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Women Pissing In Parking Lots

Dear Readers,
a weak weekend, only 2 sightings as the crowds are getting smaller and the mood is definitely changing from what it was during the summer. Both sightings came on Friday night, nothing happened Saturday night despite a bigger crowd. I could have had a shot of one of the sightings, but passed on it. It's my 12th shot this year I've passed on, which would have me at 30 shots for the year (instead of my current 18) and tied for my most shots ever in a year with 2 good shooting months left in the year.
But these 12 sightings either wouldn't have been good shots or were more dangerous for me than normal to try for, which is why I let them get away.
My sightings are now 7 for September, 133 for the year, and an even 1100 overall heading into the last quarter of my 8th year. Stories, followed by some news in the sightings area:

It was a comfortable night, temps in the upper 60's. I was walking by the big 'active' parking lot late, where I got the 2 sightings:

1:59 a.m.- At one end of the lot people were entering on their way to their cars. A 20's couple passed me, the lady catching my attention. She had long curly black hair, a tight blouse and tan micro-miniskirt that barely covered her ass. As she walked by puffing on a cigarette, I could see small ripples of cellulite on the back of her thighs just below her ass, which the skirt wasn't long enough to cover. She had a chubby body with few curves, one of those ladies who thinks she's sexy and wears clothes too short and tight. They walked to a van parked in the lot, the guy unlocking the passenger door for her. They talked for a moment, then he went up to the back of the van and stood with his back to her, blocking the space between it and the next car. I knew she was going to pee, and went into the alley to come up behind there. I didn't get out the camera, because with him so close it would have been a risky shot to try to get. Walking down the alley I got to where they were, 2nd row from the alley. She was squatted, her back to me, just finishing and starting to stand up. A huge puddle was underneath her, the stream from it running back towards me in the alley. It had been barely 10 seconds, she didn't pee long. She stood up, her panties down around her ankles so she reached down in a bent over position to pull them up. Her naked ass was pointing right at me, and what a nasty-looking pussy she had! Black curly hairs around her pink, swollen pussy lips as she stood above her huge puddle. This was an easy shot if I had the camera out, if she had still been peeing I probably would have taken the risk and snapped it. The boyfriend was just a few feet behind her, and even though his back was to her so neither saw me I felt it was too risky to try. She pulled up her panties and flipped her micro-mini skirt back down, the guy turned around and they got into the van. She was still puffing on that cigarette, and as disgusting as ladies like her are to me it was very sexy to watch her pee! Her puddle looked like 2 or 3 women peed, or a big bladdered man. How could she let out this much in just about 10 seconds? I get turned on thinking about her, fairly small at about 5' 4", leaving that bar and walking a block with close to a gallon of pee in her bladder. She had to be practically peeing on herself when she got to that parking lot!

2:05 a.m.- I had walked across the street to check the lot there and was walking back to this lot. I saw a guy and lady standing in the lot by the alley, in their late 20's. Just as I cross the street to there another lady stands up from between 2 dumpsters in the alley, walks out to them snapping up the front of her black capri pants. She was a fairly tall blonde, and she peed by the same dumpster the Hispanic lady I snapped 2 weekends ago did.

Bar closing: On Friday night I noticed a few parking lots near a busy dance club had very few cars in them, like it was a week night or a club was closed. Walking over to the dance club, it was dark. There was a sign in the front window, saying this location (sports bar and upstairs dance club) has been closed for liquor license violations. Too bad, as this place is usually packed on both Friday and Saturday nights! More and more police have been around this club and the nearby parking lots at closing time lately, as the crowds have been getting more rowdy. I guess it got to a point where somebody wanted the clubs shut down, hence the sudden 'liquor license violation'. That's the way the nightclub business goes!
Something will open in this location again, but it could be a year or longer with all the lengthy application and hearing processes and the time it takes to make the construction changes to the property for the new club.
The ladies here have provided me with lots of sightings and some great pictures, the ones this year being quite memorable - the blonde in the miniskirt who peed in a bent-over position between 2 cars in the parking lot across the street, that I snapped from behind (5-21-00, Desp 148 in album 7), and the Hispanic lady who peed in her pants after leaving this club (11-27-99, Desp 139), in the sample album at my website.

My thoughts about this the rest of that night were very funny as I think about them now. I decided to include them here, you may get a good laugh out of them too:
Damn, I hate to see this place go! So many sexy ladies in tight skimpy outfits came here, a lot of them drunk and needing to pee when they left around closing time. This closing will take about 200 full female bladders away from me each night, more than that on Saturday nights.
Heading into the slower fall and winter months, this could make it not worth it to come down here as much. The 'sightings economy' here needs these women and their full bladders, to continue to visit the alleys and parking lots in the area and keep them 'wet'...
A new restaurant/bar is scheduled to be opening within a month on the next block. Things have been pretty stable in this part of the area for a few years, but maybe it's time for another 'shake-out' that will have the women going to other 'hot spots' in the area and peeing there as some places close and others open. I sometimes forget that things are constantly changing in my sightings 'demographics' and I have to stay on top of them...

Speaking of other areas, our annual Oktoberfest will be going on in another part of the sightings area the next 2 weekends (being held so early in September to try to beat cold and rainy weather). It's the last big event of the year that will bring big crowds to the area, and usually has a lot of exciting 'bladder moments'. With all the German beers flowing, many ladies have to pee like racehorses and either can't find the porta-potties or don't want to use them and end up peeing furiously in nearby visible places. I've gotten 6 shots during Oktoberfest nights before (including 2 on a rainy night), it should be fun to observe the ladies again this year.

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