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Her Naked Butt Was Squatted In A Back View To Me.

Dear Readers,
Warm summer-like weather got me out for a June weekend of sightings and the welcome diversion paid off with 4 sightings. I now have 21 sightings for the year, better than last year's 16 on this date which continues to amaze me since I'm still going out less than I did last year. I finished May with 8 sightings, the same as May last year. I went out 1 fewer night in May than I did last year and while that made the total late-hour lady crowd smaller than last year the per-night average was about 50 ladies higher this May. I got 18 June sightings last year, I'd say I have a shot at that this year. I am transitioning from here to my sister's house (the last place I wanted to go), so I'll probably be out more for sightings to relax myself.
Night temps were in the mid 60's, the sightings area crowd wasn't as big as I expected - about 50 less over both nights than the first June weekend last year. 2 sightings each night, stories:

Saturday, 1:35 a.m.- Walking by the 1-level parking garage and it's parking lot next to it, a 20's couple was entering the far end of the lot coming from bars on the next block. The lady, petite wearing jeans with below-shoulder length thick brown hair, reached down and held her crotch for a few steps, making me think she had to pee. The guy pointed down the alley and instead of entering the parking lot the couple walked down the alley, now I knew she had to pee. I watched from the end of the alley as they went down to the 1 level garage and turned up by a van parked in a space near it. I walked around the block to come up on the street side of that area, taking about 20 seconds to get there. Looking beside the van there was her naked butt was squatted in a back view to me, the guy standing in the gap between the van and car parked next to it on the alley side with his back to her. I noticed he was peeing too, out to the alley. It was about another 8 seconds before she finally stood up and pulled up her panties and jeans, then the couple turned and walked towards me and passed by as they walked out of the lot - just went there to pee, they didn't have a car there. I went over to where they were and found both puddles, hers by the back tire of the van running underneath it - an above average sized puddle.

2:07 a.m.- At the south end of the RTD block I was again watching that corner parking lot across the street that's been so productive. Among the crowd standing on the sidewalk outside the bars next to that lot a short-haired blonde wearing navy shorts and sandals ran out of the crowd and into the parking lot, running a sprint back towards the alley. I figured she had to pee and crossed the street and entered the lot, watching her go up between 2 cars in spaces near the alley in that row by the building. I walked behind the row of cars, looking between the ones she went to there she was in a front view to me pushing down her shorts and squatting. She saw me immediately and looked away in embarrassment as I walked past her, circled outside the lot and watched her from there. It was dark enough there I couldn't see her from outside the lot until she finished and stood up, I saw her pull up her shorts and quickly walk out seeming very self-conscious about the whole thing. Lights high up on the wall which lit that area a month ago have already burned out, it was dark there again and too dark to see her puddle.

Sunday, 2:18 a.m.- Again at the south end of the RTD block a lot of people were scattered along the sidewalk on that block trying to flag down cabs. Suddenly 2 ladies walked from the sidewalk up onto the patio area in the middle of the block and started walking across the grass back to the pee areas. I went around the terminal building so I could see where they went, both early 20's ladies wearing sexy mini-dresses. They went to a big circular vent bordered by a short concrete wall just behind benches and a drinking fountain on the grass, lady 1 quickly hiking up her dress and sitting down in the grass on the back side of the circular concrete wall with her back to it and peed in the grass. Lady 2 hiked up her dress and squatted down on the opposite side of the circular wall, the front side facing the patio area where she could be seen, and peed in the grass on that side. Both were quick pisses, about 10 seconds before they stood up and pulled their dresses back down. I walked back around the terminal building to the sidewalk where their friends were trying to get a cab so I could get a good look at them, a couple of minutes later the ladies returned. Both were about 5' 8", lady 1 blonde below-shoulder hair and a purple sleeveless mini-dress that barely covered her butt. Lady 2 had below shoulder black hair wearing a black sleeveless mini-dress that barely covered her butt. More later.

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