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1st Ladies Pee Shot!
Pee Sightings of Desperate Women

The 15th Anniversary of taking my first pee picture!

Dear Readers,

This slow year hit rock bottom last weekend, no sightings at all to keep me at just 6 pee sightings for August and 55 for the year.
But still I write today, later this week is an important anniversary: 15 years ago I snapped my 1 st pee shot, which I've included here making this a web page report.
I had been planning to write a special tribute for it, having no pee sightings to report this week actually allows me to write more about the impact of that special occasion. It will follow my summary of this weekend and why the pee sightings aren't happening this year.

Not only were there no pee sightings despite good sized crowds both nights last weekend, I didn't even see any ladies that had to pee. How can this happen in an August weekend with big crowds and lots of ladies walking around? I call it the "Celebrity party-girl hangover", the results of all the attention and publicity surrounding the public misdeeds of the bimbo three (Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan). They are of the generation of the ladies who produce most of my pee sightings and whether the ladies I see love or hate any or all of the bimbo three one thing is certain: they have made the young party ladies now very conscious of how they carry themselves and their behaviour in public, I've seen a definite change in attitude about the reckless behaviour I used to see because the ladies now understand that old saying, "you never know who's watching" and don't want to make fools of themselves. I saw 2 more large bridal party groups this weekend (one with 18 ladies), again nobody was drunk and nobody was bursting to pee as they made their way through the area. Ladies are making special efforts to do non-sightings-producing things, like emptying their bladders before visiting crowded places and not drinking very much. The few drunk ladies I see are surrounded by sober friends who are much more aggressive about controlling their behaviour and being more insistent about talking them out of peeing outside when they try to. I'm sure cops and property owners in the sightings area are very happy about this, but I don't like it at all!

The meaningful question in all of this is, is this change in ladies' attitudes about inappropriate public behaviour (like peeing outside) here to stay, or is it just a phase because of the publicity on the trashy public behaviour of popular party-girl celebrities? Time will tell, I kind of think that as time passes and such things drop off the radar ladies will start peeing in large numbers again. I certainly hope they do!

With this year now virtually guaranteed to be my worst ever year of pee sightings, I am on track for a record low August. The last time I had an entire August weekend without a pee sighting was in mid-August 2000, but it didn't matter then as I ended up with 28 sightings and 3 pee shots that month. With just 6 sightings heading into August's final weekend next week it will take a miracle to avoid it - I need 8 pee sightings next weekend to do that, as well as a pee shot to extend my streak of consecutive Augusts with a shot to 15 - and I've yet to get 8 sightings in any weekend this year. But still the 55 ladies I've gotten sightings of are proof that human nature is still human nature, which says that there will always be a certain number of ladies who are going to somehow find themselves in desperate to pee situations and end up peeing outside. That's my positive thought during this tough year, which has proven true over all my years of pee sightings. The highlight of the weekend was a non-sightings event:

I was walking by a parking lot area where 2 couples were waiting outside it, I thought some lady might be up between cars in the lot peeing. The group was having a pretty animated discussion, a blonde in the group turning and looking at me as I was about to walk by them. She walked over towards me, I thought she was going to get me into whatever they were debating. But instead she grabbed my right arm as I passed by her, then reached around and swatted my butt - hard enough that it made a pretty loud sound and I could feel it! "I just really wanted to do that!", she said looking at me smiling. I don't know if she'd seen me earlier and had been watching me, I was caught off guard and didn't know how to react! Everybody was looking at me, I just smiled and walked on as she laughed. I probably would have stopped and talked to her if she had been by herself or with 1 other lady, but not with the rest of her posse there. Unfortunately that's the time people do or say unusual things to you, when they're with a posse of others to show off for or try to impress.

The 15 th Anniversary of my 1 st Pee Shot!
On August 22 1992, my sightings photography began with a powerful pee sighting with a gift shot opportunity that literally fell in my lap. I thought of editing out scenery to make the lady in this shot bigger but decided to leave it just as it was on that night I snapped it, when I didn't have any of the photography skills and timing that's gotten me all the great pee shots that I've snapped in the years since. But I have obscured the lady's face, which is necessary since this shot is going out into the Internet stratosphere for everybody to see with this report. Many of you who have been on my e-mail list for years have heard the story of this pee shot because I've written about it before, but most of you haven't seen this shot.

