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Ladies Pee Outside in the Parking Lot!

Dear Readers,
about time!!
After bad weather kept me from going out for sightings 2 weekends ago we got spring weather last weekend, I was able to go out both nights and got 8 sightings. That's better than any weekend all of last year, the weekend of July 22 nd/23 rd 2006 was the last weekend that produced this many sightings - and I snapped a shot of one of the ladies that weekend. 9 sightings for May and 20 for the year, a web page report today because I did snap a shot of one of the puddles. What was so unusual about it will be told in its story. I'm finally ahead of last year's sightings total on this date (18) and have tied my May production of last year with 1 weekend left in the month, where I'll need 3 sightings to reach my May sightings average. If I get it, this will be the first month of the year to produce normal sightings numbers.

There is bad sightings luck and then there is this weekend, where I kept finding myself near ladies who were going somewhere to pee - the way it's supposed to be every weekend! There were 2 ladies I just missed, which would have made it a 10-sighting weekend! Just what I needed to quell thoughts that this was going to be another slow year and another reminder of how unpredictable sightings can be. I thought this weekend might be productive because it was (high school) prom weekend with big parties going on at some of the nearby hotels, which always has the potential to bring bigger crowds to the sightings area and it did this weekend. Didn't seem anything like a recession this weekend, it was like an early summer weekend with lots of nicely dressed ladies walking through the area all night - which is always a key factor in producing sightings. Many of of the ladies were walking barefoot carrying their high heeled shoes, complaining they were hurting their feet to do so much walking in them. Temps were in the upper 50's both nights, as usual the bigger crowd on Saturday night but Friday night had a bigger than usual crowd for a May night. 4 sightings each night, on to the stories and puddle shot:

Saturday, 1:51 a.m.- Shortly after arriving in the area I was on my way to the busy block (in the busy area). I was passing by the former big active parking lot, still lots of cars park there but peeing activity almost nil the last several years because of the heavy police presence around the block. 3 black ladies had just gotten to their car parked in the 2 nd row from the alley, while 2 were starting to get in the car lady 3 walked into the alley and up into the driveway behind the corner parking garage there, a popular pee spot through the late '90's to 2003. The driveway is lighted now so I could see her from the street outside the lot, stopped to watch as she was staring at the row of dumpsters alongside a side wall of the driveway. I knew she was going to pee because she was holding the front waist button of her jeans, finally she went between 2 of the dumpsters and her head squatted down between them out of my view. About 10 seconds later her head re-appeared as she stood up between the 2 dumpsters and she came out zipping up the front of her jeans. My first sighting there since New Years' Eve 2004 and getting one so quickly after arriving, typically means a good night because women's bathrooms in the bars are crowded and bladders of ladies having to hold it are already starting to give out.

1:54 a.m.- I went to the busy area on the next block where big crowds were in and outside of the bars like they used to be. At the far end of the block I saw a group of 4 ladies come out of the busy bar there, 2 of them wearing tight skimpy mini-dresses. I watched from across the street as they turned up into the alleyway between that and the corner bar, now a parking area again after recent construction on the buildings has been completed. One of the ladies turned up between the 1 st and 2 nd cars parallel-parked there, grabbing the bottom sides of her minidress and starting to bend over as she disappeared between the cars so her intentions were obvious. Lady 2 stopped and looked at her as she squatted down between the cars, then decided to join her as she grabbed the bottom sides of her dress and squatted down between the cars in front of her. Lady 3 came over and stood guard in the gap between the cars while lady 4 stood on the sidewalk outside there, a few feet from 2 cops standing outside the bar who as usual never noticed the ladies. They both were up and walking out in about 10 seconds, pulling their dresses back down. That was so quick, did they even pee? The group crossed the street to the bar I was near so I got a good look at them, all were Latina ladies in their early 20's with lady 1 who peed average height and slim with long black hair wearing a green print knit tight short dress and black high heels. Lady 2 who peed with her was chubby, long curly black hair and a boxcar shape that wasn't flattered by the tight knit orange horizontal-stripe minidress and high heels she was wearing. I started to walk off but had to look at the area by the cars to see if they even peed, walked over and looked between the cars to see not only 2 nice-sized puddles with streams running underneath the 1 st car, but wadded up moist Kleenex in both puddles where the ladies had wiped themselves. How did they do all that so quickly? I wanted a shot of the puddles but saw one of the cops nearby staring at me so I just walked off. Maybe the reason these cops never see ladies pee is because they never watch them, they always watch the guys and only watch ladies when there are no guys around!

2:10 a.m.- Back over at the RTD building's south end by the shuttle bus stop, I saw a 20's couple come out of one of the bars across the street (east) and turn into the mostly empty corner parking lot there. I just knew they were going to pee and not to their car, crossed the street to there as they walked along the few cars parked in the row by the building before turning up on both sides of a parked van. The guy went straight to the wall beside the front of the van unzipping his pants, passing by there outside the lot I saw the lady - a petite blonde in jeans - on the other side of the van squatted by the wall and front of the van on that side, in a front view to me. She was splattering so loudly I could hear her from outside the lot, she saw me and kept looking at me so I didn't try to get closer. The boyfriend finished long before she did and waited on his side of the van for her, she took about a 45 second piss before finally standing up and pulling up her jeans and walking out and the 2 walked off. Going over to that dark area to see her puddle, unfortunately the whole area was wet from other people peeing there earlier so I couldn't tell how big her puddle was.

