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Blonde Lady Has a Pee Down an Alley.

Dear Readers,
only 3 sightings last weekend, but all 3 were excellent quality and I was able to snap shots of 2 of them - both of which should be good. It's my 4th October shot, a new monthly record and more than I've gotten in every month this year except May and July. October moves past September to become my 5th best sightings month overall in 8 years, with still one weekend left: Halloween, which I'm looking forward to, although it's forecast to be much colder.
Yearly totals are now 161 sightings (1128 overall) and 24 shots (164 overall). It's my 3rd best picture year - behind 26 in '93, which I have a chance to pass the way this year is going, and 30 in '94.
It was warm for this time of year, day temps in the 70's and night temps in the upper 40's Friday and low 50's Saturday night. Crowds in the sightings area were good on both nights, practically summer-sized on Saturday night. Friday night a lot of men peed but no women, and it seems like a recreational 'expression of manhood' how casually the men there whip out their dicks and pee. I started thinking of Jenny saying a while back how she'd have to be practically wetting her pants before she'd do it outside, and the women who do pee seem to be more visibly in distress before they do it. That was on my mind Saturday night and the 3 ladies I saw it was very clear in their actions they had to pee very badly and took big pisses once they found a spot to use. I love to see that kind of overpowering desperation! As usual, date and Desp jpg number the shot will be in album 8 precede their stories:

1:55 a.m. (10-22-00, Desp 163) - I was walking down a street several blocks from the busy bar area which usually has a lot of foot traffic because several parking lots are along there. I saw 2 ladies and a man walking about a half-block ahead across the street, stop outside a parking lot. One of the ladies seemed quite tense and distracted, looking around and saying something that I was too far away to hear. I crossed the street to that block, this lady was a tall short haired blonde in her 30's. She was wearing a brown pullover sweater and ugly light-colored print pants. She had a strange body, boxcar hips with no real waist. Her pants fit real tight through the hips and ass, but the legs were baggy as she had skinny legs. She reached down under her protruding lower abdomen and pressed her hand into her crotch, a pained look on her face. She had to pee! She let go of her crotch as they started walking off, then said something to the others and turned into the parking lot while they waited on the sidewalk. I crossed the street and entered the lot near the corner of the block, watching as she went back to the alley looking around. She turned up behind the building next to the lot, glancing at me as she went up to the building starting to unsnap the waist of her pants. The others walked off out of view, so it was just me and this 30-something lady who was going to pee behind a building! I got out the camera and ran across the lot to there (about 50 yards away) zooming out the lens. There was a dumpster behind the building, I could hear loud splattering behind it as I approached. I walked over and looked beside the dumpster, she wasn't there. It was pushed away from the wall, she must be behind it. I went there, saw a small flight of stairs and the loud splattering was coming from there. I looked down, it was about 6 steps (about 8 feet) and there she was in a bent-over position next to the building door. There was a bar about waist high from the wall behind the door to the railing of the steps, leaving not much room for her to squat down. She was in a mostly front view to me, looking down at her work and not aware of me. The splattering noise was very violent and a big puddle was between her spread legs, she was killing the ground! I centered her in the view finder from the top of the steps and snapped the easy shot, she looked up after the flash went off but didn't react as I turned and walked off. I went through the alley and around to the street, where I saw her and the others (she had finished and rejoined them) walking by. She looked at me but didn't recognize me, didn't seem to realize (or care) what just happened. She was much calmer now, smiling and talking. She had to pee to the point she was in pain! I went back and saw her huge puddle, a small pool in the middle of it as it was running into a small drain outside the door there. This was about a 35 second piss, which allowed me to get to her before she finished - and a very intense one!

