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Desperate lady's pee puddle in a car park.

Dear Readers,
Another web page stories report this week as I have another picture here, the pee puddle picture of an incredible lady I snapped a mid-stream pee picture of. The pictures were the highlight of another lackluster weekend of pee sightings, I got just 3 sightings of women peeing to likely finish June with 12 pee sightings and 3 pee pictures, below its sightings average, but above it's picture average. I have 57 sightings for they year, the picture is my 6th of the year and 224th overall, it's a good one - boy am I in a groove with my pee pictures now, the 7th straight weekend with a good picture opportunity and 4th picture over that span - I'm not missing them now! This pissing picture story is a special one, of all my 1931 recorded pee sightings since I started my sightings work this is the most "perfect" sighting I've ever gotten as it had every element of my dream sighting: it was my favourite kind of lady, I followed her as her desperation grew unbearable, she goes to a spot and pees and I snap a picture of her doing it! Lots of sightings of women pissing have been close to my ideal over the years, most falling short because I couldn't snap a good picture of the lady - not the case this time! I'll also have a very interesting July preview later, as it arrives next Saturday.

Crowds in the pee sightings area were smaller than last weekend on both nights, I'm not sure why. But still there are things to see as plenty of ladies are walking the streets throughout the area during the night, even though the pattern continues of none of them peeing until the late closing hour. Friday night's crowd was again smaller, but I'm fired up about Friday nights because that's when the pee picture opportunities have been coming and that's when this one happened. 2 sightings of women pissing and the picture came Friday night and 1 Saturday, cutting Saturday night's sightings lead to 29 to 28. I have 3 pictures on each night, plus the 8 piss puddle pictures that are new this year - 5 of those on Friday nights and 3 Saturday nights.

On to the stories:

Saturday, 1:58 a.m. - At the north end of the RTD block 2 ladies were walking up the sidewalk across the street. I was watching, as usual, to see if anyone would go into the alley and one of the ladies pointed to it as they were approaching it. Both were early 20's and petite wearing jeans, lady 1 had long blonde hair and lady 2 long black hair. Lady 2 turned into the alley with lady 1 following, she went up beside the 2nd dumpster behind the corner bank building everybody pees by, turned her back to the building and her head went down below the top of the dumpster as she squatted down to piss. The blonde stood guard in front of the dumpster so I stayed across the street on the RTD block, lady 2 stood up about 15 seconds later and came walking out snapping up the front of her jeans. They came out of the alley, their car was parked on the street right by there. 4 ladies have peed there within the last month and I snapped a picture of 1 of them, I have a feeling I'm going to get another 1 or 2 there this summer!

2:23 a.m. (6-24-06, desp 224)- My perfect sighting! I was at the RTD building by the south (shuttle bus stop) end, about to leave as nothing was happening among the few scattered people nearby and at the bars across the street. I saw a lady at the north end of the block walk up on the patio area from the sidewalk and start walking across it towards the grassy area and pee sidewalk, instinctively I just knew this lady had to pee. I started walking up to the patio area to see where she went, almost passing her but she turned and walked around the other side of the terminal building closer to the pee sidewalk. She was absolutely stunning to me, mid 20's and about 5'6" with long brown hair and slim build, dressed classy in a white sheer topless (bare back and shoulders) sexy summer dress, the flared short skirt was blowing in the gentle wind as she walked. She was carrying a short-strapped silver purse and her gold stiletto high-heeled sandals walking barefoot (I understand that completely, how do you ladies walk in those things?) and was all by herself - odd for such a beautiful lady! My heart started racing because I knew I was going to get a picture of her when she peed, I got out the camera as she disappeared around the building. The sprinklers had come on at the grass next to the pee sidewalk, seeing that she turned away and walked past the shuttle bus stop to the corner of the block, then walked down the next block as I followed about 20 feet behind her. "Where are you going honey, everything is closed and you're not going to get to pee in a bathroom. You're gonna have to hike up that sexy dress and pee outside somewhere!" I thought, tempted to actually say that to her but it would have freaked her out....how did I know she had to pee? That's what was so perfect about this sighting, while she was suffering silently with her agony I knew how badly she had to pee!

She was walking casually carrying her shoes and still not showing any signs of desperation, I just knew that was about to change! She was approaching a parking garage entrance and a small parking lot was next to that, followed by a closed restaurant and 2 closed bars after that to the other end of that block. I thought she wouldn't make it to the bars and would go in the dark parking lot, suddenly she took off running - I was right! She turned into the parking garage driveway before getting to the parking lot, this is an underground security parking garage that has a closed garage door at the end of the driveway in front of the underground parking garage. I ran over there getting out the camera, knowing she'd be peeing by that door with nowhere to hide. I heard loud splattering and her moaning like she was in pain as I approached the lighted driveway, that calm demeanour was gone now as her desperation was fully showing itself! I walked past the driveway entrance and there she was, on the sidewalk left of the driveway with her back to the wall in a mostly front view to me, standing in a bent-over position about 15 feet away. There was already a huge piss puddle around and behind her feet with a thin stream running over the edge of the sidewalk and down the sloped driveway under the garage door next to her, as seen in the picture below of her piss puddle. She was holding her dress up and looking out to the street, she saw me and as I pointed the camera at her she saw it immediately and bent further forward at the waist and pulled the front of her dress down over her crotch area. She then leaned her head down looking at the ground and put her left hand over her face, not wanting to be identifiable in the picture and braced for the picture - she was so embarrassed! I snapped her picture over the sound of her loud splattering as she couldn't stop peeing and quickly walked past the garage entrance and waited for her to finish and come out as I wanted a picture of her walking off. She came out about 20 seconds later, our eyes met as a cab driving by stopped when it saw her. She looked at me and quickly turned away, visibly embarrassed and totally speechless and quickly got in the cab and it drove off - beautiful women have it so easy!

