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Ladies Peeing Accident Pt2

Continued from Lady's Peeing Accident

1:58 a.m. (8-13-06, desp 231) - Whew!! At the south end of the RTD station 3 police cars were by the shuttle bus stop, I'm not sure why as nothing seemed to be happening there. I looked across the street (east) to the corner parking lot by the bars there, among the crowd coming out of the bars were 3 ladies walking with their arms around each other who turned into the parking lot and started walking back towards the alley. I knew somebody had to pee and crossed the street and went into the lot, one of the ladies walked off to another group while the other 2 continued on back to the alley still holding each other. Lady 1 was a petite slim blonde with her hair in a bun, dressed sexy wearing a pink halter top with a black flared miniskirt and black high heels. Lady 2 was taller, shoulder length brown hair wearing tight black shorts and a loose red print low-cut top showing the cleavage of her big boobs. I had the camera out and noticed a group of guys following them to the alley, one finally running over and stopping them to talk before they got there. They stood there in the 2nd car space from the alley talking while the other guys left, after a few minutes the blonde was impatient and grabbed her friend's arm and pulled her away and they left the guy. I thought they'd go in the alley and into the back doorway of that 1st building (where the lady I snapped last year peed). The blonde was leading the way, she stopped suddenly in the 1st (empty) parking space by the alley and went in front of the concrete stop-block for the space. It was past the building and by a wooden fence and dumpster, she apparently couldn't hold it any longer as she reached under the bottom sides of her skirt and quickly yanked her panties down and squatted right there, turning so she was facing the dumpster with her squatted butt pointing towards the alley in a side view to me in the parking lot. Lady 2 stood next to her facing her, on the parking lot side to guard her from the waiting guy a few parking spaces away and block his view. This was a very sexy scene, I decided to walk past them down the alley and try to snap a shot of the peeing blonde on my way down the alley. This was tricky because lady 1 would be facing the alley and would see me, so I wouldn't stop - and if the camera shutter delayed like it has the last couple of pee shots I'd miss this one because I wasn't going to stop and stand there by the peeing blonde. I started down the alley, holding the camera at chest level to 'pan' this scene as I walked past them. I walked by, lady 1 seeing me but not noticing the camera since it wasn't up at my face. When I had a clear view of the squatted blonde I pushed the shutter button, fortunately the flash firing immediately just before I walked past the building out of their view - I saw the lighted image of the squatted blonde in the LCD window so I knew I got her. "That guy just took a picture of us!", I heard lady 1 say as I started jogging towards the other end of the alley putting the camera away. "HEY!!", I heard before hearing footsteps, looked back to see the guy who had been talking to them running in the alley after me. "I want that damn picture!", he said angrily and started running full speed after me. He was early to mid 20's and a small guy, much smaller than me - what was he going to do if he actually caught me? I wasn't worried about him, I was worried about him breaking the camera and destroying my shot and I'm certainly not going to get arrested getting into a scrap with any of these punk guys here, if there's no confrontation nothing could happen! I'm quite a bit older than this guy, enough "past my prime" physically that I shouldn't be able to outrun him. But by the time I got to the other end of the alley I was pulling away from him, heard him say "SHIT!!" as I ran out the other end of the alley and across the street. I looked back, heard him panting as he was slowing down and giving up trying to catch me - how funny! He turned and started walking back into the alley to the ladies, I stopped to catch my breath for a few minutes. The 2 times I've been in this situation - both over 10 years ago - I pulled my hamstrings running so fast for a block and was in pain for days. Not so tonight, my legs felt fine as I work out regularly and it really paid off here! This guy was all about ego, such a sucker to impress these ladies he turned macho and tried to "protect their honor" even though he didn't know them. I see pretty ladies play guys like him for suckers every weekend, I bet when he got back to the parking lot the ladies were gone as they ditched him. Walking back over to the RTD station block and looking into that parking lot, indeed everybody was gone - so this guy did nothing more than make a fool out of himself over ladies who weren't interested!

This is probably a shot I shouldn't have tried to get, though. I promised myself years ago no more of this kind of drama, although this "high risk" did pay off - as it has the few times I've done this. But I'm ready now to just be content being a fly on the wall and just watch my sightings for a while and only consider snapping the slam-dunk sightings right in front of me with ladies by themselves.
I would say about 4 other shots this year had the potential to enrage somebody there who could have chased me but nobody did, my luck finally ran out with that. The shot was excellent, a back/side view of the sexy blonde squatted high in a sitting position, the back of her skirt up on her butt. She's leaning far forward with her head beside the dumpster (on her right), the back of her head in the shot - I wanted all of her in the shot because she's so pretty. Her clear stream is visible shooting forward to the ground between her spread high-heeled feet, on a wooden board that's next to the dumpster. She looks very intense while peeing and very comfortable squatting outside, a stark contrast to how silly she seemed flirting with the guys. I heard gentle splattering as I walked by but it was dark and I never had enough time to see her stream. Lady 1 was standing behind her facing me, looking in my direction but not at me which verifies she didn't see the camera - boy does it help the naturalness of my shots by not having to hold this camera up to my eye to see my subjects! It's my 3rd shot in this lot this year, including the blurry New Years' Eve shot which was also near here. BACK to Ladies Peeing Accident

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