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Blonde lady peeing in a back alley

Dear Readers,
December gets better, as I get 3 sightings and my 25th shot of the year. The sightings give me 174 for the year, all 3 coming on Friday night to give me 80 on Friday nights and break my previous best of 77. I haven't had any Friday night sightings since mid October, so I was glad to see these. 5 sightings now for December, above my average. My best December ever is only 6 sightings and 2 shots, hard to believe. But I've got a chance to beat that, with the big New Year's Eve festivities planned in the sightings area this year to make up for last year. City officials are expecting around 100,000 people in the area that afternoon and evening, if it's not snowing or too cold I'll go down earlier than I usually do.
The new shot is my 165th overall, and the 12th and final shot for mini album 8, yaaaayy!! Should be a good shot, this was a sexy lady. I'll probably get this roll developed in mid January, even though it may be only half-shot or less, so I can get this shot and make album 8. Any New Years' Eve (or later) shots I get will be for album 9.

It's been cold long enough now that ladies are getting used to it and not so reluctant to pee any more. Temps were in the mid 30's on Friday and Saturday nights and dry, as usual Saturday the much busier night crowd-wise but I saw no ladies pee. It was so dead Friday night I thought some of the bars were closed, yet I get 3 sightings. This is why I usually go out regardless, because you just never know! Everything happened quickly Friday night during my brief outing, within a half hour after I got to the sightings area. Stories, as usual picture date and Desp jpg number in parenthesis:

1:36 a.m. - Just getting to the area, I walked over by a trendy yuppie bar in the not-so-busy part of the area that has been showing signs of life lately. The black lady I snapped in October came from this yuppie bar, peeing in it's parking lot when I caught her. People were starting to leave, a guy and 2 ladies in their late 20's came out and were walking down the sidewalk towards the corner where I was. I was across the street and as they started to turn up the sidewalk in another direction, they stopped by the doorway of the building on the corner. I had now crossed the main street and was directly across the street from them, when one of the ladies went into the doorway while the guy and other lady stood in front of the doorway with their backs to her. They just left the bar, are you kidding me? It was too dark to see much from across the street, but I saw part of her bare white squatted thigh behind the legs of the friends shielding her. They all were laughing, the guy suddenly saying, "Damn.....sex sounds like you're flooding it back there!" There was more laughing and after about 15 seconds the 2 moved away from the doorway revealing a tall blonde with short hair in a sitting position, front view to me, her black jeans still down to her knees as she hadn't quite finished peeing yet. "Wait you guys, I'm not finished!" she shrieked. As the other 2 stood next to the doorway, she stood up and pulled up her tight jeans. They walked off, I crossed the street to look in the doorway. 2 thin streams were running out across the sidewalk, a big splattering puddle took up most of the doorway. There was even some pee splashed on the lower part of the door behind the puddle, much like it would be if a man had peed. This was a very hard piss, I probably would have heard it if I had been on that side of the street. This is so sexy to see a lady do, when she just left a place where she could have used the bathroom - especially on a cold night!

