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Lady Pees in Car Lot. Pee Panties Sightings.

She was saying, "I gotta pee, I'll pee my panties!"

Dear Readers,
long time no write! I've got a powerful report for you today, I went out for sightings last weekend for the first time since April 1st - missing all of April and May because of either weather or I didn't feel like going out. After not going out on May's final weekend I made myself go out Saturday to start June, and wow!! The ladies welcomed me back in a way they never have, after my 2500+ sightings over the last 19 years I thought I'd seen just about everything but Saturday night I saw something I've never seen before - and the unusual 'souvenir' I got from that sighting. This one is so powerful I'm going to save it for the final story in this report, despite it being the 2nd of the 6 sightings I got Saturday night.

The 6 sightings give me 20 for the year, hard to believe I have that many as this was only the 4th night I've gone out for sightings all year - due to the garbage I'm going through, which I will update later. I got just 4 sightings in June's first weekend last year going out both nights, last Saturday night's late crowd was slightly smaller than the first June weekend last year. I remain amazed by the productivity I've had this year, ladies continue to tell me to keep doing my sightings work as they continue to pee at a now higher ratio! I felt no impulse to take any pictures when I left home (because of my srill-bad overall mood), but some of the ladies I saw brought out that powerful impulse again where I wanted badly to snap shots of them! It's amazing the powerful impact watching desperate ladies pee has on me, it continues to be the best thing in my life particularly these days (pitiful as I know that sounds!). There just continues to be a magical destiny about sightings for me, ladies continue to be desperate and take powerful pisses in front of me and I just can't resist them! Even in my hard times the ladies continue to come through for me in this way.

With night temps in the low 60's when I got to the sightings area the crowd seemed much smaller than I expected for this warm first weekend night of the sexy summer sightings season. As usual a couple of bars have closed, one of them a big popular one that has been turned into a classroom building for one of the nearby colleges. One complete block is now dead because the bar on it has closed, it's ladies have produced sightings for me before. Residue from the recession is definitely showing up here now, with the prospects of 20-somethings being hit hard too. Only a late rush of people on the streets at closing time brought the late hour lady count numbers close to normal, things are definitely not like they used to be just a year ago. The powerful history-making sighting will be told last because I snapped 2 pictures that go with that story, which will be explained then. On to the sexy stories:

Sunday, 1:52 a.m.- On the busy block I was outside the corner bar parking lot near active alley when a group of 2 20's couples went to their car in the lot parked in the row by the bar building. One of the ladies, tall slim busty with thick brownish shoulder length hair wearing tight jeans, did not seem to want to get in the car. She went to the back of it by the building wall before her boyfriend opened the back door of the 4-door car, she quickly unbuckled the belt of her jeans and sat down on the edge of the door frame inside the open door with the boyfriend standing in front of the door as I watched from about 40 feet away (front/side view) outside the lot. She stood up about 20 seconds later and quickly yanked up her jeans, I could see a dark puddle around her clunky sandals as she buckled up her belt and ran around to the other side of the car laughing. She got in the back seat on that side, her boyfriend got in the driver's side and the car drove off. I didn't go in to look for her puddle because the powerful historic sighting was starting to happen near where I was standing, it's story later!

2:22 a.m.- I finally left the busy block and went to the former big active lot on the next block. Looking back into the alley behind the lot I caught a 20's blonde walking down the alley with her boyfriend going up behind one of the buildings, pulling down her black shorts and squatting.
The boyfriend waited by the next building, she pulled up her shorts and came out to him about 20 seconds later and they walked out the end of the alley.

2:24 a.m.- I walked further down the street outside the lot headed towards the RTD block when I saw another lady in the lot standing in front of an open door of her car. I could see squatted legs in front of her by the car, getting an angle I could see a 20's lady with black hair sitting on the edge of the door frame and a stream running from the dark puddle around her feet backwards under the car. After about 20 seconds she stood up and pulled up her shorts, by then to a guy walking by who saw them and was teasing her. Her friend went around to the driver's side and got in, the car drove out of the lot. I found her big puddle, 1 thick stream running back under where the car was parked and pooling up into a small puddle.

