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A Pee in the Dark Alley

A Woman Turns Her Head Away & Continues to Pee in the Alley

Dear Readers,
after what seems a lengthy vacation from sightings of women peeing I decided it was time to get out at least once for February, so I went out briefly late Saturday night and was rewarded with 1 sighting.
The way my brief night went again reinforces the strange 'karma' I continue to have with ladies who are desperate to pee, I seem to keep finding them at their most desperate moments.
It's my 2nd sighting for the year and 1st for February, the same totals as this date last year. This is the same weekend I got my lone February sighting last year, the difference being I snapped pictures of it and my January sighting last year and had 2 pictures and 2 sightings of women peeing. It was supposed to be snowing lightly with temps in the 20's Saturday night but the snow didn't come (for a change) and temps were not as cold (low 30's). I went out late for a short outing since I know crowds in the pee sightings area are small this time of year giving me no reason to be out in the cold very long, even more so this night because of the popular dance club in the busy area that closed after New Year's Eve.
Getting to the pee sightings area I was surprised to see police cars blocking off the main street to the busy area like they do on crowded summer nights, the crowd was a little bigger than a typical February night crowd in the busy area. I discovered a 2nd popular bar was closed, this one on the busy block - but only until this week as a sign in the window said it was closed for re-modeling until February 20th.
Parking lots were about 70% full as I made my way through the busy area to the middle area and RTD block, fair sized crowds there too. I went to the south (slow) part of the area to discover big summer-sized crowds and lots of cops with the main street through that area blocked off by police cars too, so it looks like the construction and development is pushing crowds back to this part of the area again.
People were spilling out of the bars since it was now the closing hour, so many that I decided to stay there instead of going back to the RTD block where I usually am at this time. Guys started going into the mostly-empty parking lot behind me and peeing by the few cars parked there, always good because that inspires some of the ladies who have to pee to go ahead and do it too and it worked again tonight:
Sunday, 2:00 a.m. - Standing on the sidewalk outside the parking lot (across the street from the crowded bars), among the crowds walking by were 2 early 20's ladies in skimpy miniskirts with no coats holding each other to stay warm as they walked. They turned into the parking lot and I just had a feeling about them, I watched as they walked past where I was to the far end of the car park where their car was parked. They went around each side and opened the doors, lady 1 getting in the driver's side and lady 2 opening the passenger door and putting her purse on the front seat. Lady 2 was about 5' 6" with long black curly hair and average build, wearing a short orange dress and clunky heeled shoes. She started looking around so I knew something was about to happen, she didn't get in the car but instead went around the open car door reaching under the bottom sides of her dress (my vantage point was about 40 feet behind the car on the passenger side from outside the car park). She turned her back to the car fender and pulled her black panties down as she squatted behind the outside of the open car door, disappearing out of my view behind the door for a moment.
I walked a few feet down the sidewalk towards the middle of the car park where I could see her on the other side of the door, she was in a gorgeous front squat with her thighs slightly spread under her hiked dress....the kind of pee scene I most like to shoot! I was just too far away to see her peeing crotch and pee stream, it was dark and plenty of cops were just across the street behind me who - as usual - didn't know a lady was peeing.
I saw the pavement getting dark between her feet, other people were scattered through the car park at cars talking and none of them noticed her either. She looked over and saw me and tried to move further behind the door and turn slightly sideways so I couldn't see her, when I moved a few feet further down the sidewalk where I could again see her, she turned her head away and continued to pee - so sexy when they see me but can't stop peeing! After about 15 seconds she finished and stood up and quickly pulled up her panties and yanked her dress down, glancing at me one last time before getting in the car and slamming the door shut.
The car quickly backed out of it's space and drove out of the car park, I went over there and found her splatter puddle (pretty big) with 3 thin streams running to the concrete stop-block in front of the parking space. I pulled out the camera to snap a picture of her piss puddle (which would have been included today), but 2 ladies were walking into the car park towards me and I decided to walk away and let them pass the area and then go back and snap the picture. But they went to their car which was a couple of spaces from the puddle with no other cars between them and unfortunately they stayed there to talk instead of leaving.
