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The Lady Was Squatted Peeing.

Dear Readers,
I'm back after a few quiet weeks, getting 2 pee sightings late Saturday night last weekend to finish March with 3 sightings of women peeing and no pictures. 5 pee sightings for the year, the same totals as last year and for each month (1, 1, and 3 sightings of women peeing) except I had 3 pictures by this date last year. My April preview follows this week's stories.
So far, this pee sightings year has been BORING. How boring? My average number of sightings of women peeing by the end of March is 16.4, now for the 2nd consecutive year I have less than half of that by March 31st.
There has been no consistent pee sightings patterns developing yet and the weather has been cold most weekends, I've not felt like going out even on some of the weekends I did - including this last Saturday night. I went out just that 1 night as I have on about all the weekends I have been out so far this year.
I'm in dire need of "inspiration", a normal condition for this time of year when sightings of women peeing are few and far between. I've always gotten it at some point by seeing a really desperate lady pee and all the wonderful things I enjoy about ladies and this hobby come rushing back - again that happened this weekend. I was not feeling well, allergy infections from our typical early spring weather patterns (65 degrees and sunny one day followed by 35 degrees and snow the next, with pollen-filled air all the time) had a knife-stabbing like pain shooting through my neck and upper back every time I tried to turn my head or move my back. It was 68 degrees and sunny Saturday but forecast to be in the 30's and snowing by the time of my late-night pee sightings walks, but I decided to go out anyway.
I declared a no-picture night because I wasn't feeling up to having to make any quick movements (escapes if necessary if a peeing lady I snapped got angry), and as fate would have it I ended up leaving the year's 1st picture out there - in a light snow - because I wasn't up to my usual health and quickness. Why would a lady be peeing outside when it's snowing? Those kinds of things are what's so exciting about my pee sightings work and keeps me so energized, ladies who have to pee really bad do strangely exciting things like this - and pee in even stranger ways because of uncontrollable desperation, in spots near me on a regular basis here!
Friday night was actually a better night weather-wise but because of the small crowds and low early-year bladder energy I've been going out on the bigger-crowd Saturday nights (people are going out less because of the slowing economy). Arriving late in the pee sightings area things have changed, the one cop-infested block in the south (slow) end of my sightings of women peeing area now has more people there than the busy area at the north end - never thought I'd see that happen again and there were some fine ladies, dressed sexy as the spring nights are bringing out that sexy energy in the ladies again. I don't like that I'm limited to just watching sightings of women peeing there and can't snap pictures because of all the cops, but no ladies have been using the pee areas there this month anyway.
So I went over to the RTD block during my usual late time, not much foot traffic by there because of smaller crowds in the busy area not walking by there and the terminal building still being open for the late bus - boring! It had me asking myself this question: - With thousands of new ladies in the area, why do I continue to think the new ladies are going to pee outside in the same places where other ladies peed in the past? I was almost convincing myself that this was crazy, then came the night's 2 pee sightings - in places where I've seen lots of ladies pee before:
2:16 a.m .- I was walking down the back block of the RTD block, passing by the administration building heading towards the south end of the block. It had started raining lightly about 10 minutes earlier and the ground was now mostly wet. A few people were scattered around that corner trying to flag down cabs, among them a mid 20's couple. Suddenly the lady turned and started running down the pavement towards me with her boyfriend following, turning up the back pavement by the administration building towards the pee areas. I walked by a few seconds later and looked up the pavement to see her climbing up into the garden area (about 40 feet away) among it's low-trimmed trees, her mostly visible because the bare branches aren't growing leaves yet that would hide her. She was average height and slim with shoulder length black hair wearing a dark jacket and jeans, which she was hurriedly ripping down as she was squatting to piss beside the tree. Her boyfriend was standing on the pavement outside the garden staring at her, looking over at me as I passed on the pavement out by the street so I couldn't linger to stare at her. But walking to the corner and looking back I could see the back/side view of her squatted by the tree, her naked butt pointing at me and staying squatted pissing for about 25 seconds before she stood up and pulled up her jeans. Her boyfriend helped her back down to the pavement and they walked back out to the street, they had been with some of the other people trying to flag down cabs and one stopped. She and her boyfriend got in with 2 other people, no piss puddle to see where she peed in the dark wet dirt by the tree.
2:26 a.m. - I was leaving the area as it was now mostly deserted. Making a last pass by the RTD building at the north end, a guy and 2 ladies had been walking by the building to stay dry (the rain had now changed to snow). The new security guard had just locked up the building after the last bus left, I think this group had tried to get in so I watched as they passed me and crossed the street. The group was mid-20's, lady 1 average height and thin with long curly blonde hair wearing tight faded blue jeans with no jacket (the temperature was around 50 earlier in the night when they probably arrived but was now in the mid-30's). Lady 2 was petite with shoulder length black hair wearing a thin black short dress (that was blowing in the cold winds) and short black jacket with flip-flop sandals like it was mid-summer, her arms folded as she was obviously cold.
After crossing the street they went into the alley on the next block, their car was in the parking lot next to that corner building. When they passed by the corner building the guy and blonde turned into the parking lot while lady 2 turned between a dumpster and pavement by the back corner of the building by the alley. She was out of my view for a few seconds before I saw her pop out as she was facing the alley, now I knew she was going to pee. She disappeared again for a moment behind the side of the building, then I saw her bent-at-the-knee lower legs and feet stick out from beside the building wall, her feet were pointed towards the alley as she was squatted and peeing. Where were the other 2, were they with her? I couldn't see as I crossed the street and went into the alley, not getting out the camera because I wasn't up for making a quick escape if I snapped her picture and people came after me. I stood by the building wall about 20 feet from her squatted legs, a front picture of her squatted and peeing was there if I wanted to walk over and snap it. But I stayed where I was, not able to hear any pee splattering as the snowflakes continued to fall. After about 20 seconds the legs moved, going back behind the wall where I couldn't see her. Then I heard a car starting, both probably left her alone to pee in the snow! She then stepped out into the alley where I could see her, stepping around the dumpster with her back to me pulling up her panties and pulling the back of her dress back down before turning into the lot and out of my view again. "I had to pee!" she said before disappearing around the dumpster into the lot out of my view walking to the car and her waiting friends. I waited until I heard a car door slam shut a few seconds later and the car driving off, then walked over to the pavement between the building wall and dumpster where she had just peed. Most of the pavement was wet from the earlier rain, there was a small dry area where she squatted and peed where I could see her small pee splatter spot with 3 thin streams running into the wet part of the pavement. Would have been an interesting picture if I'd snapped her, since it would have been a front picture with her dress hiked up from just a few feet from her. I definitely would have snapped it if I'd been feeling better...
...and just that quickly I had the answer to the question I'd asked myself moments earlier, about why I continue to think new ladies are going to pee outside in the same places as ladies have in previous years.
The answer is because new ladies continue to do it, peeing in the same places as I just witnessed yet again. I guess this is just instinctive behavior for the ladies, having nothing to do with who might have peed there before them!
April preview: 134 pee sightings and 10 pictures in it's previous 15 years for averages of 8.9 pee sightings and .7 picture, still ranking it 7th in sightings of women peeing and tied for 7th in pictures.
Bests for the month are 16 pee sightings and 2 pictures, worsts are 1 sighting and no pictures, last year I had 8 pee sightings and no pictures. My last April picture was in 2003, a side view of a partially-squatted lady in a black skirt who had just finished peeing and was standing up and pulling up her panties (desp200, album 11).
The way things have gone the last 6 months, 8 sightings of women peeing sounds like a lot in a month so I don't know if I'll hit my monthly averages (this trend of under-peeing has got to stop!). It depends on the weather and how much I go out, I don't see the ladies in the pee sightings area settling into a "peeing rhythm" just yet that would make sightings of women peeing more plentiful and it remains to be seen how much the sluggish economy will affect the attendance in the area throughout the year and what nightspots remain open, my guess is I will have lower than average April numbers - we'll see.