2:20 a.m. (10-22-00, Desp 164) - I was walking past the big active parking lot, now mostly empty. My luck was good as a pretty, slim, long-haired 20's blonde in black leather pants left a car in the lot and started walking back to the alley. I was headed that way and stopped just outside the alley as she got there, and was walking through it towards my end looking at the dumpsters for a place to pee. She went up behind one about 30 feet from me, unsnapping the front waist of her pants. She fitted herself behind it and the back of a building and pushed down her pants, facing the building so her back and bare butt was facing me as she squatted down below the dumpster. I entered the lot, pondering (for some reason) if I should get this shot. She turned sideways, her hand reached out and grabbed the wall for balance as I was now standing just across the alley from the dumpster. I heard a hissing noise as 2 thin streams came running out from underneath the dumpster towards the middle of the alley. "What the hell am I waiting for, she's all by herself!", I said to myself as I whipped out the camera and walked across the alley. I stopped where I could see between the dumpster and building wall, pointing the camera. There she was, squatted facing me and still pissing hard. "Awww, don't be like that!", she said looking at me as I pushed the shutter and the flash fired. She had a very young face, barely 18 or 19 and was smiling. I turned and walked out of the alley, her streams had now formed a big pool of pee that was running down the middle of the alley with a slightly foamy head on it.

2:41 a.m. - I was on the corner outside the active lot again when a van pulls up across the street. A blonde in black pants gets out, along with another lady and a midget man (really, he was only about 3 feet tall!) all in their 20's. "I have to pee, I really have to pee!", the blonde was saying loud enough for anyone nearby to hear. They went into a parking garage across the street (the same one the lady peed in a couple of weeks ago that I didn't see until she finished with the light floor). The blonde gave a few things she was carrying to the other lady as she went beside their car parked facing the wall in the middle of the 1st level, one of only 2 cars there. I was outside the garage and ready to go in after her, but the other lady was there and the midget man was looking at me as he started to pee by the other car next to theirs. I walked past the garage into the alley behind it, I could see them from there. The blonde pushed her pants down and squatted by the front of her car, the other lady opening the driver's door which shielded her from me in the alley. She saw me, so I walked down the alley where the garage wall was higher and stopped directly across from where their car was. "Watch out for that cop in the alley!" the blonde said which made me chuckle. Then I heard gentle splattering "AHHHH, I had to pee!" the blonde said. "Boy, do I have to pee! Don't you have to go too?" She said to the other lady. It was turning me on, listening to her talking over the sound of her splattering pee. Why do women like to talk when they pee? "Yeah I have to pee," the other lady said. "But I will wait until I get home!" There was a silence for about 10 seconds, then I heard a car door slam shut. "Wait!", the blonde said. "I'm not done peeing yet!" There was about a 5 second silence, then I heard a splattering sound start again. "Ahhhh, I'm peeing again!", the blonde said as the floodgates opened and the splattering got much louder and violent. "Isn't that weird, how you can suddenly stop peeing and then start again?", the blonde said. No response from the other lady, but it has always amazed me how some ladies can do that! The violent splattering went on for about 15 seconds, then she got up and pulled up her pants and got in the car. They drove out of the garage and left, I went in the garage and found her puddle. It was hard to see on that strange gray floor despite being just made, 2 thin streams running from her big splatter spot about 10 feet towards the entrance before angling back into the wall. A total turn-on, this lady. I was in position to snap her if she'd been alone, a unique night when I'm in such good position for every lady I see!

Amusing notes: I saw an ad in one of the newspapers here, promoting the downtown 'sightings' area. It said, "Give your INHIBITIONS the night off. Downtown.....
There was a picture of a businessman on a downtown sidewalk, holding his suit coat with tie loosened, shirt top unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up, dancing to a man playing a guitar. Below the picture is a caption reading, "16 places for live music, 62 places for happy hour. Numerous places to let your hair down."
See why this place has been such a goldmine for me?
There was even a "tribute" Saturday night: In the alley behind the active parking lot, between 2 dumpsters behind a parking garage wall where a lot of peeing happens (where I snapped the cute Hispanic lady peeing there in August), a toilet was sitting there - sort of like a 'mock' tribute. How appropriate! I wanted to take a picture of it during daylight, but today (Monday) it was gone.
11 shots now for album 8, how quickly they've come. I'll wait for number 12 before making album 8, which doesn't look like it's going to be much longer!

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