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Dear Readers,
a paltry 2 piss sightings finish out July's last weekend as I set a new record low for sightings of women pissing not only for July but any summer month with just 5. July has suddenly turned into a winter month sightings-wise the last 2 years, very frustrating because it still has big crowds and the most sexy ladies of any month on it's warm nights which provide the best piss sightings possibilities every year. Just 45 sightings for the year after 7 months, well below my overall average of 77 sightings of women pissing by the end of July and behind last year's pitiful pace on this date (47 piss sightings by this date last year). My picture at 100 sightings for the year is probably all but gone now, just faint hopes remain if I have big piss sightings months in August, September, and October - it's happened before but I wouldn't bet on it this year as so many factors have to align themselves correctly for an extended period of time, something I haven't seen in the last 2 years. It's a reminder of how fortunate I've been for so many years with all the plentiful sightings of women pissing happening right in front of me, it's clear now some of those dynamics are changing - more on that later.
Friday night was super-dead, like an early spring night with a small crowd - yet in the improbable way piss sightings often happen both ladies pee on this night and not the bigger crowd Saturday night. I didn't even see the usual amount of men peeing, which inspires reluctant ladies who have been holding it to pee too. July's ladies just didn't have much energy all month, there was a definite difference in the personality of the crowds as they were much more careful and conservative in their behavior - which is bad for sightings of women pissing.
But I got my first 2-sighting night while lady-counting Friday night, even among that small late crowd (337 ladies) the 2 piss sightings produced a peeing percentage of just 6 tenths of 1 percent of the ladies. The pattern is already developing in my lady-counting, it is a microscopically tiny percentage of ladies who pee outside.
I'm keeping 2 sets of numbers from my lady-counting: percentage/ratio numbers for nights when I get piss sightings and a 2nd set of overall percentage/ratio number for all nights which includes nights where I got no sightings (the percentage/ratio for no-sightings nights by themselves is always 0).
4 nights since I've started lady-counting I've gotten sightings and 3 nights I've gotten no sightings of women pissing, the early numbers so far: Percentage/ratio of ladies peeing on nights where I get piss sightings: 3.1 tenths of 1 percent, ratio of 1 of every 321 ladies. Percentage/ratio of ladies peeing on all nights, including nights with no sightings: 1.7 tenths of 1 percent, ratio of 1 of every 600 ladies. But I don't find this discouraging, it's just more fascinating information in my "everything you always wanted to know about ladies peeing outside" research! On to the stories, followed by my August preview:

Saturday, 1:32 a.m .- Walking across the street from the big Irish bar I saw a guy standing in the alley by the back corner of the building with his back to the street. As I passed by the alley (from across the street) I could see he was shielding his girlfriend, a thin blonde in a blue-green ruffle short dress was standing bent over in front of him by the building wall with her legs spread. She was just finishing as she grabbed her panties down around her knees and pulled them up while straightening back up, her dress flying up exposing her bare butt for a moment before she pulled her panties up over it and her dress fell back down into place. He had stood there and watched her entire piss (about 10 seconds I'd estimate), the couple walked off to their SUV in a small parking lot on the next corner where they got in and sat there for awhile making out: it seems to make guys really horny watching their ladies pee outside! I found her small puddle in the alley by the building wall, basically a continuous thin stream running to the middle of the alley and out towards the sidewalk. I enjoyed this sighting probably more than I normally would have because there's been so few of them this month. It's still incredibly powerful to see a pretty lady dressed nice so desperate she's pulling down her panties and peeing outside, melts away my frustration over not getting piss sightings and makes the wait worthwhile! I always know I'm going to see a desperate lady pee again, the recurring question remains, "when?" 

2:04 a.m. - At the north end of the RTD block a group of 3 couples was passing by the alley across the street. They all stopped there to talk and after a few seconds, one of the couples went into the alley while the other 4 stood there talking waiting for them. The guy and lady went up on opposite sides of the 1st dumpster behind the corner bank building, he came out before her about 30 seconds later and was back with the others talking before she came out about 20 seconds later. She was pretty, average height and slim with below shoulder length brown hair wearing brown shorts of a nice fabric and high heels, the shorts had a front zipper that she was having trouble zipping back up as she was laughing in embarrassment and asking one of the other ladies to help her with it. The group walked off, I didn't go in the alley to look for her puddle.

