sightings (twice) and 4 shots, last year was my worst October ever with just 4 sightings and no shots. October had been a consistently good sightings month until last year, which started the slide in sightings that has continued until this September as every month since last October has produced below average sightings numbers.
We had a run of bad weather that started last October as bad weather kept me from going out on 2 of its weekends, night temps go from low 50's at the beginning of October to low 30's by the end of the month. This is a 4-weekend month with Halloween not falling on a weekend this year, there will be some Halloween parties in the sightings area probably the weekend before, which might produce some sightings if the weather is good. The month will get a boost from the 2nd Oktoberfest weekend next week which usually is over by October, I should beat last year's 4 sightings - hopefully in its 1st weekend and have a shot at my monthly averages if the weather is good most or all of the month. This will be my last full month of regular sightings work this year, with no chance to get 100 sightings (for the first time) I will not be out on cold nights this winter and will be out on October weekends as long as the weather is good. If more ladies in the big crowds on the warm summer nights this year wouldn't pee the fewer ladies in the smaller fall and winter crowds aren't going to pee either, so no reason for me to be out there freezing when nobody is peeing!

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