2:29 a.m.- Across the street at the parking lot where the former RTD Supervisor used to park late, a bridal party group of 9 ladies in their 20's had been on the sidewalk outside the lot talking to guys trying to hit on them. I waited them out, finally 2 of them - the bride, a slim blonde wearing a short black print dress and a slim proper-looking lady with short black hair wearing a tan tank top dress, ran into the lot with a 3rd lady following , They went to the front of a car parked facing the middle of the lot, both ladies hiking up their dresses and squatting with their back to the front bumper of the car as lady 3 stood beside them not really guarding them. I watched from the other end of the lot, probably more than 100 feet away but could clearly see what they were doing. Both stood up about 20 seconds later and pulled their dresses down and went back out to the others on the sidewalk, as I walked over to see the puddles the driver of that car got in and drove off which allowed me to clearly see the 2 average sized puddles beside each other, their streams had run back under where the car had been parked.

1:56 a.m.- The historic sighting. WOW, is all I can say here! A Latino lady in her mid 20's was scampering around on the sidewalk near me, I thought she was trying to flag down a cab. She was about 5' 7" with a medium build wearing a short gold/white print dress, suddenly she leaned her back against a tree by the street. She bent over and quickly reached under her dress, a gushing stream of pee started shooting out of her before she could get her panties down, splattering all over her dark lace panties as she pulled (rolled) them down to mid-thigh. Her stream was out of control, gushing out in all directions like water shooting out of a sprinkler head. She was doing this right in front of people walking by who stopped to watch, bent forward at the waist facing the street with her butt leaned against the tree. Of course I badly wanted the shot, but couldn't snap it with people there watching her. Her stream gushed for about 25 seconds before stopping, she then rolled her panties down and pulled them over her feet and off as a couple of guys who watched were clapping. She then walked over towards me, throwing her panties in a trash can right by me! She walked over to her boyfriend who was a few feet away, who started scolding her. "You just pissed right on the street in front of everybody!", he said. "I couldn't help it, I really had to pee bad!", she said. Yeah, this was as close to an accident as you can get: a semi-accident, she started peeing and couldn't get her panties down in time!

piss soaked blue lace pantiestree well soaked with blue panties lady's piss

They walked off. I wanted a shot of her badly, particularly since she now wasn't wearing any panties under her dress (which would soon be mine), but they were in a crowd where I didn't want to pop off my flash in people's faces. I went over and snapped this shot of her puddle by the tree, you can see her large puddle and the wet spot at the base of the tree where her stream hit it - she was right by the street for everybody to see! I then went back to the crowd but just that quick they were gone.

 I went back over to the trash can and pulled out her rolled up panties. They were purple lace and wet, unrolling them the front and entire panty crotch were thoroughly soaked from her pee.
I spread the panties out and laid them down on an empty pizza box and snapped this shot of them, which fortunately shows exactly where the wetness is - all over the entire front of the panties from the middle across the left side (right side in this shot), the panty crotch was so wet it was still dripping.
No wonder she didn't want to put these panties back on, no need to even put them in her purse and get everything in it wet with her pee! The panties were still new as the tag was still on them (size 7) and she pees on them and ruins them - it was amazing to watch, she couldn't get them out of the way of her uncontrollable gushing stream!

I decided to keep them as the most unusual sightings souvenir I've found yet. I rolled them up and tried to find a dry side so I could put them in my jacket pocket, but they were so wet I had to carry them in my hand the rest of the night as I wasn't going to put them in my jacket pocket! When I left later I unfolded them and laid them across the car floormat to dry them out, they were still pretty damp when I got home.
I held them up to my nose and smelled them, they smelled like both pee and the odor of her pussy - this lady needed to wash herself her pussy was musty! This would normally be totally disgusting, except I saw this lady pee on them and she was kinda cute so as disgusting as it is, it's also sexy - the insane hold this has on those of us affected with this fetish! She didn't want the panties after she peed on them but I (surprisingly) did, as they say one man's trash (one woman's in this case) is another man's treasure! Question: Is this sexy, or nasty?

