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Pee Sightings. A girl in short dress with pained look needs the Ladies

Dear Readers,
a paltry 2 sightings over the weekend as August limps to just 6 after it's 3rd weekend. I got no sightings at all last weekend despite perfect conditions and the biggest weekend crowd of the summer, I was so upset about that as I had nothing to write last week! 69 sightings for the year compared to 49 on this date last year so I'm still on pace to get to 100, but it's obvious now my sightings are also in a 'recession'. There was yet another bar closing before last weekend so the sightings area has more pockets of deserted areas around those closed spots and comparing my late-hour lady counts to August last year the crowds are smaller. They are still big enough to produce many more sightings though, the ladies are just different now - they're acting more like 'ladies' and not peeing outside, which is just not a good thing! Friday night I saw 1 lady in a group of ladies stop on the sidewalk and hunch over in a partial squat, she was holding the bottom sides of her short dress with a pained look on her face. "What are you doing?" one of the other ladies asked. "I have to pee SOO bad!" she said, which sent that powerful rush through me. I followed the group, they went to a long line outside a dance club where the desperate lady patiently waited with everyone else to get in the club. She didn't have to pee bad enough, unfortunately.
This was the highlight of the weekend until Saturday night's sighting, a passionate desperate peeing situation for the lady. I couldn't get close enough for a shot of this one so I shot a partial distant video of it and it came out better than I expected. You can get this videoclip if you like, it's not good enough to sell so I'm sending it to any of my readers who want it. More on it in its story.

Night temps in the 60's Friday night and upper 50's Saturday night. Big crowds at times and they cleared out pretty quickly after 2 a.m. so there aren't the usual number of late sightings possibilities after everything is closed. Both sightings again came in the middle part of the sightings area, 1 late each night.

Stories: Saturday, 2:02 a.m. - At the RTD station I crossed the street to the corner parking lot where the food cart is, as I saw what looked like 2 ladies heading back towards the alley. False alarm as they went to their car parked in the alley behind a building. But entering the alley coming from bars a couple of blocks away were 2 guys and a lady, she was pretty with long brunette hair wearing a faded white denim miniskirt and black high heels. About to go back to the RTD block I watched this group to make sure she didn't go somewhere to pee, instead of going through the parking lot to the bars in front of it the 3 walked on down the alley. They went about halfway down the alley before one of the guys ran up to a dumpster to pee, seeing that she grabbed the bottom sides of her skirt and pulled it up to reveal her panties as she walked up beside a dumpster out of my view. I could hear the guys talking to her while she peed, one of them standing near the dumpster facing her and watching her pee. It was a long time, about 45 seconds before her head appeared as she stood up by the dumpster. I wasn't sure she peed with a guy standing there staring at her, but she walked out into the alley with her skirt up around her hips, securing her panties before yanking it back down - so she did pee in front of the guy. They walked off to the other end of the alley, I headed over there to see her puddle and verify she peed. But a police car turned into the far end of the alley they were walking towards, pulling up beside them where the cops started questioning them. No I didn't need that, so I went back out the alley and across the street back to the RTD block without seeing her puddle.

Sunday 2:05 a.m.- Again at the RTD block, among the crowds walking by a 20's couple came up on the patio area. The lady, a slim blonde wearing a short black dress with a white long-strapped purse hanging over her shoulder, was walking fast and I could see the tension in her body. They headed straight to the back grass area towards the pee sidewalk, stopping short of the sidewalk. She started looking around unsure of where she should go, now it was clear she had to pee as she crossed her thighs and had a pained look on her face. With her bladder about to bust she took a few steps onto the grass and turned to face me (by a bench near the terminal building about 40 feet away) and hiked up her dress and squatted down over the grass, near a small light pole so she was well lit. She had her thighs together and I could see her white panties in her crotch area, she pulled down the back of them and started peeing in the grass. I was frozen because she was facing me and staring at me, the boyfriend looked at me and moved over in front of her to block my view. Nothing I could do here so I pulled out the camera and quickly set it to movie mode and started filming, by that time she was just about finished and I got the end of her piss and her standing up and pulling her dress back down. She and her boyfriend walked back out to and around the terminal building back to their waiting friends on the sidewalk, about a 15 second piss.

Video details: The video is just under 12 seconds. Getting out the camera and setting it to the movie mode and starting filming took about 12 of the 15 seconds it took her to pee, so the video starts with her squatted and just finishing and standing up and pulling her dress down before she and her boyfriend walk across the grass around the far end of the terminal building. I was able to lighten the dark video so you can see her (standing up and pulling her dress down) pretty clearly, despite her image being tiny from me being so far away: I could barely see her when playing the video on the camera's LCD screen but in the computer on the bigger media player window you can see her much easier. She is right in the center of the picture and they walk to the left side of the picture, past the terminal building. You can hear sounds of people's voices and music from a street musician on the next block, boy the microphone in this camera is great! I don't remember those sounds, but actually I hear them every weekend and just don't pay attention to them. I'm getting better shooting video, still not quite there yet - although I acknowledge my goal of shooting a complete and visible sighting from start to finish will be difficult at best. I compressed this video to windows media format (.asf), better picture quality than the .wmv format and small enough to send easily by e-mail. You readers can get it by requesting it by this Thursday, August 20...I will send it just one time to everybody on the 20th so if you haven't read this report by Thursday and want the video after that you've missed out. All e-mail addresses requesting this video have to be on my e-mail list, my only requirement. (Cascade - looks like you may have missed out on this, but it's worth enquiring)

A sightings video before a sightings shot this year?....didn't expect that!
Looks like July's overall lead will be safe for another year as August sightings are taking a dive too. 14 is the number August has to produce to overtake July for the top sightings month, so I need 8 more which should be a snap but now I don't think I'll get. Fortunately August is a 5-weekend month so I have 2 more weekends, but the bladder energy level among the ladies is so low it's more like a winter month instead of a summer month. The ladies are clearly being more proactive about 'bladder management' now in larger numbers, doing things like using bathrooms before getting to the sightings area and using them again in bars before leaving to prevent the on-the-street pee desperation. One factor revealed in my ladies room surveys, today's ladies don't seem to be as bothered by using crowded bathrooms as ladies did in previous years, with a lot more of them preferring to pee outside than using heavily-used toilets.
Got an interesting survey from a lady last week as more women continue to visit desperate women.com. She loves seeing women bursting to pee to the point of wetting themselves, said it was great to see this site and its surveys and it's great to know "she isn't the only one who loves these things."

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