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Sightings of Women Pissing in Alleyways.

Dear Readers,
I start October with 4 sightings of women pissing in it's first weekend so the good momentum continues from September. 86 sightings of women pissing for the year, ahead of the 77 I had on this date last year so despite how slow this sightings of women pissing year has been I am somehow on track to get 100 sightings of women pissing again. I had 88 sightings of women pissing at the end of October last year and finished up the year with 7 in November, finishing October this year with 90-some sightings of women pissing would make a big difference - along with better weather in November and December than we had last year. The fall chill is in the air as the nights are getting cooler, although now still light jacket weather as night temps both nights were around 60. With Oktoberfest over and no special events in the area the crowd was actually bigger than the Oktoberfest crowds of the last 2 weekends, according to my late-hour lady counts. Last weekend was the year's biggest crowd, but this weekend was bigger by 13: Friday night's crowd was smaller than last week's but Saturday night's crowd was much bigger this week. Very deceptive because it didn't seem like a bigger crowd during the late hours, the difference is people are leaving earlier as the weather gets cooler: there were very few sightings of women pissing possibilities during the 2 a.m. hour because more ladies than usual had left by then and sightings of women pissing are down at the RTD building because they're now running their sprinklers on the grassy areas both nights starting at about 1:45 a.m. when most of the sightings of women pissing were happening there, keeping people from going there to pee - even on the pee sidewalk, which is below a grassy area being watered with lots of the water going down on the sidewalk. The sprinklers will be shut down for the winter by the end of this month when night temps drop below freezing, but it will be cold by then and crowds much smaller.
Nothing exceptionally exciting about this week's sightings of women pissing, they tend to become ordinary as the weather gets cooler because ladies are more covered up with pants and jackets. The most exciting scene of the weekend was a group of girls-night-out ladies Saturday night before the night's only sighting, several of them had to pee. I followed as one of the ladies who was in bad shape, a petite blonde in jeans, ran into an alley as the others blocked entrance to that end and waited for her. She went to dumpsters and milled around looking for a spot, one of the other ladies yelling at her, "How could you pee in an alley?" She didn't, changing her mind and coming back out and the group walked off. They went another 2 blocks, a couple of the ladies stopping and bending forward at the waist pressing both hands into their aching crotches - I was loving this!
Then they passed a new hi-rise building built on one of my productive parking lots, 2 of the ladies running in and asking the security guard at the desk in the lobby if there was a toilet there they could use. He initially said no, but the sexiest of the ladies - a tall long-haired brunette wearing a sexy print short dress and high heels, squeezed her legs together and grabbed her crotch, bending forward at the waist and whining about how desperate she was and was going to bust if he couldn't help her. This woke the security guard up from his near-trance, he pointed down a hallway and she said, "c'mon guys!" and all the ladies rushed in and down the hallway to the toilet.
Men just can't say no to a lady in distress, if he had I'd probably get multiple sightings of women pissing from this group as they have to continue navigating the streets with their bursting bladders! The lone Saturday night sighting would come about a half hour later, 3 sightings of women pissing on Friday night. On to the stories:

Saturday 1:55 a.m.- Walking up to an alley behind a corner parking garage a 20's couple was standing on the sidewalk by the alley like they were waiting for someone. The lady kept looking into the alley, who was in there peeing? As I walked past the alley I heard the lady with the guy yelling for whoever was peeing to hurry up, a tall slim lady with short black hair wearing jeans was coming out from a corner behind that corner loft building (a locked security gate is there) laughing. "I'm already finished!" she said. Next to that gate is a row of parallel-parked cars, in front of about the 4th car down I could see the squatted upper body of a blonde who was peeing in front of the car. She was finishing up too, smiling as she stood up and pulled up her jeans and ran out into the alley and back to the waiting group. The waiting lady handed the 2 ladies who peed their long-strapped purses she had held for them, the blonde who peed was petite with long hair pinned up in a bun. All were wearing navy college hooded pullover sweaters and jeans, the group walked off and going into the alley I found both average-sized puddles: lady 1's on the sidewalk in front of the locked gate, and lady 2's by the concrete stop-block in front of the parked car about 40 feet down the row of parked cars.

2:10 a.m.- At the north end of the RTD block a 20's coupe were walking across the street holding each other. Both were staggering and seemed drunk, I watched as they were about to pass the often-used alley there. They turned in, I went to my usual watching place for that end of the alley at the bus stop shelter directly across the street. They went up by that 1st dumpster behind the corner bank building, he let go of her and started to unzip his pants but she was so drunk she fell backwards into the alley! He immediately helped her up and both went up beside the dumpster out of my view, I decided to go around the far corner and past the corner building and look through there back into the alley where I could see them. When I got to the sidewalk outside the parking lot and looked back to the alley he was peeing by the dumpster with her standing there watching him, almost on cue as though she had waited for me, she then unsnapped her jeans and stepped a few feet away from him and pushed them down and squatted. I had a mostly front view of her in the lighted area from the lights on the building wall above the dumpsters, but a half-block away. He finished and turned to watch her pee until she finished (about 20 seconds), she stood up and pulled up her jeans and the 2 walked out of the alley.
Puddles of piss are hard to see in that area, they painted the ground with some shiny water seal that's supposed to keep moisture from absorbing into the concrete: you can barely see puddles because the concrete doesn't get dark when it's wet. But it doesn't smother odours, there's always a strong piss odour there after a few people pee. This is actually at the other end of the same alley of the 2 ladies who peed earlier.

Sunday, 1:45 a.m.- Walking by the alley behind a big corner bar I saw a lady standing in front of the back doorway with her back to it, somebody was behind her peeing. I crossed the street to directly across the alley to watch from there, it was about 30 seconds before the lady moved and a 2nd lady came out from the dark doorway and a tall stocky lady emerged zipping up the front of her jeans. The 2 walked off down the alley, too dark there to see her puddle.

I got some insight into the reduced summer sightings of women pissing I've been getting in July and/or August, which has been the real reason 100 sightings of women pissing has suddenly become a struggle. I was behind 2 ladies talking, they were saying that coming down there during the summer they "can't hang around outside" because they don't want to find themselves in a dangerous situation because of "all the rowdy behavior that goes on." That perception probably explains the bigger September and October crowds and more sightings of women pissing during those months too, the atmosphere is much more relaxed with fewer cops around than during July and August.
It will be cooler next weekend with possible rain, these final 14 sightings of women pissing will likely be the toughest of the year. I have to admit, this has been a boring sightings of women pissing year that has made my enthusiasm wane - kinda like being with a lady for a long time and she isn't so sexy to you anymore. I'll probably be taking a longer sightings of women pissing vacation this winter, I still love my sightings of women pissing but have been spoiled by all the great sightings of women pissing and pictures I got in past active years that I haven't been getting in recent years - this year has been pretty boring!

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