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Dear Readers,
4 sightings over the weekend, all coming Saturday night as Friday's big crowd produced nothing.
13 sightings for August, with 1 weekend left in the month it will not catch July's 25 and will drop back to my 2nd best sightings month.
70 sightings for the year now, just 40 on this date last year, I didn't get my 70th sighting until October 16. The good news is that every year I've had 70 sightings in August I've finished with over 100 for that year, the last time being in 2009 when I finished with 104 sightings. 15 of my 19 years I've had 70 sightings by August: 6 years getting my 70th in August, 6 years getting it in July, and 3 years getting it in June. I didn't get my 70th sighting until early September (in 2004) and finished that year with 101 sightings, the only year I've done it getting my 70th sighting that late. Last year's 75 sightings is in reach for next weekend to finish August, more hot dry weather and big crowds are expected in the sightings area.
The crowds continue to be huge this month like they were in July, the late hour August average being 84 ladies more than August last year when it set 'crowd size' records. The whole summer (June thru August) has been amazing compared to recent down years: June had 1044 more late-hour ladies and 9 more sightings than last year, July had 2953 more ladies and 16 more sightings and with 1 weekend to go, August is on pace to top last year in both categories too - amazing considering it has 1 less weekend this year as August was a 5-weekend month last year. The good old days are back, what recession? But the bar owners tell another story, saying while crowds are there they aren't spending money like they used to.
A cool night Friday with night temps in the low 60's, Saturday night was warm again in the mid 70's. For the first time since I've re-claimed the busy area 7 weeks ago, active alley didn't produce a sighting, while the parking lot near the RTD station got 1 and moved back ahead of active alley as the year's top sightings spot again with all 4 sightings coming in the middle part of the sightings area.
It was an unusually strange weekend for me, people kept talking to me on both nights and distracting me from my sightings: I wasn't invisible in the background as I usually am! Friday night it was guys talking to me, Saturday night it was ladies with one even trying to pick me up! Why the sudden attention being paid to me? More on that after the stories:
Sunday, 1:49 a.m.- I noticed a group of people standing outside an alley behind a parking garage. I looked into the alley, a guy came running out from a dumpster near the end of the alley. But the group didn't leave, was a lady peeing too? I waited, about 10 seconds later a blonde comes out from between 2 cars midway down the alley parked behind the loft building there. She was laughing as she came out to the others, embarrassed about having to pee in an alley. She was petite wearing jeans, I didn't go to look for her puddle because that area was too dark.
2:26 a.m.- At the RTD block watching that parking lot across the street from the south end, a couple was walking through the lot towards the row of cars by the building. The lady was walking fast and seemed tense, tall with dark shoulder length hair wearing either a tight black miniskirt or shorts. As they got to the car she went straight up to the wall in front of it, I crossed the street and went into the lot as I watched her turn her back to the wall and squat down. The boyfriend saw me and went over and opened the front door on that (driver's) side, which shielded her; I walked by like I wasn't paying attention to her. I walked a few cars past them and turned around and walked back out of the lot to the sidewalk, it was about 30 seconds before she finished and stood up and pulled up her panties and shorts - so she was wearing shorts. She got in the driver's side while the guy got in the passenger side, a mid 20's Latino couple. Again that area dark so I didn't look for her puddle, this sighting moves this lot back ahead of active alley for the top spot again.
2:37 a.m.- People were lingering on the RTD block. I saw 2 black ladies standing by the back sidewalk next to the locked terminal building, like they were waiting for someone. I moved over where I could see behind them to the back sidewalk and if anyone was in the pee area and I see another black lady squatted by the elevator post right there! She was just finishing, stood up and pulled up her panties and yanked her short black dress down. But the 3 ladies still didn't leave, a few seconds later a 4th black lady comes out from the back side of the elevator post where I couldn't see her pulling up her panties under a red print short dress. Now the group walked past me talking (loudly), I went over to the elevator post and saw the 2 big puddles about 3 feet apart merging into 1 big pool of pee.
Strange weekend:
Early in the year a visibly drunk lady came up to me and complimented me on the shirt I was wearing, seemed interested and wanting to take it further but her friends pulled her away. That shirt is a navy blue pullover with an elastic bottom that I've had forever, worn it so many times the color has faded in some parts of it (from the sun mostly) and I only wear it at night for my sightings since it's dark and people can't see it's discolored spots. I wore it again this weekend, Friday night while watching crowds in various parts of the area guys would walk up to me and want to talk and hang out. I'd talk with them for a few minutes and then leave, didn't want to miss any ladies while talking to them!
Around the new trendy club that opened a few weeks ago 2 guys were looking for drugs, I cut them off before they could get into it by just walking off (my image down there is interesting, people think I'm either a cop or can get them drugs!). Saturday night all kinds of young ladies were grinning and speaking to me all night, which of course threw me off guard since I'm used to nobody paying attention to me - a necessary element for my sightings success. During the time I had been watching active alley (on the busy block end), big crowds are walking by me on the sidewalk as the bars are emptying out. I usually act like I'm trying to flag down a cab, along with others I see doing the same thing, so I don't look out of place.
Saturday night a thin young blonde (early 20's) walks up to me, coming right up in my face - she apparently had been watching me for awhile. She asks if I'm a cop, then what am I doing there. I told her I was talking to her (having fun with it) and that I'm out doing a 'social experiment' (true, I'm watching for ladies peeing in public!). Finally she introduces herself, apparently I made a good impression although I had her thoroughly confused. She invited me to leave with her and her group, 2 guys who were standing nearby waiting while she talked to me. I politely declined, walking off and going through active alley to the other end as it was about the time I usually do that anyway.
What the hell? Is it this damn shirt bringing me all this attention? The hilarious thing here is that I'm old enough to be the father of all these kids, yet a lot of the ladies were grinning at me and this one tries to pick me up! Nice though, I must be looking pretty young to be getting this attention from young ladies. They don't dissuade me from my sightings, I'm not thinking about going home with some 20-something girl for sex. But I do like the sexual energy I can feel in the environment when I'm there, particularly during this time of year - keeps me entertained during the nights while I look for sightings. I'll have to re-think this shirt, won't wear it next weekend. It's never brought attention like this to me before, a very interesting situation for me! But it once again verifies why I'm there, my focus doesn't change even for pretty faces and temptation: I want to see them pee! But I have had my share of semi-interesting stories like this over the years, I say semi-interesting because I've never taken any of the ladies up on their offers to me. I remember one in the late 90's, a sexy blonde in a black short dress and heels, who was drunk and asked me to help her find her car. When we found it she wanted me to drive her home, saying she'd "bring me back to get my car in the morning". That one was damn hard to say no to and no, I wasn't wearing this shirt that night!

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