The seed for this shot was planted a few months earlier, when a friend coaxed me into going with him to a popular downtown nightclub. We sat outside the club (long gone now) and watched all the sexy ladies come and go because I didn’t want to go in, they were stunning in their tight sexy clothes - some of them so sexy I would get up and follow them for a block or so to get a last good look since once they left I usually never saw them again. Most would go to the parking lots a block or so away, going to pee in front of or beside cars (theirs or others) where I couldn't see them, squatting down out of view for a few moments before standing up again and getting in their cars and driving off. What were they doing? So many ladies did this I thought it was a female thing, thought maybe they were adjusting some of their tight clothing or something. It never occurred to me they were peeing, I just didn't think such nicely-dressed ladies would be doing that outside. Then one night I saw another lady go in front of a car in that popular parking lot and squat down out of view, but people were in the car that she never noticed. Suddenly it started and it's lights came on and it backed out of the space, I'd get to see what these ladies did beside these cars. There she was, this sexy lady with long brown hair and tight black miniskirt and high heels, squatted down with her skirt hiked with the car lights shining on her - and she was peeing! WHAT?? I was floored, saw her clearly from outside the lot as the car stopped with it's lights shining on her the whole time she peed. She didn't stop or panic, just emptied herself then stood up and pulled her tight miniskirt back down and walked off trying to look like she was still classy without making eye contact with the people in the car. Is that what all these ladies have been doing? I really couldn't get that image of her bold piss out of my mind for the next week, so I decided to come down the next weekend by myself so I could watch these ladies and see how common this was. I found it VERY common, getting about 5 or 6 sightings that next weekend. A girlfriend I had in those days had introduced me to photography and I had recently gotten my 1 st zoom-lens compact camera, had been trying different kinds of shooting with it to learn what they could do. I decided to take it with me the next weekend, although I wasn't sure I'd have the guts to snap a shot of a peeing lady if I saw one - and didn't know if I could get a good pee shot anyway because all my picture-taking had been during daytime and I didn't know if the camera could produce a good shot of something like that at night. So I got a camera bag that snapped on the belt to carry the camera discreetly and went to the area by that dance club again the next weekend not knowing what to expect...

1st pee shot! August 22, 1992: Amazingly good for a first-ever night shot, isn't it? Sitting on a bench across the street from the club I saw this lady with her boyfriend walk up to the club. She definitely caught my eye in her white vest and miniskirt and white low-heeled pumps. She seemed irritable, the boyfriend wanted to go up into the dance club and she didn't. Finally he told her to wait outside while he went up for a few minutes to see who was there, she sat down on a bench outside the club to wait for him. She was a little drunk, started falling asleep within a few minutes and when she did her legs would slowly open as her head nodded to the side. I crossed the street and went over to about 10 feet in front of her bench because I wanted to look up her skirt when she nodded off, but she'd wake up and close her legs just before I could see anything. Finally she got up and went over to a nearby security guard, seeming very tense and shifting her weight from foot to foot. I heard her ask him if he could let her into a lower locked mall area to use the bathroom, he immediately said no. "PLEASE!!", she begged, telling him she really had to go to pee badly. He held firm, telling her no again and she went back over to the bench and sat down as my heart was racing watching her. Within a couple of minutes she was falling asleep again, her legs again drifting open - and again just before I could see between them she woke up. This time she jumped up and walked off with her arms folded, heading towards the corner of the block where the parking lots were. She was walking fast, I just knew it was because her bladder was about to bust and she was going somewhere to pee. My excitement grew with each step as I followed her, when she got to the corner she crossed the street to the parking lot where I'd seen all the other ladies pee instead of heading for the bar on that next block to try and use its bathroom. I knew now she was going to pee and pulled out the camera, how lucky can I be on the first night I take the camera out for night shooting? I followed her into the lot as she went up on a sidewalk in front of a row of cars, quickly turning around to face me but looking down at the ground and never seeing me before she squatted down behind the car. I immediately heard loud splattering, this was a bad emergency pee as she barely made it in time! My heart was thumping as I couldn't see her, I walked up between cars (about 3 cars down) and came up on the sidewalk behind the row of cars where I could see her. She saw me immediately, looking at the camera.

"Don't do that!", she said over the sound of her loud splattering. I now felt guilty, didn't want to upset her so I turned my back to her. But her loud splattering pissing sound was really getting to me, she was helpless and totally unable to stop peeing! I realized if I didn't turn around and snap this shot it would be gone forever - and I'd never see anything like this again. I turned around to face her, this time pointing the camera in her direction.