The pee-soaked panties: want them?
I remember when reading adult classifieds as a teen many years ago seeing many ads from women selling 'worn panties'. Who would want such a thing, I thought. But since starting my sightings work and desperatewomen.com I have gotten some requests for peed-in female panties. I had no way of accommodating that kind of request, never thought about it - until now!

As I write this today the panties have dried. But they still have a noticeable odor, a combination of the lady's piss and her musty pussy odor - it's strong enough and disgusting enough I have the panties in a bag to snuff the smell. Dictated by my situation I want to auction off the panties to the highest bidder, starting bid $20. I will do this auction for 1 week, if there are no takers I will wash the panties and keep them as a souvenir since I saw the lady pee on them and know what happened to them - like the dollar bills I found years ago that a lady unknowingly dropped when she pushed her panties down and squatted and peed on them (had to spend the money but still have the shot of her peeing on them!). That's the power of my work, these unbelievable things actually did happen in front of me! I know as disgusting as this is there are people out there who would love to have it, in much the same way my fascination made me pull them out of the trash can the lady threw them in. I'll ship them to you as is, the odors - and stiffness in the lace where the pee has dried - verifying the authenticity of what she did to them, along with the picture here of the panties with her freshly-wet pee on them. This picture was taken at 2:20 a.m. (according to the camera software), 24 minutes after she peed on them. If this excites you and you want them, let me know! They'll be a very unique souvenir I'll enjoy keeping if nobody wants them, probably won't see anything like this again - but of course with the ladies in my sightings area I can't say for sure!

My update: As I reach the 2-year anniversary of when my troubles began I still am not any closer to a job than I was then, companies I apply to continue to ignore me and I get no response from anybody no matter what kind of job it is. I am re-applying to jobs I got ignored for before because they are better than what's out there now, the one rec job I thought I had a year ago and didn’t get is one I've reapplied for again, which put me on their eligibles list again but still nobody will talk to me about any of the supposedly open positions. So last week I wrote to the Mayor (it's a city government position) to try and jump-start the process and find out why I can't get an interview, since lesser qualified people are getting interviewed and hired. I know there is discrimination going on (I didn't say that in my letter to the Mayor), no response yet.
The letter should produce at least a direct interview with somebody, if it doesn't that confirms there's a major problem. But anyone looking for work already knows that, right? I am almost out of money, I've got maybe 2 more months before I'm officially broke and can't pay any of my bills, if I don't find something. A former friend who owes me several hundred dollars continues to avoid me and refuse to pay.
Still at my sister's house where I've been since January, we argue every other day as she continues to believe I have to be doing something wrong not to have found any kind of job and keeps threatening to throw me out on the street any day. The 30 million others who can't find a job she has sympathy for, but not me. I will be re-applying this week for food stamps, beyond ridiculous!

What now?
I believe my own creativity is what will have to get it done for me, everyone looking for jobs are just being set up to fail in this economy, period. Everybody says network, network, network is the way to find work but that has produced nothing either. My biggest actual "network" is my sightings community, you on my e-mail list and my desperatewomen.com customers. I have not asked anyone for money and still don't believe in doing that, I should be able to earn my own way and that remains my focus. What I need from all of you is to buy some stuff from the product links at my site, I know a lot of you don't like the 'posed model' stuff they do (even though much of it is excellent) but there's a bigger cause here. I need the help financially, that way is preferable to asking people for money because I want to earn my own way. Think of it as helping to support my work that you enjoy, my reports such as these and the things on desperatewomen.com - all of which will go away if I run out of money in a couple of months and can't pay my bills any more. I have to continue to find a way to buy time for myself until I can get something to happen somewhere, nobody around me here gives a damn and doesn't care if I end up under a bridge somewhere. If I get a job or start making money, of course these same assholes will be in my face asking for money - you know how that goes.

I think there is real power in the numbers of all you readers on this list who have followed me for years, I will get to the other side of this bullshit somehow. If you can help please do so, buying something from the links at my site is the best way but if you want to do something else contact me.

Don't know when I'll be out for sightings again, but this weekend told me it needs to be next weekend - the ladies want to pee for me and get me excited, it's the summer season now!

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