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Dear Readers,
finally got my first March pee sighting last Friday night, the only sighting on St. Patricks' weekend. If it seems like I've been writing a lot less this year it's because that's true, this is only my 7th sighting of the year and I haven't had much to write about.
Last year on this date I had 23 sightings already, including all 3 of my March pee sightings as they came early in the month. Does that make this year disappointing so far? I would say yes if it weren't for the 2 pissing shots I've snapped already from the 7 sightings, last year I didn't snap my first picture of a lady peeing outdoors until the year's 70th sighting on July 9. I'm very happy about the 2 shots so early in the year, 1 other year I had 2 shots this early and finished that year with 26 shots - my last big picture year (2001).
The 7 sightings by mid-March does tie for my lowest total ever by this date, but I went on to finish that year with 132 sightings so ladies eventually started peeing. I'm not worried yet, it's still early in the year with cold nights and small crowds. Every year is different when it comes to sightings, there are always both good and bad surprises that you never know are going to happen until they happen. No ladies ever leave home thinking they're going to be in a desperate situation and have to pee outside somewhere, which is what makes getting sightings so fascinating - desperate situations often happen very suddenly, many times to the unlikeliest of ladies! I didn't realize until Friday it was St. Patrick's day after seeing ads for lots of parties going on around town and in my sightings area. The weekend nights were cold (temps mid 30's), Friday night was the biggest crowd in the sightings area since New Years' Eve with lots of ladies walking the streets throughout the area all night, but Saturday night was surprisingly dead. It was disappointing to get only 1 sighting from Friday night's crowd as I heard several ladies complaining of needing to pee, I barely got this one:
Saturday, 1:20 a.m. - I was coming from the slow part of the area on my way to the busy area, about to pass by the RTD station block. I was on the back block by the administration building, a 20's couple coming from the other end of the block was walking towards me and turned up the sidewalk by the administration building towards the pee area. I was pretty far away and hurried over there, as I got there the lady just stood up and walked out from a back corner of a small stairway just off the street - another popular pee spot by this building. We could see each other, did she just pee or was she stopping before doing it because she saw me? My question was answered by a rapidly-moving thin stream running down the cracks between the sidewalk blocks to the sidewalk I was about to pass, she walked out and past me to her waiting boyfriend. She was petite and thin with short black hair snapping up the front of her jeans, an 'Elvira' face with lots of eye makeup (gothic look) as she glared at me with a "Yes I just peed, so what?" look on her face as we passed. Her fresh puddle was in the back corner of the stairs, an average-sized puddle she had peed over the puddle a guy made earlier.
This is another popular pee spot by this RTD station, I've never snapped a shot of a lady here because it's in the open and they either see me coming and stop or someone is guarding them. Hopefully this will be the year I get lucky and snap a shot here!
Sightings and ladies' pee spots: I got a report a few days ago from a guy who's been going out for sightings probably longer than me, he had a productive outing at a St. Patrick's day event he and some friends went to. He mentioned getting a lot of parking lot sightings at this event (women peeing between parked cars) and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of them, writing that parking lot sightings are not typically his favorites. This got me thinking.... I love parking lot sightings because they provide the best shot opportunities, which makes my thoughts about them different. Once a lady squats down between cars she can't see me coming and women are very comfortable peeing in this spot so they are relaxed natural shots and with the paved lots I see my ladies in I can see puddles, which add so much to a sighting's appeal. Besides parking lots I like anyplace where a lady pees that I can approach without her seeing me, followed by open places where I can see her but can't snap a shot - so shot potential is what determines my favorite places to see ladies pee. My overall favorite is seeing ladies pee on something they shouldn't, like a desperate lady I saw climb into a flower pot and pee next to the plant and the disgruntled secretary in one of my videoclips who hiked up her skirt and peed in her bosses chair. My least favorite spots are places where the lady is completely hidden (like bathrooms!), outdoor spots where she's guarded and spots where her puddle isn't visible - like grass, dark or wet ground, over a drain or hole in the ground.
