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Oktoberfest Women Pee In Car Lot

Sightings of Women Peeing by Cars in Parking Area

Dear Readers,

I had a very good weekend, getting 7 sightings and 2 new shots - and passed on a 3rd shot that I could have easily had! The sightings give me 14 for September, tying my monthly average with 2 weekends left in the month. Hard to believe my most September sightings are only 16 (in 3 different years), I think I'll break that mark this year. My 140 sightings for the year are ahead of my best year ('98) by 15 sightings at this date. The 2 new shots give me 20 for the year and 160 overall (7 new shots for my next album 8), equaling the number of shots I took last year with about 6 good weeks of sightings shooting left - more if the weather stays warm! My best September picture year was 7 back in '93, I snapped 7 of the 13 ladies I caught peeing that month - the only month I've ever snapped over 50% of my sightings. I tend to have good luck with the sightings I get in September (and October), many of the ladies who have to pee are pretty intense about it and I'm usually closer to them when it happens because there are fewer ladies out to watch than the summer months.

Oktoberfest summary: The porta-potty setup is the worst it's ever been for this event, only one group of about 17 potties to cover the 2-block area. They were set up behind the main stage at the busiest end of the block, and everyone else not in that area was on their own if they had to pee. But the clubs and restaurants on the block were more accommodating than in years past, all of them letting people in to use their bathrooms.
With the addition of a 2nd 'beer garden' sightings should have been more plentiful, but they were actually less. Security people were positioned in the alleys and places where people were most likely to go to pee, which stopped virtually all women from peeing. I saw about 15 women Friday night go into the alley and building terrace areas to pee, stop in their tracks and turn around when they saw security people there. But of course, many men still found a way - what a huge advantage it is to be able to pee standing up! The crowd was bigger Friday night than Saturday, and I got only 1 pee sighting there on Friday night. The new stories and shots:

10:52 p.m.- Getting to the Oktoberfest area, I walked down the alley where most people would go who were looking for a place to pee. Porta-potties have usually been in this alley in past years but not this year. Right by some bushes behind the terrace area was a 20's couple, the guy peeing into them as his lady stood next to him watching. After he finished she went to the full dumpster next to them and tore off part of a flap from a cardboard box - to use to wipe herself with after she peed, I assumed! They went over to the terrace area and started to go in, stopping when she saw the security guy there. Now I knew she had to pee! They went down the alley, her looking around for a place to go before finally going just inside a gate behind a restaurant. I couldn't see her from the alley, and the guy stood guard there anyway. I could see her hand holding onto a post by the gate for balance as she was squatted, and after about 20 seconds I walked down the alley and past them. She had now finished, was standing facing me with her legs spread and shorts/panties down around her knees. She was a slim blonde with long hair, had the piece of cardboard and was rubbing it over her pussy to catch the remaining drops of pee. She was looking down at herself and didn't see me, and the guy had his back to me and didn't see me either. What a sight! I saw her average sized puddle by the gate opening after they left.

1:40 a.m.- In the busy bar area I was walking by the big 'active' parking lot (which produced all 3 of tonight's late sightings). I was passing a row of cars parallel parked on the street outside of the lot, and a group of people was getting into one of the cars. It looked like a blonde was squatting down in front of this car...what? As I walked by, sure enough a bimbo blonde in a light blue jacket and red miniskirt was squatted in front of the car peeing! Her hair was in a perm, she was late 20's. She was squatted in a front view to me, didn't seem to care who saw her as one of the guys was standing outside the car looking at her. Her thighs were together so I couldn't see her crotch, but I got out the camera. I wanted this one, but in a car right next to me I saw 2 ladies looking at me. With the guy in the peeing lady's group watching her too, I decided to let this one go - even though it would have been one of my easiest front shots ever because of how uninhibited this lady was about peeing. She finished after about 15 seconds and stood up, smiling and giving everyone a show the way she pulled up her panties and yanked her tight skirt back down. A small piss, small puddle in the dirt there.

1:42 a.m. (9-16-00, Desp 159)- Walking on down the street a 20's lady in jeans was holding the front waist of her jeans as she turned into the lot. No question she had to pee, and I entered the lot as she went over behind a car in one of the rows unsnapping the front of her jeans. I was by a van a few spaces away as she pushed them down to reveal her bare butt, and started to squat down. But she looked over and saw me, and quickly pulled her jeans back up. I stopped by the van like it was mine, she went up between 2 cars and squatted. I walked over, camera out and zooming out the lens, and stopped by where she was. She was squatted in a back view to me, I heard gentle splattering as she turned around and saw me pointing the camera at her. "No, no!!...", she said as I saw her in the camera's view finder and snapped the shot, the flash firing. I turned around and calmly walked off, a guy who was with her just getting to the car. Her puddle split into 2 thick streams, which ran about 6 feet away. Should be a good shot!

