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I'm gonna have to go pee in an alley!

The lady kept saying "I'm gonna have to go pee in an alley!

Dear Readers,
4 sightings in May's final weekend to end the month with 10, just missing my monthly average of 11. The 3 nights during the month lost to rain made a difference, I think it would have been a nice total if I could have had those 3 nights. 36 sightings for the year, 10 ahead of last year's pace on this date but now below the +11 pace needed for 100 sightings this year. This is the first month to finish below last year's total, I had 15 sightings in May last year.

Finally a good weather weekend both nights allowed for a 2-night weekend of work. Night temps were in the low 60's both nights, crowds are definitely getting bigger with more to see as more ladies are starting to dress sexy. But they underperformed again, all 4 sightings coming late Saturday night and none on Friday. I saw ladies waiting impatiently while their men went somewhere to pee, one lady needing to pee herself but telling her guy there was "no way" she would ever pee outside while she waited angrily while he went into an alley to pee.
It reminded me again just how many ladies won't pee outside, how precious my sightings are because of how most ladies just won't do this. That's echoed by the weekend's pee percentage, 6.7/10 of 1% of the Saturday night late hour ladies. If I include Friday night's lady count when no ladies peed it drops to 4/10 of 1% of the weekend's late-hour ladies.
Stories, followed by my June preview:

Sunday 1:16 a.m.
- Passing through a block on the now-busy south part of the sightings area big crowds were on the streets around the bars there. I was about to pass by an alley where a lot of cars park along the buildings on one side of the alley, among the people standing around there was a petite early 20's Latina lady in tight black short shorts. She kept saying "I'm gonna have to go pee in an alley!" so I stopped short of the alley to wait this situation out. She appeared to be waiting for somebody, after a few minutes she grew impatient and started dancing around on the sidewalk. "C'mon, I'm gonna have to pee in the alley!" she blurted out to nobody in particular. Finally another petite Latina in virtually the same outfit crossed the street from the crowds outside a bar there to her, both looking like sisters: black shoulder length hair and yellow striped tight tops with cropped sleeves.
"C'mon, we gotta go in the alley to pee!" the desperate one said to lady 2. Holding hands they ran into the alley, once past the 1st building too dark to see anything but faint silhouettes of them running down the alley before they turned up by the front and back bumpers of 2 parked cars midway down the alley. When they finished they walked out the other end of the alley, this was frustrating because I couldn't see anything!

1:34 a.m .- Walking down a street in the middle part of the area I saw a black lady standing at the end of an alley behind a corner bar. Knowing that usually means a lady is waiting while somebody is peeing I waited this situation out from across the street. Looking into the alley behind her I didn't see anyone so it was a likely another lady peeing.....and it took a while, 2 minutes later I was about to give up when the black lady turned around and looked back into the alley, seeming impatient. She looked where I thought the other lady probably was, the back doorway of that corner bar. About 10 seconds later another black lady emerges from that doorway, tall with short hair snapping up the front waist of her whitish-colored jeans. As the 2 ladies walked off I could see in the reflected light in the dark alley 2 thin streams running from the doorway out to the middle of the alley.

2:01 a.m .- Back over at the RTD block I was heading to the north end of it. I looked over to the busy alley across the street from there to see a group of people standing outside the alley, someone was peeing there. I tried to get over there, on my way a guy came walking out of the alley. But the group still didn't leave, so somebody else was peeing. Just as I got to where I could see into the alley a lady came out from the dumpsters behind the corner bank building, average height and thin with shoulder length brown hair and glasses wearing jeans and a white sweater carrying a purse. She went over to the waiting group and now they all left, looking into the alley no pee streams were running out from the dumpsters to the middle of the alley. That area is lighted, but I got there too late to see exactly where she peed. Sightings, but not great ones.

June preview: This month always puts me in a good mood because it's the official start of outdoor pee season, summer weather and more sightings. My sightings numbers jump to an average of 6 more than May, June has 287 sightings and 34 shots in the previous 16 years for averages of 17.9 sightings and 2.2 shots which keep it my 3rd best month in both sightings and shots. Bests for the month are 28 sightings and 10 shots, still the most shots I've ever snapped in any month, lows are 6 sightings and no shots. Last year I had 14 sightings and 1 shot, that being the first and only 'P' shot I've snapped with this current camera - now a year old and not 'new' any more. That shot (desp238), a cropped version of it, appeared on my website page as the example of the sitting down to pee technique. She and the guy with her both had to pee as they got to the RTD station, he went in while she went to a concrete stoop and pulled up the back of her dress and she sat down on the edge and peed down the front of it behind her legs. Puzzling why she'd prefer peeing this way to going inside and using a toilet, but that's what some ladies do that I love to see!

I'm expecting a month about like last year's 14, but hopefully I'll do much better. Hard to believe that June shot was the only one I got all of last year, but I wouldn't be surprised if that happens again this year. I've seen and snapped so many of these shots I'm looking for stunning scenes (and ladies) to shoot and find myself not reacting to scenes now I would have snapped before because I have several shots like those. I'll still go for the revealing mid-stream shots, but the few of those I've seen this year the ladies have been closely guarded so I didn't risk it and I must admit, the police presence is much heavier all over the area now and it's making me even more careful about snapping these shots.

And so much for going out less. Being around pretty ladies and seeing them so desperate they have to break down and pee outside, is exciting in a way I still don't get anywhere else. On to the summer!

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