When I think of all the factors that have to come together simultaneously for me to get sightings of women pissing, it was always mind-boggling for me to imagine my good luck continuing year after year for as long as it has. This summer's ladies are teaching me that it's not just being desperate to pee that makes ladies succumb to peeing outside, it has to be something they're OK mentally with doing. Many of this summer's ladies apparently aren't, I've heard many desperate ones complaining who coaxed themselves into holding it instead of finding an outdoor spot like more did in past years. Even 'girls night out' and bridal party groups, who I could always count on producing sightings of women pissing because they drank and acted wild freely, are very reserved and under control now and July's reputation in the sightings area for being the most out-of-control month for altercations and police calls has more people on their best behavior and fewer people coming to the area.
Crowd size in the piss sightings area has consistently been about 20% to 30% smaller all year, largely because of the sluggish economy. I still think that's the single biggest factor in my lower piss sightings numbers, if fewer ladies are there that's fewer potential sightings of women pissing.

Interesting story: A newspaper series started last week about a big park downtown and how it's deteriorating from lack of maintenance and today's instalment was about the lack of toilet facilities in the park. There are 2 visible porta-potties that are often cluttered with trash and drug paraphernalia and not cleaned as often as they're supposed to be and the writer pointed out areas in the park where people relieved themselves outside - sometimes in front of other park visitors. I'm not there often enough to see such things, but it brought back memories of the big city park 2 miles from me that actually made me take my piss sightings interest to it's current level back in the early '90's. I would sometimes ride my bike there on weekends and remember there was a Pavilion building with a toilet on it's south outside wall, which park employees locked around 4 p.m. - which never really made sense because around 3 p.m. cars would start cruising through and parking at the west end of the park (not far from there) and the population in that part of the park was it's largest.
I'd be resting in the shade by the Pavilion building or a tree nearby when I'd see ladies walking up there from the west end to use the toilet, they'd been drinking at their cars and talking to guys and had to pee. I loved watching the hysterical reactions of the ladies when they found the toilet doors locked and they rushed off to bushes around the Pavilion building for emergency pisses. I got a lot of early sightings of women pissing there on weekends before I started going out for night piss sightings, remembering all the popular outdoor spots men - and particularly ladies - used around there. The Pavilion building has since been renovated, it's toilets are now inside a gated area that's only accessible when functions are going on and the commissary area there is open (like the Sunday summer concerts I've been going to lately). Porta-potties are scattered throughout the park now and car traffic on weekends has long ago been prohibited in that part of the park so there are no sightings of women pissing to get there anymore.
Those were the good old days, ladies back then were really desperate and took huge pisses around the outside of the Pavilion building because no other toilets were nearby and they'd had to hold it for so long by the time they made the lengthy walk to the Pavilion building. It was so exciting watching the drama when they found the toilet doors locked! That was before my piss sightings photography days, I miss those early days of powerful desperation and sightings of women pissing that kept me coming back for more!

Finally, my August preview: My 2nd best month in both sightings and pictures again has a chance this year to overtake July for the top piss sightings month after another bad July. August has 318 sightings of women pissing and 45 pictures in it's previous 15 years, averages of 21.2 sightings and 3.1 pictures that are 2nd only to July. Bests for the month are 33 piss sightings and 7 pictures, worsts are 6 sightings of women pissing and no pictures posted last year. In addition to the record low piss sightings total it was the 1st time I didn't snap a picture in August, a 14-year streak. August begins 20 sightings of women pissing and 3 pictures behind July, if I reach my monthly averages it overtakes July for the top month in both piss sightings and pictures. But again I don't think it will happen, just like last year I've only reached my monthly averages in just 1 of the first 7 months of the year. I think I'll need to get at least 15 sightings of women pissing to have a shot at getting to 100 this year, which is what I'm hoping for - again the prime months of my piss sightings year are being wasted by the ladies! I expect the crowds to continue getting smaller because of the economy, most of the people (ladies) in the piss sightings area continue to be suburbanites making the longer drive and tourists - numbers of both groups are down this summer but not as much as I expected.

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