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The desperate lady continued to pee copiously for nearly a minute!

Dear Readers,
A calm weekend with just 3 sightings, 2 of them Saturday night on the 2nd biggest crowd of the year. 9 sightings for August at it's midway point, barring a miracle the rest of the month it will not catch July's 25 sightings and it's stay as my top sightings month will be just 1 year as July will return to being my top sightings month. 66 sightings for the year, just 35 on this date last year. 9 away from last year's record low total of 75, hope to get that the last 2 weekends of this month.
The strange thing about this weekend was that despite the big crowds and warm weather (night temps in the 70's) people didn't linger after closing time like they usually do on summer nights, giving me no late sightings possibilities. This was especially odd since cops aren't around anymore and in the last few years a lot of people hung around until cops told them to leave.
The crowds have been pretty well-behaved with no cops around, another bar fight Saturday night involved about 6 ladies and got pretty intense. But the bar fights have broken up by themselves pretty quickly and people leave quickly, I think fearing that someone who sees the fighting will call the cops.
The active alley tied for the top sightings spot with it's 15th sighting in just 7 weeks as it produced 1 of the 3 sightings, all 3 coming in the busy area as it's 30 sightings make it the top part of the area for the year. 25 sightings in the middle part of the area but the RTD block itself has produced just 3 of those as it remains surprisingly dry, the other 11 sightings have been scattered through other parts of the area that don't produce a lot of sightings.

Stories: Saturday, 1:59 a.m.- Over by the former big active lot a group of 4 ladies and a guy walked past the warehouse music hall across the street. After passing by the (active) alley one of the ladies went in, going up between dumpsters behind the music hall unbuckling the belt of her white pants. The rest of the group stood on the sidewalk outside the alley waiting for her as she squatted down below the top of the dumpsters. After about 15 seconds I saw a thin stream running out from the dumpsters towards the middle of the alley, she stood up and walked out after about 30 seconds buckling up the belt on her pants.
Sunday, 1:58 a.m.- At the same spot watching active alley, a group of 2 couples had just gotten into a car in the big active lot behind me. The back door stayed open and I saw one of the ladies push her shorts down and sit down on the edge of the seat, in a mostly front view to me. She pressed her thighs together and spread her feet, I looked at the pavement between her feet to see if the ground would be getting dark to confirm she was peeing. But one of the guys walked around from the other side of the car and stood guard in front of her, which confirmed she was peeing - and about 10 seconds later I could see her stream running past his feet back towards the row behind them (they were parked in the row by the street). The lady continued to pee for nearly a minute, lots of people were walking by on the sidewalk and some figured out what she was doing since she was taking so long. She finally finished and stood up, slowly pulling up her panties and cutoff-jean short shorts to what was now an audience of people walking by on the sidewalk looking at her. "She just peed!" a guy who stopped to watch shouted out.
The petite skinny lady started dancing and putting on a show for the gawkers, high-fiving a couple of guys before they walked off. She and her group got in the car a few minutes later and drove out of the lot, leaving her huge man-sized puddle. Another skinny lady with a huge bladder!
2:04 a.m.- I had kept an eye on 2 other ladies who were sitting in their car in that same lot, parked at the back end of the lot in the row by the alley. One of the ladies got out, a blonde of average height wearing white shorts and went across the alley to a driveway that used to be a popular spot (I've snapped shots there) which now has dumpsters along the sides of the driveway. She went beside one of the back dumpsters by the garage door and squatted down below the top of it, standing up again after about 15 seconds and walking back across the alley to her car.
Almost Sighting:
Walking by a parking garage on another block I saw 2 guys walk out from the alley behind it. I heard voices, as I got to the alley a 20's lady and guy were coming out from beside the 1st car parked in that row of parked cars behind the loft building on the other side of that block. I saw a puddle in the area where they came from, did the lady pee? Ladies don't usually go to pee areas unless they are going to pee, she was average height with long brown hair wearing jeans. She wasn't fiddling with anything on her pants like she would be if she'd just peed, since I saw them walking out from the cars she would be snapping/zipping up her jeans. They walked out of the alley and I went to look at the puddle, a big puddle beside one of the car tires. It looked like a male puddle, I'm going to presume she went with her guy and watched him pee, so I didn't count this as a sighting as there wasn't enough 'direct evidence' that it was her who made that puddle: if I'd passed by there 10 seconds earlier I would have seen who was actually peeing.

New job? I was told last week I'd sailed through the screening process, I'm now on the 'on call list' for this position I used to have until either I get a call from a center about a position or next January, whichever comes first. They said I should get a call from someone in the next couple of weeks as the department is staffing up for new fall programs in the new divisions within the department, haven't heard from anybody yet.

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