shot of desperate lady pissing a huge piss puddle I went back into the driveway and snapped a picture of her piss puddle, which was already looking like it was evaporating. But after looking at the picture I decided to crop this puddle picture from her pee picture, because with her peeing standing I wanted to show the dynamics of how a lady does that - where her feet were in relation to her puddle of piss and if she got wet. Yes, her feet did get pee on them as she preferred that to getting pee on her expensive shoes! Ladies who pee standing aren't as fortunate as guys, their anatomy just doesn't allow them to direct their pee streams away from them like guys can and they have to stand in their piss puddle. A lady has to be awfully desperate to piss to put herself through this, so you get an indication of how bad things had gotten for her! You can see her purse and part of her stiletto high heels she was holding hanging down low in front of her, she was bent way forward at the waist with her face almost down to her lap to keep me from getting her crotch or face in my picture. Behind her legs is a big black electronic card reader strip that's on the garage wall, to read validation cards of the car drivers stopping outside the door and send the signal to open the garage door. Heck of a place to pee, isn't it? The things a lady will do when she's really desperate!

I left the area and came back about 10 minutes later before leaving to go home and her puddle of piss had mostly evaporated already. That means she peed out the alcohol she had been drinking, which wasn't beer because it didn't have that beer odour or foam in the puddle. She didn't seem like the 'beer type', seemed more like a mixed-drink lady who didn't let herself get visibly drunk. Alcohol produces 'dry' pee, puddles of piss that evaporate quicker than pee puddles with no alcohol in it. She had to drink a lot to pee as much as she did and she probably was pretty drunk - even though she seemed to be in complete control of herself, until her distended bladder betrayed her!

Her pee picture is not as revealing as I would have liked, because she saw me and covered herself. My mostly front angle didn't show her pee stream at all, a side angle would have shown it. But it's still an incredible picture, you don't see many ladies pee like this - especially ladies dressed as nicely as she was! This piss was just like that of the lady who peed in a similar position in a corner by the RTD building sidewalk in May that I bungled the picture of. This pee picture would have been a stunning one if she didn't see me, I would have gotten her face and possibly crotch and/or stream in the picture as she would have been peeing naturally, holding her dress up like she was before she saw me. Since she is hiding her face I can and will use this picture as my website sample album pee picture for my next album 13, so everybody will get to see her. This one is special!

Sunday, 1:48 a.m. - At the parking lot across the street from a corner Irish bar 2 Hispanic ladies were with their boyfriends, acting silly because they said they had to pee. Both were early 20's and pretty, long black hair, average height/build with nice shapely butts and legs as both were wearing shorts. Their silliness went on for awhile, annoying me because I wanted them to pee! Finally they went behind the small building near the corner of the lot where people usually pee, one of the ladies squatting to piss behind the building and back of a car parked in the row by the building. Lady 2 stood guard in front of her, facing the lot but not noticing me looking at her peeing friend behind her from the sidewalk outside the lot. The boyfriends waited at the end of the row of cars, about 15 seconds later the peeing lady finishes and stands up and pulls up her shorts. They come out and go to the boyfriends, they all go to their car parked across the street and leave.

July preview:

It is still my top sightings month statistically, leading or tied for 1st in every sightings and pee picture category with 303 pee sightings and 43 peeing pictures in it's previous 13 years, averages of 23.3 pee sightings and 3 pissing pictures. Bests for the month are 37 sightings and 10 pictures, still my all-time bests in both categories, worsts are 10 sightings and no pictures, last year I had 20 pee sightings and 2 pissing pictures. July was once such an amazing pee sightings month that 3 times it produced more than 30 sightings and was the only month where I snapped a picture every year for the first 9 years of my pee sightings work, 4 times 5 or more pissing pictures. It was the first month to get 100 and 200 sightings, is now my only month with 300 pee sightings all by itself. But it's fortunes changed in the 2000's, July has not led in sightings or pictures since 2000 when it had 34 sightings and 6 pictures - August, September, or October has produced more sightings or pictures since 2001. July's decline started in 2002 when I didn't snap a picture for it's first time and I'd go the next 2 July's without a picture either with the month reaching it's low point in 2004 with just 10 sightings and no pissing pictures - the same numbers as January that year, which is about 45 degrees colder with crowds 90% smaller! 2nd place August, 25 sightings and 10 pictures behind July 6 years ago, is now only 12 sightings of women pissing behind and has pulled even in pictures of women pissing as it's numbers have been closer to it's averages over that span. Last year July saw a resurgence, as I broke my 3-year picture drought with the 2 pictures and hopefully the month is on an up-swing again. One thing July has never lost, even during that stretch: it's sightings are the sexiest of the year, the kind of sightings of women pissing that make your heart race! My 1st July picture last year is a prime example, it's my best pee picture ever - a lady peeing standing bent-over on steps, picture from behind her naked peeing butt catching her gushing stream coming out of her. She had flipped her short skirt up over her butt and a friend was holding it on her lower back to keep it from falling back down and getting peed on (in Album 12). This was one of the few fabulous sightings of women I was able to get a picture of, there are more high-quality pee sightings in July than any other month.

I don't know what to expect from July anymore. My feeling is it will once again finish below it's averages, which I won't mind if I can get a few sexy pissing pictures from it's sightings like I did in June. Chances are pretty good, as well as I've been sensing which ladies are desperate to piss and going to pee lately - that's something to be excited about!

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