Finally, I found this gem a couple of weeks ago - an article about ladies' gripes about using public bathrooms. It verifies my research in planning my ladiesroom survey questions has covered all the right bases, it's a copyright article so I'll just summarize what was said in it instead of reprinting the entire article here. It was followed by an entertaining post by a lady expressing her frustrations with women's public toilets:
Women's bathroom etiquette and complaints:
1. A convenient ripping distance (for toilet paper, which is often too far away from a lady sitting on the toilet, or hovering over a space she'd rather not touch).
2. Grab a wad and pass it under (help your fellow females using stalls with no toilet paper, or warn them before they unzip to sit down).
3. Flush (and it never hurts to have one last look to make sure the evidence is gone. Should someone forget and you walk into the scene, just step on the handle, for Pete's sake!).
4. Do not push -- peek (when entering a communal stall, do not push the door open -- peek. Look for feet, don't surprise someone in the middle of doing her business).
5. Clean it up: Women don't usually pee in a straight line unless we've been holding it all morning. When you squat, there's the inevitable fizzle, the berserk nature of your bladder on its spin cycle. Who knows why this happens, but it does. You are responsible for it. Clean it up.
6. You'd rather not talk about it (resist flowery and fragrant aerosols, they let everybody know you just did something you'd rather not talk about).
7. Wipe it up (don't brush hair over the sink, if you do wipe it up).
8. Don't hang there (bathrooms aren't social space, don't hang there or wait for your companion to finish - go somewhere nice and leave users in peace).
9. Residual wads of TP (don't leave residual wads of TP floating in an otherwise clean bowl).
10. It should disappear (yellow, in the United States, should never mellow. It should disappear, to that place called "away").
And a lady's post in response to this article:
Squatting to piss...hovering over the toilet happens every minute of the day in every city in the Western World. Women do not want to sit on the toilet seat or lift it, so they hover and pee all over the seat. I find this rude surprise in the most cultured places.....Metropolitan Opera House, NYC. Philly's showplace the Kimmel Center. The ladies room in high society is no different than the women's room on the Interstate Service Areas. With long lines to use the toilets, a woman does not have the luxury of choosing the cleaner toilet. Trapped, so to speak, I clean up the mess left behind by my fellow females...and use the toilet of course with plenty of toilet tissue. Sorry to be so indelicate...I hate it when women stoop to the level of male grossness.

I'm feeling better today (Monday), should be well enough by next weekend to be snapping pictures again. It's forecast to be warm enough that I might have a 2-night weekend of work.

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