Sunday, 1:14 a.m.- In tonight's prom crowd a group in front of me was walking by the RTD's administration building. I was thinking of breaking off there and going to the other end of the block but decided to stay behind this group as they were about to pass the back sidewalk leading to the pee areas. As the group walked by the sidewalk one of the ladies turned up there, I knew she was going to pee as everybody started looking around and back at me. Her boyfriend went up the sidewalk after her while the other 2 ladies stopped on the sidewalk and waited as I was approaching them. Walking by the administration building and looking up the sidewalk I saw she was squatted by the back corner of a small stairway jutting out from the building wall, I could see her face looking out over the top of the stairs at me as I heard loud splattering, the boyfriend was standing a few feet away facing her also looking at me but not guarding her. Both had guilty looks on their faces, scenes like this make me start laughing! I passed by the other 2 ladies who were trying to flag down a cab and paying no attention to the couple, I crossed the street so I could watch this sighting from there. She peed for about 40 seconds, a cab stopped for the 2 ladies and then she finished and pulled up her jeans and came running out snapping up the front of them as she and her boyfriend got in the cab with the other 2 ladies. She was fairly tall and slim with long black curly hair, I went over to see her puddle and was greeted by 2 thin streams running around the stairway before I got there.

lady's pee puddle in parking lot I saw her puddle with a wadded up Kleenex where she had also wiped herself, what's with ladies wiping themselves this weekend? I snapped a shot of this puddle, deciding to use this wider shot showing the stream running from her above-average sized puddle for overall perspective of the volume of her piss instead of cropping it to an enlarged close-up of just the puddle and the Kleenex. I'd have to say this newest generation of ladies has also learned the 'clean' way of outdoor peeing passed down from older ladies in their lives who have advised them, teaching them how to "pee outside like women" by carrying Kleenex in their purses when going out to crowded public places so they are prepared if they have to pee outside. They've learned to be picky about using crowded public bathrooms and if they can't hold it until they get home be prepared to pee outside the right way. Tonight reminded me how much of an issue this remains for a lot of ladies, coping with public desperation is still a carefully thought out thing. I still think ladies wiping themselves after peeing outside and leaving the pee-stained crumpled up Kleenex in their puddles is disgusting, but it's also kind of fascinating! Nice shot by my new camera at the night settings I use, by the way...

1:44 a.m.- With lots of people walking the block leading to the RTD block from the busy area I knew watching that parking lot near the corner of that block would yield some fruit. Among a trio of black women one of them turned into that lot as they passed it, going up beside a truck parked in the lone row by the building wall. From across the street I saw her on the far side of the truck push her jeans down and bend over, leaning her back forward and peeing in that standing bent-over position. The other 2 ladies soon came over to her and loosely stood guard before 2 guys who were in that truck she was peeing by came over, they got in the truck while she peed but waited for her to finish before they backed out and left.

2:10 a.m.- Over to the north end of the RTD block 2 couples were on the sidewalk at the end of the alley across the street, it looked like trying to flag down a cab. One of the ladies was sitting on the sidewalk and got up, a blonde in jeans (everyone in the group was early 20's) and went into the alley unbuckling the belt of her jeans before turning up by dumpsters behind that corner (bank) building and squatting down between them. She peed for less than 10 seconds before standing up and coming out snapping up the front of her jeans, just as 2 guys walked by who saw her and started teasing her and gave her a high-5 for peeing in an alley. She went back out to her friends, then the other lady - petite wearing a brown denim short skirt - started into the alley to pee but her boyfriend wouldn't let her (why??). She came back out and the group continued talking, twice more she tried to go in the alley to pee but was turned back out by cars driving through the alley. Finally the group walked off without her peeing...

..I walked off. I was just outside the RTD employee parking lot, saw 2 guys standing by the sidewalk outside the lot like they were waiting for someone, one of them peeing by a short wall there. I looked back into the lot to see 2 ladies walking out, one in jeans and the other in a short black dress. Somebody just peed, was it 1 or both of them? They went to the guys and the group walked off, except for the peeing guy who finished his business before running off to catch up with the others. I know what spot they came from (dark wood chips by the administration building where I couldn't see any puddles), couldn't count any sightings here since I didn't see any of the ladies doing any "peeing activities". If I'd looked over there a minute or 2 earlier I would have seen these ladies go in and know who peed, would have had my 9 th or 10 th sightings of the weekend!

2:44 a.m.- Enough people were out after the last bus left at 2:20 that I stayed on the RTD block. A couple sitting on a concrete stoop at the north end of the block finally got up and went over to the terminal building, turning and walking away when they saw the doors were locked. I started over there as they crossed the street, going into the alley where the last lady peed. They walked about halfway down the alley before the lady went up by a dumpster right behind the back wall of the parking garage there, they guy standing guard in the middle of the alley. It was about 40 seconds before she stood up and pulled up her jeans, the couple then walked back to the end of the alley where they entered and crossed the street back to the RTD block, passing near me so I got a good look at her. They were late 20's, earthy/borderline hippie types and I like it that she was the one who had to pee and had to find an outdoor spot after the terminal building doors were locked!

It's been far too long between weekends like this. Even on the many bad nights I know nights like this weekend are possible any time, the question is how many of them and how often between them. Next weekend will be warm too as we close in on Memorial Day, which is typically the start of the real sightings season every year. Gives me hope this year could still get on track and produce the kinds of sightings numbers I'm so used to getting!

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