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A Lady Going Off By Herself To Pee - A Rare Situation

Dear Readers,
a very weak start to July with just 1 sighting last weekend and it took some creativity to get that! I thought this was possible last weekend though, the July 4th (Independence day) holiday was Friday and the entire weekend was a holiday weekend so I figured crowds would be much smaller. 41 sightings for the year, slightly ahead of last year's 39 on this date. I have approximately 41% of a year's sightings by the start of July, this year's total projects to 99 sightings again - the ladies will have to pick up the pace a bit for me to get back to 100+ sightings by year's end! Summer is definitely here, night temps in the upper 60's Friday night and low 70's Saturday night. Practically all the nightspots were open in the sightings area but it seemed more like a weeknight instead of weekend, not only were the crowds smaller but there was absolutely no energy among the crowd making for a very boring time.
The crowd was actually bigger Friday night but the lone sighting came late Saturday night, Friday night had some interesting drama from the security guard at the RTD building. I was hoping the late bus wouldn't be running Friday night because it was a holiday but it was running, during the closing hour I noticed the security guard came out and was hanging around the patio area. Nothing new there, except he didn't leave like they usually do after briefly walking through the area. Was he watching for peeing? Turned out he was, standing by the terminal building he went after anyone he saw going back towards the pee areas - 1 guy and later 2 ladies, all of whom walked down the back sidewalk to the next block so he didn't know if they were going to pee or not. But still he ran off some of my sightings possibilities, which can't continue! I'm sure he has seen the pee puddles on the pee sidewalk and decided he was going to stop people from doing that, what he needs is to see nobody pee so he quickly feels like he's wasting his time and stops hanging out there - which has happened to everybody but me! The lone sighting:

Sunday, 2:14 a.m.- With nothing happening anywhere I was determined to get a sighting this weekend, I hate it when warm summer nights produce nothing. So I tried an old standby, watching the crowd around a food cart across the street (east) from the shuttle bus stop end of the RTD block, many of whom hang around eating and talking until somebody has to pee. It was mostly guys gathered around the cart, I didn't see any ladies there until a blonde emerges from the group and goes into the parking lot by the cart and starts walking back towards the alley. I knew immediately she was going to pee and crossed the street from the RTD block and went into the lot after her. As I thought she turned into the alley, the 1st building there where people usually pee had a few people lingering by the dumpster and back building doorway. She walked past them further down the alley, my view of her was blocked by people and other objects in the alley until I could get outside the alley and see down it. By then she was gone, could have gone behind any of those buildings. I waited her out, it was nearly 2 minutes and I hadn't seen her so I was starting to think maybe she didn't go in the alley to pee. I looked away at other people for a few seconds, when I turned back to the alley there she was walking down the alley back towards the parking lot - she had indeed gone behind one of the buildings I thought she went behind but I didn't see which one. She came back through the parking lot to where the guys were, looking at her she was a college girl with athletic looks: blonde hair in a ponytail, above average height and on the slim side with toned legs wearing navy shorts and flip-flops. She was the only girl in the group, too bad I didn't see exactly where she went - those rare situations of a lady going off by herself to pee are always my best shot opportunities.

I believe as the summer goes on crowds will get smaller because of the continuing rise in gas prices, people will try to hang on and do things for the summer and the wallets will be empty by fall - and there will be a huge noticeable drop in crowd size. With so little happening it seemed like there were still a lot more ladies dressed nice, so during the closing time when more ladies were on the streets I counted how many ladies were wearing skirts/dresses and how many were wearing pants/shorts to see if I'm right about how many more are dressing nice (I can do things like that in my head easily from all my years of remembering sightings each night). In the roughly 45 minutes I did this before leaving for home I counted 95 ladies in skirts and 192 in pants, which turned out to be only 33.1% of the ladies in skirts - nowhere near the 40% to 50% I thought it was. Very unscientific because I only kept count for a short while, but I think it was pretty representative of what I saw in the sightings area that night.
Surprise #2 came when I looked at this year's sightings numbers of ladies in skirts/dresses: 31.7%. I had thought ladies dressed in skirts/dresses were less likely to pee outside but these percentages say to me that isn't so - the percentage of ladies wearing skirts/dresses in the sightings area is about the same as the percent of ladies wearing a skirt/dress who pee outside, so being dressed nice doesn't stop ladies from peeing outside like I thought it did. If 90% of the ladies were wearing a skirt or dress, then that's what 90% of the ladies in my sightings would be wearing! The lesson here is one of perception, the nicely dressed ladies stick out in my mind so much because I look for and notice them and what they do more and only 1 lady peed out of the 287 combined total, which amounts to 3 tenths of 1 percent of the ladies I counted that night: not all of the ladies that night, just those I counted in the last 45 minutes or so during the closing hour. Interesting!
It shows how much attention I give to the things I want to see compared to the reality of how often I actually see them. I'll try this 'counting' experiment on more nights to find out, for example, exactly what percentage of all the ladies I see on a given night in my sightings area do pee - something I've always wondered. I suspect it's probably close to this night's number or even smaller, if I'd been counting the ladies I saw all night there would be hundreds more that didn't pee so the real percentage of desperate ladies was probably half the 3/10 of 1 percent I got. I'll have to be careful trying to do this, trying to keep track of those numbers along with the details of any sightings I get might be too confusing and too much work and I couldn't enjoy the things I see so much! But all those numbers continue to tell the real story of my sightings, as would additional numbers from any 'lady-counting' I did during a complete night's work. The less than 1% of ladies I've seen over the years who couldn't control their bladders and peed has amounted to hundreds of stories and shots!

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