1:46 a.m. (12-9-00, Desp 165) - I was just 2 blocks from there walking to the busy area when 2 ladies were walking towards me coming from that area. They were across the street and from the trail of people they had come from the new Irish bar that opened on the next block in early summer. They turned into a mostly empty parking lot across the street from me, both were late 20's - early 30's career type ladies. Both were fairly tall and slim and stumbling a bit, clearly a little drunk. One had long brown hair, wearing a yellow ski coat over a brown pantsuit while the other had long black hair and a brown hip length coat over a long (ankle length) black dress and high heels. I watched as they walked into the parking lot, lady 1 in the yellow coat walking over to a car near the middle of the lot. Lady 2 was walking straight back towards the alley and I knew why! I had to wait for several cars to pass before crossing the street, finally running into the lot getting out the camera. Lady 1 had gotten in her car, lady 2 was turning up by a temporary dumpster sitting by the alley, construction still going on for one of the buildings there. She grabbed the sides of her long dress around the knees, pulling it up to expose her lower legs as she disappeared behind the back of the dumpster. These are the most exciting moments for me, when a lady is just about to pee and I know I'm going to get a shot of her! I zoomed out the lens a little since I knew I was going to be just a few feet from her, heard gentle splattering as I walked up beside the dumpster and saw 2 thin streams running out towards the alley from the back side of it. I stepped around and there she was, sitting on some plywood hanging out from the open back side of the dumpster. She was in a side view to me about 5 feet away, holding her dress up by her hips and looking down at her work. I had time to center her in the view finder as she never noticed me, the flash firing brightly when I pushed the shutter. "Holy SHIT!!", she yelled, startled by it. I turned and jogged back out of the lot to the sidewalk, lady 1 in the car paying no attention to me. The peeing lady still hadn't come out from back there when I got back out to the sidewalk, I walked off and came back after they left to look at her puddle. She had pulled a plywood board out from the dumpster and laid it down over her puddle and stream, covering the evidence of her misdeed. I had to laugh when I saw this, I think she thought she had been caught by somebody in 'authority' and was in trouble! This is my first 'P' shot with the old camera since getting it fixed, and it's great to be using it again! It's last picture was on May 8 '99 (Desp 123 in album 6, a desperate Mexican immigrant lady pissing a flood on a sidewalk outside the locked RTD building), and after using the other camera for a year it's obvious that the flash in this camera is stronger.
I've taken a few shots in this lot before, one just a few feet from where this lady peed (back in in July '98). The lady I snapped in October who peed in a stairway behind a building, it is at the other end of this lot. She came through here too, to get there!

1:50 a.m. - Strange lady. I was walking by the big active lot (not very active tonight), when a lady in her 20's ran into the lot and was running through it. She was wearing a brown coat with a knee length skirt under it, short ankle boots and a navy knit hat covering much of her shoulder length black hair. She kept running, I stopped to look as she was by herself. She ran through the lot and crossed the street, heading towards a parking garage there. I watched as she turned and ran into the alley behind it, now I was curious. I was half a block away and had to run to get there, didn't see her when I entered the alley. She had to be by one of the cars parked in parallel parking spaces behind the building there, since she wasn't running down the alley. I started to look around, just in time to see her quickly stand up from a sitting position by a locked gate by the first parked car. She had been squatted in a side/front view to the alley and saw me, her hiked up skirt falling from her crotch area back down in place. She immediately ran off down the alley, a big puddle was where she'd been but it was too big for her to have made by herself - other people had peed there earlier in the night. Her wet footprints tracked out of the puddle, going for about 3 steps towards the alley. She couldn't have peed very long, less than 10 seconds before I got there - or did she have time?
I followed her for a few more blocks to make sure, watching her go into another parking lot 2 blocks later. She went up by the few cars there, going between them and squatting like she was wanting to pee, then looking inside the windows before finally going back out to the sidewalk and walking off. Convinced she had peed back in the alley, I let her go and walked off. Strange lady!
This may be it until New Years', as it snowed Sunday night and is going to be cold well into next weekend. Christmas will be here after that.

LIST CLEANING? December has brought me more angry e-mail about my site than usual - I guess because the weather's cold and more guys are inside on the computers and finding my site. I've gotten only complimentary e-mail about my site's content and how it's designed, the negative comments continue to be from porn lovers who are angry because I don't make all my pictures available free - nothing unexpected about that.
But last week 2 of those angry e-mails were from guys on this e-mail list, who have been getting my stories every week. Their comments were basically:
"OK, I've been reading your garbage for (however long) now and since you're apparently not going to give me any pictures I want off your list." Of course, I couldn't get them off fast enough. No matter how much I clarify the "free picture" issue - and I've clarified it a bit more on my FAQ page last week - these porn lovers just don't get it. It's amazing how relentless they continue to be about trying to get their hands on my shots, when they know it isn't the "naked pussy" stuff they're clamoring for anyway. Do you share the feelings of the comments made above, perhaps thinking if you stay on my e-mail list long enough I might send you some free pics? If so, I'll put this gently:
PLEASE let me know, so I can get you off my list too! If you want free pee-porn, there are lots of other places where you can find it - don't waste your time or mine any longer by coming here and pretending to like what I do. I know who the people are that really enjoy my version of this and they are who my work is for - not the porn lovers looking for free 'naked pussy' shots. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt by not removing you from my list right now, as I could probably go through it and pretty accurately identify the porn lovers and toss their addresses in the wastebasket where they belong.
Hope I've clarified this issue, for the final time!

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