"Please don't do that, PLEASE!!", she said again totally unable to stop peeing. There was an awkward silence for a few seconds as her splattering piss was finally beginning to slow (I should have snapped her now but was too scared) and I thought I was going to have a heart attack! Her splattering piss finally stopped as I was afraid to snap the pee shot while she was still peeing, she was staring at me. She looked down after her splattering stopped, I pushed the shutter button then before she started to stand up to prevent losing the shot altogether. The flash fired, I saw a quick view of her in the viewfinder in the light. I didn't see any panties as she stood up and quickly pulled her skirt back down, indeed she wasn't wearing any - which I've since found out isn't so uncommon for ladies wearing skirts or dresses in the sightings area on hot summer nights. She walked over to me, coming right up to my face. "You ASSHOLE!!" she yelled and turned around and walked out of the lot. I was so lucky she didn't try to break the camera or attack me, didn't even realize it - of course because I had no idea what to expect! I was both terrified and turned on by this experience, I walked off in a daze. I saw her and her boyfriend about 20 minutes later, she was very upset and he was trying to find out what was wrong. I knew it was me snapping her shot while she peed, she wouldn't tell him that because she was very embarrassed about it. Fortunately I was smart enough to stay away from them!

Her pee puddle is right in front of her feet, I didn't look at it afterwards like I do with piss puddles now. She was holding her purse down where her pee stream would be flowing to try to keep me from seeing it, her panties likely stuffed in that purse as that's where ladies put them when they take them off. The intense memory of this pee sighting stayed on my mind for months after this, I was afraid I'd get arrested if I turned the roll in for developing and the shot was discovered and felt really guilty about it since the lady was so upset. But it was such a powerful turn-on, catching a cute lady dressed sexy and so desperate to pee she's taking an uncontrollable piss in a parking lot - and snapping a shot of her! Those days got me interested in ladies' fashions and how they dressed, because the excitement of a sighting was so much more intense when the lady was dressed nice. She was like most of the nicely-dressed ladies I saw peeing in those days, their pisses were intense and once they started they couldn't stop peeing even if someone saw them. It was like they hadn't peed all day! It is such a humbling and indescribably powerful experience to see a pretty lady in a tight sexy miniskirt begging someone to let her use the bathroom because she's so desperate to pee she's about to pee on herself and then begging ME not to take her picture when I catch her peeing uncontrollably in a parking lot!

I started coming to the area every weekend as I wanted to see just how often this happened. The pee shot was an incredible high and I wanted that feeling again, even though I couldn't look at this shot (after getting the developed shots back from that roll of film) for about a month because I felt guilty about snapping it. I thought I might get 3 or 4 shots a year if I was lucky, the ladies continued to pee regularly but I would not get another chance at a shot until October 10 '92 - when I saw another miniskirted lady at a club in a different part of the area (also long gone now) about to get in her car after leaving turn and walk to bushes at the back of the parking lot and squat down, looking down at her pee stream between her spread thighs as she peed. I walked right up in front of her and tried to snap the shot, but I had the camera at the wrong setting and it didn't fire! She saw me and screamed, jumping up before finishing and running back to her car. I got my 2 nd and 3 rd shots later that night, 2 college age girls in jeans who ran into an alley and peed together. They laughed when they saw me pointing the camera at them, one of them wanted me to take another shot of her peeing and I did. It was nice to discover all ladies wouldn't get upset about being snapped while peeing!

I would start my first full year of sightings on January 1 st in '93, getting 7 sightings on my 1 st New Years' Eve. I kept track of all my sightings and surprised myself by getting 151 sightings that 1 st full year, and snapping 30 pee shots - 24 of them good as I was learning quickly how to snap good night shots of these pee sightings. It's become my favourite hobby, now I rarely leave home without my camera.

I've snapped about 253 shots since then (including bad ones). This first shot here is in album 1, the 2 nd and 3 rd '92 shots (desp02, desp04) are in album 3. I'll never forget the intensity of this first pee shot, my favourite pee sightings are the really expressive desperate ladies who take intense uncontrollable pisses like she did. I still remember her like it happened last week and am still at it 15 years later - everything I was worried about then turned out to be much better than OK and I've built up quite a following for my work in enjoying something I once thought I'd be severely criticized for!

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