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Victoria records her pissing when she's desperate to piss - when she can't hold it!

Victoria farts when she pushes out her pee, she's desperate to piss, hear her amazing power pissimg!

Victoria secretly loves it when she's desperate to piss, she's been holding on for ages, agonising in the throbbing pain and dreaming of the relief when she finally lets go of her over full bladder, it's that thought, combined with the delicious pain in her bladder that gets her horny. The more bladder desperation she suffers and the more desperate to piss she becomes, the more she likes it.
Her work involves meeting business people in bars or restaurants for lengthy business deals and discussions, so it's an easy situation for Victoria to schedule the meetings during the bar opening hours, she's crafty, but it means she can be bought her favourite pee making drinks while earning her commision and then become the woman who's desperate to pee, she's thinking that in a couple of hours she's going to be absolutely bursting to piss, it's like a long and lingering build-up to an intense orgasm, she just keeps hanging on, trying to hold it a bit longer, directing her train of thought to the client's needs, she is loving being bursting to pee but she's desperately holding it until the very last second, then, after making her excuse to "visit the bathroom" she makes a calm exit for the Ladies' room, she'll swagger over, showing off her sexy bum, she knows people are looking, watching her shapely body glide across the room, how she loves to tease.

she still tries to leave going to pee for as long as she can

Once inside the Ladies'toilet she stops showing off and gets her tight jeans and panties down, grabs her phone and sits on the toilet seat in one swoop, letting the initial flow loose, just releasing her external sphincter gives her shivers. Victoria concentrates on the style of pee flow she wants to do, but first she has to empty some of the excess of pee that's built up (you'll notice this on her recordings) it's so interesting the way she pees, she's a real piss artist!

When she's with a client she takes full advantage of the free alcoholic drinks on offer and after an hour or so she's well on the way to a having a lovely full bladder and being a woman who's well on the way to making herself as well asdesperate to pee, as well as having a nice hard, bulging bladder and losing her inhibitions by getting a little bit drunk - for FREE!

That part of the evening, for the first couple of hours, is when she tries desperately not to break the seal, but her full bladder is sending signals, her desperation is driving her mad, it has such a sexual connection and so finally, when she has to give in and go and pee, that's when she actually peees for England!

Victoria's bladder holds so much pee and even more when she's had some alcohol!

Victoria loves to physically feel the hardness of her full bladder, she can't resist putting her hand over it and gently pressing, it feels hard and warm while she secretly checks it out and runs her hand over her swollen tummy, when she feels it (while deep in business conversation), she gets very excited and her mind goes elsewhere, but she still tries to leave going to pee for as long as she can while putting different proposals to her client. She knows there's a bathroom within easy reach, she knows if it's occupied or not, so she can prolong her bladder and her desperate to pee situation without her making a fool of herself and her aching, throbbing, desperate bursting bladder actually explodes!

As a matter of interest, Victoria has never wet her pants - ever, she has always had the gift of having an 'elastic' bladder, it's so strong it just gets bigger and bigger while accomodating more and more pee, it's only the extreme pain, the crucifiying discomfort and of course, the visible bulge, it's those factors combined that makes her realise how desperate to pee her bladder is, the time has come to pee and the hold is no longer on auto, she has her secondary sphincter lip bitingly shut - tightly! It's now getting dangerous, so she has to give in and go to the Ladies' bathroom, get her jeans and pants down and record her enourmous pee.

Victoria's bladder holds so much pee and even more when she's had some alcohol, at a guess she holds 1.2 litres plus, I think her maximum is 2 litres. It's only finally, when the pain of her desperation kicks in, only then does it make her realise that she needs to pee very badly and has to get to the bathroom - quickly, the pain and discomfort is now unbearable!

she loves to see her pee stream gushing it's way from her body

When peeing, sometimes she hovers over the toilet bowl, it's when she's in that position that she loves to look down at her never ending pee stream, the lovely silver clear pee splashing and jetting into the toilet bowl and then, when she adds some power, she can see her thick pee stream falling from her large pussy lips. Victoria loves being a woman desperate to pee.
But, if you listen, you'll hear that not all of her pee comes out easily, sometimes she will go beyond being desperate to pee and completely overfill her lovely bladder - sometimes she does it by accident - and it's then that she finds it difficult to start her pee flow and she has to spurt her pee out, using her bladder muscles, her sphincter, her kegels and that situation makes a really sexy and erotic pee hissing with her pushing, trying to force her pee out - this is still exciting for her, but it's slightly worrying too, but she's impatient and can't wait for the proper stream of pee to start, she loves to see her pee stream gushing it's way from her body, making its unique sound, seeing it falling and frothing powerfully into the toilet bowl.
Victoria's personal record for her length of a desperate pee is 3 minutes 30 seconds, that is a beautiful recording, it's simply the best, featuring every possible female pee sound there is, she was beyond being a woman desperate to pee that time, she was badly distended and really needed a catheter. She nearly did herself a serious bladder injury, but, that super long pee was an exception. If you're a lover of the female pee sound, she'll love the thought of you getting aroused listening and sharing her bladder desperation stories on here and to buy and download her classic recordings of her peeing, it really gets her off picturing you getting an erection and eventually cumming, all because of her lovely personal peeing sounds.

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LOTS OF FREE PISS! (48 out-takes lasting 46 minutes)

Hi, it's me! I'm having a clear out of my failures - my inability to piss properly!! My phone has loads of my peeing on it, peeing that for one reason or another doesn't make the grade, I'm quite hard on myself, I like quality. There's a whole load of this 'junk' - and I don't want to thrown them all away. For example: ones that are too quiet, (Cascade will put all these in a zip file for me/us) there's my peeing that's too short where I thought that I'd got a load! The microphone on my phone is very sensitive and it picks up my tummy gurgling (I hate that). Also, in my early days there was distortion where I held the microphone too close to my vagina. Oh yeah and when I record my pee at home, like an idiot I sometimes leave my bathroom window open, such a stupid girl I am - so there's traffic noises over a classic bit of peeing! Doh! There's also an attack of the squits (which was totally unexpected). I get very disappointed when my bladder and I don't make the spec we're aiming for, like if I'm so looking forward to doing a power pee and I haven't been drinking the right stuff and my bladder won't cooperate, I can't power for toffee. Also when my pee won't hiss, why? and when I run out of pee just a few seconds short of my goal dammit. Also my experiments which are too numerous to mention, but if you've read my pages and you've bought my stuff, you'll know what I mean. But my pee stream has a mind of its own, my biggest problem is when I power up for a gush and it just turns into a spray like a watering can and goes simply everywhere! So there you are my faithful pee fans, you'll get this free pee set when you buy anything from my site, I think it's sensible to give things to those who appreciate my 'work' than throw it away and it's gone forever, don't you? If you've been one of my happy wanky customers and you want to recieve one, please send me an e-mail x

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