1:51 a.m.- I had just finished looking at that puddle when I saw a 20's couple walking down the alley behind the lot. They were both looking around, the lady had to pee! She was very cute: slim with long brown hair, white blouse and black miniskirt. She went up behind a building, behind a big vent there (the same place I snapped Desp 153 in July). The guy stood out in the alley and not by her, so I could see her squatted legs as she was in a mostly front view from where I was in the parking lot. She peed a long time - over a minute - before coming out, and the guy went back there and peed over her puddle.

Saturday, 12:13 a.m. (9-17-00, Desp 160)- Coming into the busy bar area after leaving an unproductive Oktoberfest, the crowd was (as usual) much bigger here than on Friday night. I was walking outside the big active parking lot, behind the row of parallel-parked cars outside the lot (where the blonde bimbo peed last night). It was packed at the other end of the block, lots of cars and people going to the bars on the next block. About 2 cars from the end of the block I saw a mid-20's blonde between 2 cars in this outside row, bent over and holding the waist of her jeans looking around. Another lady was standing in front of her (on the street side). I knew she was going to pee, and entered the lot so I could come up behind her on her unguarded side. Sure enough she squatted down between the cars as I got into the lot, so I got out the camera and zoomed out the lens. I walked up between the cars in the 1st row of the parking lot that were behind her, there she was squatted in a back view to me with her bare butt exposed. I knew she was peeing but couldn't hear anything, it was a weak piss. Her friend looked over and saw me. "There's a guy coming up behind you!", she said as I pointed the camera at her peeing friend. "He's got a camera, he's gonna take your picture!", she shrieked. She started laughing after my flash went off, I could hear the peeing blonde laughing too as I casually walked off. She peed for about 20 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans, they got in the car and backed out into the busy street and drove off. Her puddle was small, just as I thought. This block-long lot and the alley behind it continue to be a goldmine for me this year!

1:58, 59 a.m.- I was walking down a sidewalk and looked up into the small parking lot next to the building. By a car parked back near the alley, a mid 20's blonde stood up from being squatted beside the driver's door and pulled up her white shorts and started buckling up her belt on them. I could see the light from the building reflecting on a thin stream running out behind the car from there, I couldn't see her completely because cars were parked next to hers. She got in the car and I waited for her to drive out past me on the sidewalk. As they did another lady was in the passenger seat, a slim brunette in denim shorts who was looking at me as they drove by. I went into the lot and found not one, but 2 puddles as the brunette had peed on the other side of the car. Both puddles were small, with thin streams running only about 2 feet from them.

A pee sighting I didn't get: After 2 a.m. I was back in the big active parking lot because I saw 2 ladies in the lot leave a guy at a car and walk very fast back to the alley. They went to a driveway behind a building where a lot of people pee (and I've gotten a shot before), but stopped because the garage door was open and people were in there. One of the ladies, a petite skinny lady with long brown hair in a tight pink miniskirt, seemed very tense - her arms folded and unable to stand still. They went back to the guy, and they started walking past me to the other end of the lot. The tense lady was a Hispanic lady in her 20's, she had a pained look on her face as she walked past me holding the bottom sides of her skirt. It was pretty obvious she had to pee badly, the state I like to see ladies in! The guy pointed at a dumpster behind one of the buildings further down the alley, she stopped for a moment to consider it but people were in cars near there in the lot. They walked across the street and into a parking garage, her crossing her legs and hopping from foot to foot as they waited for traffic to pass before crossing the street. Turns out their car was on one of the upper levels of the parking garage as they went to the staircase in the garage to go up. Too bad! I wanted to follow them, I KNOW she peed up there when they got to their car - but the security guard was sitting in his booth by the garage entrance, and in the booth are several monitors showing each level so he can watch what people do. Now I know they probably have video of many of the people who pee in this garage, probably got this lady too.....but they won't have any film of me taking pictures of them doing it!

Update: Remember the dance club and sports bar that was closed last week for a liquor license violation? It was open again on Friday night, the parking lots nearby being full again. They hosted a radio station party both nights, and I really can't say I'm surprised to see it open again so soon. The guy who owns these clubs is well liked and respected by city officials, as he built these bars here when the area was filled with mostly abandoned buildings and warehouses. He was instrumental in starting the redevelopment of this area, has another restaurant and brewery in the area. He's considered a worldwide expert on building successful breweries, has flown to different cities and other countries to help design breweries for those places. So it makes sense that when there's a problem in one of his establishments, city officials shuffle the paperwork and get the matter resolved - in his favor - very quickly. Interesting how things works, isn't it? I get all those bladders back that I thought were going to be gone! And the new Irish restaurant/bar on the next block from there has most of it's interior done (tables, chairs, lights, etc. are in place) so it looks like it will indeed be ready to open within a week or 2.

Next weekend: Oktoberfest's final weekend, and a likely September sightings record if the weather continues to be so warm

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