Readers, what are your favorite and least favorite spots to see ladies pee? MailMe
Finally, I've been spending the winter months learning as much as I can about digital photography and my camera so I'll be ready to snap great shots with my digital camera when the warm weather comes and shot opportunities are more plentiful. I've used my digital camera for about 6 months now, have snapped 3 pee shots with it (1 average, 1 blurry, 1 great) and 3 puddle shots. I've started printing out some of my shots on my printer with photo paper to see how that works, as I hear most people don't do that. All the results has made it clear to me how completely different from 35mm photography digital photography is, everything from how the cameras work to the images they produce and how they print. It's really 2 different technologies that you really can't compare, although it seems like a natural comparison because digital photography is on it's way to replacing 35mm photography.
A few quick examples: -The focusing systems are different. Although digicams are made with the same kind of focusing systems as 35mm cameras, they work differently. 35mm focusing systems use distance and horizontal /vertical lines in the subject to set focus, if the lens can't find lines in the subject to focus on you'll get blurry images. Digicam focusing systems rely more on brightness and contrast in the subject to set focus, so low-contrast subjects can come out blurry even if you're close to them - something I had found on some shots that my 35mm camera has no trouble at all focusing on, including one of my New Years' Eve pee shots. The fix is to set the brightness and contrast in the camera's LCD display screen to it's maximum brightness/ contrast setting, the images you see there is what the camera's lens sees and sets the focus and exposure to. My shots have been much better since changing that setting, the lens focuses quicker now and the shutter speed is faster - even in dark or night shots. You can turn off the LCD display and use the camera's viewfinder, but you lose the quicker focusing and faster shutter doing that.
Zoom lens and overall image sharpness: Not as good as 35mm shots, particularly distant objects in the background. This is because of the compressed jpeg format images are captured and stored in by the camera, which discards some information (pixels) in the compression process that shows up in background objects - the biggest difference between digital format and 35mm film, which shows more detail in distant background subjects. The fix for this? More important to be closer to your subjects when you shoot.
Printing: this is the biggest difference. If you print directly from the camera's memory card, you'll notice the pictures don't look the same as they display on a computer. They tend to print darker with less contrast and in many cases with the visible pixel dots you see in newspaper pictures - which doesn't look like a 35mm print. This can be mostly eliminated by increasing the brightness and contrast in your jpeg image in photo editing software before printing it, then they'll print bright and look like they do on the computer screen with little or no visible pixels, smooth like a 35mm print. I use my photo editing software to print my camera images instead of the camera's printing software, because it has more extensive brightness and contrast settings than the camera's printing software that produces a better print. But even the best printer prints are not the same as 35mm, looking at a printer print under a magnifying glass you'll see the little pixel dots (RGB, red/green/blue if color and black/white if black & white) that combine to make up the image and all the colors in the photo. It's amazing that they can reproduce images so accurately, 35mm prints aren't reproduced this way. They are light shined through the film onto paper, the image and color reproduced on the paper with clear lines and no pixels. That's how photo labs make prints from 35mm film. 2 totally different technologies for producing images that look virtually the same, amazing! I'm not sure which way digital prints are printed by photo labs, or those machines in stores where people can print their own digital prints - but looking at them with a magnifying glass will tell you which printing technology is used. Amazing, all the things I've learned over the years to help me enjoy looking at peeing ladies more! Yes these things are important, because all those little details in my shots are what makes them so great - like the detailed streams coming from ladies and the subtle details about their bodies that are revealed under their panties....
A fitting example is my only St. Patrick's night shot, taken back in 2000 of 2 drunk ladies who really had to pee after leaving a bar. Going to their car in a parking lot they hiked up their long skirts between theirs and the next car and peed standing, leaning their butts against the fenders of each car, facing and beside each other. I got the visible stream of lady 2 in the shot who was behind lady 1 (lady 1 smiled at me and said "Hi!" while she peed) and clear views of small lumps of cellulite on the back of the thighs of both ladies - which guys said they liked because it made the ladies more real! (3-18-00, desp 143 in album 7). 6 years after snapping this shot, these ladies were just perfect for everything I wrote about this week!

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