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Lady 1 said, I need to use the bathroom really bad!

Dear Readers,

1 sighting last weekend was the best I could do, despite hot nights and big crowds in the sightings area both nights and me working the area extra tediously to try to find more sightings somewhere. Just 7 sightings for August after it's 4th weekend, it will be my 2nd worst August ever. My 70 sightings for the year are still 15 more than I had last year on this date and still on pace for 100 sightings for the year, but it just doesn't feel like I'm going to get there the way things have been going this summer. This is another bad sightings summer, what's happened to my summer sightings? This used to be the time of year I really get excited about what I will be seeing, but lately the summer months have been producing more like the colder winter months with much smaller crowds and fewer sightings. The quarter from June through August has always been the most sightings-rich part of the year.
In my first 10 years (through the early 2000's) the period averaged 65 sightings and 10 shots, today those averages are down to 59 sightings and 8 shots over that period. The last 3 summers have been particularly painful, producing just 33 sightings and no shots in '07, 37 sightings and 1 shot last year and 34 sightings and no shots this year with a week to go. July produced just 5 sightings last year and August is on the verge of producing less than 10 sightings for the 2nd time in 3 years.
2006 was my last 'normal' sightings summer, producing 52 sightings and 10 shots. What the hell is going on?
I'll elaborate more on that after this week's story, I thought about that a lot this weekend and also about my sightings photography and the prospects of sightings video, after the one I produced last weekend.
It was hot last weekend, night temps in the upper 70's. The crowd was big both nights, about 70 ladies above my nightly average Friday night and Saturday having the 3rd largest crowd of the year. This month has produced over 900 more late-hour ladies than it did in August last year according to my late hour lady-counts, the kind of prime-peeing conditions to produce lots of sightings. But not so, just 1 sighting...very frustrating and a nothing-special sighting, double frustration!
On to the lone story:

Sunday, 2:20 a.m .- At the south end of the RTD block I was again watching that corner lot across the street. A 20's couple had left the food cart outside the lot and was walking past the parking lot about to pass the row of bars on the block when the lady turned up into the parking lot. The guy followed and they walked back towards the alley, I crossed the street and entered the lot. They got to the alley and turned to the first 2 dumpsters behind that corner building, the guy pointing behind one of them as they stood there. The lady was petite with medium build, shoulder length curly black hair wearing cut-off jean shorts and sandals. She was very reluctant, staring at the ground behind the dumpsters for a moment before finally grabbing the front waist button of her shorts and stepping behind the dumpsters and her head went down below the top of the dumpster out of my view. I waited outside the lot by the alley as the guy stood by the dumpster, he turned around to look at her peeing every few seconds. She was back there for about a minute and a half before coming out snapping up the front waist button of her shorts, the 2 walked back through the parking lot to the sidewalk and walked off. This is the kind of sighting I've gotten too many of this year, the unspectacular ones where the lady definitely did pee but I couldn't see them doing it.
Just before this sighting 2 ladies I saw in the crowd by the food cart crossed the street to the RTD block shortly after me, walking up towards the terminal building which was still open. Their boyfriends came after them, asking where they were going. "We have to find a restroom" lady 1 said. "I need to use the bathroom really bad!" The boyfriends didn't want them to go up to the RTD building for some reason, turning them around and making them cross the street back to the food cart area. I was anxious to see how this one played out, but the group got lost in the crowd and suddenly was gone - with nobody peeing. Dammit!
What's happening to my sightings? The police presence in the area has quadrupled over what it was just a couple of years ago, cars cruising through all parts of the area more frequently and street closures at both the busy (north) part of the area and south end with stacks of police cars at both places. This has to be making more ladies hesitant to pee, just as it makes me much more careful about snapping shots. The RTD building being open late for ladies to use the bathroom taking away sightings? Surprisingly my numbers say it's not a factor, considering I have 15 more sightings than I did at this date last year. I'd definitely have more sightings if the building went back to closing earlier, but this year's numbers say it hasn't cost me sightings since I have more and the same for the heavier police coverage, again since I have more sightings that's not hurt them either. After thinking about all the factors involved that produce my sightings, there's really only one thing that's changed: there aren't nearly as many ladies who have to pee now as there used to be in past years. There is no magic formula or things I can do to manipulate things to increase the numbers of ladies needing to pee so badly they're about to burst, it's just the natural occurrence of human behaviour that all this is about.
There just hasn't been many ladies that desperate this summer, this entire year for that matter. I think today's ladies are more careful about taking care of their bladders, using bathrooms more often before their bladders are full to prevent getting themselves in desperate situations where they might have to break down and pee outside and get caught.
Today's young ladies of the Internet generation know such things could wind up on the Internet and I think not wanting a picture of them peeing in some outdoor public place to turn up on the Internet and embarrass them is a major motivator not to pee outside. My 70 sightings prove though, that 'complete bladder control' for all ladies at all times still remains an impossible task, because they're all human and things do sometimes happen when they don't want them to.…fortunately!

Sightings photography and video: After last week's semi-good video I was comparing the possibilities to that of my sightings photography. I lost 12 seconds of the sighting I got on the video because of having to set the camera to the video mode, I could fix that by having the camera pre-set in the video mode. But it takes much more than that, my photography is a perfect marriage to sightings and getting a good sightings video just has so many obstacles. Lighting isn't a problem with the photography, I can use flash which works fine - if I get close enough. I only need to be at a scene for a few seconds so the risk is minimal and I can get good crisp detail of all there is to see of the lady by using the zoom lens as much or little as I need to - but with digital cameras I don't zoom the zoom at all in my night shots because it weakens the flash, I can enlarge and crop the shots later when editing them.
Compare that to sightings video with my digital camera, where I have (1) no use of extra light, so it has to be daytime or the night subject has to be in a lit area; (2) no use of the zoom lens in video mode, which makes me have to be closer to the subject than I want to for a longer time than I want to and I can't enlarge the images in the video later.
Shooting video at the fixed 38mm makes the subjects appear smaller than they are (50mm is the 1 to 1 ratio where subjects look about the size and distance they actually are from the camera). It's much riskier being at a scene longer and I'm dead if a peeing lady sees me and I keep filming! There are more legal issues around recording conversations illegally if people are heard talking and they're not doing/discussing anything illegal. A full-featured video camera would eliminate the technical limitations I have with digital camera video recorders, but it would be bigger and bulkier and I wouldn't have the still-photo capabilities I have with the digital camera and would still have the legal issues shooting video. So it's easy to understand why all the video you see is staged, or hidden-camera stuff of illegal activities...it's hard to do good video on-the-fly like you can do with photography! I'll be keeping my camera in its still-mode settings, switching to the movie mode only when I can't get good shots of scenes.
Final August weekend next week. All I can hope for is the month to end on a high note with multiple good sightings, it could still overtake July for my top sightings month if I get 7 sightings next weekend but will lose ground and fall further behind July than it was starting this year if I don't get 4 sightings. 3rd place June is 40 sightings behind August, so August will remain my no. 2 sightings month.

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