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From Best to Worst. No ladys peeing tonight.

Dear Readers,

I had a feeling something like this might happen!

After last weekend's record numbers and the many shots I've snapped over the last 6 weekends, I got SHUT OUT last weekend! Not in pictures, but sightings. No ladies peed at all over the weekend, despite it otherwise being like all the previous summer weekends this year. The crowds were big, lots of ladies to watch - but only the men were peeing and not the women. I never even heard a lady say all weekend that she had to pee! That's extremely rare, but after you've had luck as good as mine has been all summer only one thing can happen - it will eventually turn bad. Jenny said that as many pictures as I've gotten this summer, maybe the ladies are warning each other not to pee outside because "some guy might take their picture." I've thought about that hundreds of times over the years, whenever I've had bad nights like this. What a show of respect for me that would be if it were true, but logistically it's not possible because so many new ladies come to the area each weekend.

With nothing happening, boy did I get tired and bored walking around! Seeing just one lady pee gives me the energy to keep going each time I'm out, and I wonder what I'm doing there on nights like this weekend when I don't see anybody. But I know this is temporary, it always is! Hopefully things will return to "normal" next weekend, we've still got a lot of warm weather left yet. But to show how good the year is going, despite the 'zero' last weekend I'm still ahead of normal for mid-August with 13 sightings and still ahead of my record pace of  '98 at this time of the year with 111 sightings. It was a busy week for me anyway, completing my website update and new albums. More on that in a bit, but first a couple of weird stories:
On the TV news this week was the story of a 27 year old man who followed a woman into a 7 - 11 convenience store, walked up behind her when she was paying for her purchases and kneeled down and tried to look up her skirt! She didn't seem to notice it, but store security cameras caught it and the clip was on all the TV news shows trying to identify the guy. He was arrested the next day in another county, a police investigator recognized him because he'd been arrested for looking up women's skirts several times before. Where I live is one of the few states with laws against looking up women's skirts, or filming their private parts without their consent with a camera or video camera (3rd degree sexual assault). So what about my photography? I'm recording women doing something illegal (urinating in public), which voids their rights to privacy while doing it. Upskirting, whether just looking or using a camera, is violating a lady's privacy because she's doing nothing illegal. But I can't understand why some guys will risk getting in trouble, just to look under a lady's skirt to see her panties. What's the big deal? I see under skirts all the time without trying to, like last weekend when a drunk lady in a miniskirt sat on the sidewalk with her knees up and thighs slightly spread as she rested her head on her knees. I see stuff like that all the time, could even take pictures of women's panties under their skirts if I wanted - but why? I suppose the idea of "looking at something you're not supposed to" might hold some intrigue, but this would only be interesting if the lady wasn't wearing anything under her skirt!

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