I waited a while for them to leave, but soon other cars were pulling into the car park to park and hang out and a truck pulled into the space by the puddle where the peeing lady's car had been - so that was the end of that!
I walked over to the corner of the block outside the parking lot, a lady sitting on a brick ledge there got up and walked over to me. "Hi, how you doing?" she said. She was late 20's, thick brown below-shoulder length hair and skinny wearing tight jeans, not as cute as she really was because of a wrinkled face that made her look older than she was (the look of a heavy drinker or drug-user) and she seemed a little out of it when she was talking to me. "I don't like the people here!" she said. Before I could respond she suddenly blurted out, "I have to pee SOOOO bad, but there are cops all over the place!" She folded her arms and crossed her thighs, looking at me for guidance: another desperate one finding her way to me!
Before I could suggest going into the parking lot to pee she suddenly ran across the street to the crowds in front of a bar, apparently unable to wait any longer and quickly disappeared into the crowd - I presume she forced her way into the bar to use the toilet. Quite a bit of sudden excitement in just a few minutes, now you see why my thoughts of giving this up only last until I go out again!
The only negative here was that with so many people and cops nearby, I can only watch sightings of women peeing and snapping pictures of any ladies is out of the question. My last sighting in this parking lot came in September 2005, 2 ladies peeing together at Oktoberfest (this was still the Oktoberfest area then until it moved last fall) that I happened to snap a picture of (desp 216 in album 12). That was the 2nd to last picture from my 35mm camera before switching to this digital camera I'm using now, this is the part of the area I began my sightings of women peeing photography in back in the early '90's. By 2000 pee sightings had pretty much dried up here except for Oktoberfest, all the activity moving 6 blocks north to the new busy (bar) area.
There are 126 pee spots throughout all of my pee sightings area where ladies have peed between the 2 areas, usage dropping down to just 28 of those pee spots last year. Around 20 of those pee spots are now gone because of the construction going on in the middle to busy parts of the area, but that still leaves a lot of pee spots for ladies to use where they've peed before going back to the area of tonight's sighting.
This was the biggest February crowd I've seen in the pee sightings area, hopefully an indicator there will be lots of ladies and sightings of women peeing in the area this year. Passing by the RTD block on my way out of the area there were pee puddles on all the major sidewalks by the building, most appeared to be male puddles. But it made for a surprisingly powerful 'bladder energy' night, rare for this early in the year. Looks like an infusion of lots of new 'bursting bladders' will be in the pee sightings area this year - good for me! My goal for this year is a lofty one: to shoot a clear and watchable video of one of my sightings of women peeing from start to finish (this week's lady would have been excellent!). The new camera I will be getting will make that easier because of it's better low-light capabilities and a feature that allows still images to be made from any frame of video you shoot, so I can also make pictures from the video I shoot. That means I won't have to choose between shooting a photo or video of something like I do now since my current camera can do either or but not both simultaneously. I choose to snap photos 90% of the time (at night) because the light from the flash negates the darkness and night video is usually too dark to be watchable - even a lady peeing under light at night will still be a pretty dark video. To get a watchable video I'll probably have to shoot a daytime sighting, much harder to get and riskier to shoot than night time pee sightings. I'll be paying more attention to daytime events that have lots of people outside this year than I normally do! Finally, some interesting news about my ladiesroom survey. Since adding the new question 2 last month about 'holding it', how ladies experience the pressure of a full bladder that's about to burst, more ladies have been taking the survey - apparently that's a topic they have strong feelings about! Most of the ladies so far say they like the feeling of pressure and holding it to the point of bursting, and pee before they have an accident (54%). 38% say the pressure of a full bladder feels sexy, while 31% say the feeling of a full bladder and peeing when full is sexy - whether they get to a toilet in time or lose control and pee on themselves. Enough ladies had responded to this question the last 10 days of January I could include it in my February ladiesroom results page, when I thought it would be another month before I got enough responses to include it. -Found 3 interesting websites offering video clips of ladies getting desperate and peeing, outdoors and in all sorts of places - like what I've seen of some of those clips. I have placed links to them on the what's new page of my site.

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