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Dear Readers,
I got just 2 sightings on only my 3rd 2-night weekend of sightings this year, getting me to 18 sightings for August and 48 for the year. Disappointing, I thought for sure I'd reach 50 this weekend! I'm also stopped at 399 total sightings for August in my 20th year of August sightings, thought I'd get to 400 there this weekend too. After 12 sightings 2 weekends ago it's tailed off fast, 4 last weekend and just 2 this weekend - had my first no-sightings night of the year on Friday night. Friday night's late crowd was about the same size as this weekend last year, Saturday night had a bigger crowd but was over 200 ladies smaller (23%) than this night last year. The best thing about the weekend was that I had a great mid-stream shot of one of the ladies if I wanted it, the best shot opportunity I've had this year, but I passed on it. Comfortable nights with temps in the 60's, both sightings came late Saturday night.

Sunday, 1:57 a.m.- Outside active alley at the busy block end 2 early 20's ladies walked by me eating food they got from a nearby food cart. They stopped just past the alley and finished their food, then one of the ladies - average height and slim with below-shoulder brown hair wearing a white flared miniskirt and sandals, turned towards the alley reaching under the sides of her skirt and grabbing the outside leg openings of her white panties - it was obvious she was going to pee. A truck was parked in a parking space behind the corner building, the space by the sidewalk. She went around the truck to the side of it facing the alley, I could see her feet under the truck from out on the sidewalk near it. With her friend waiting by the building on the sidewalk I heard splattering and saw a stream running from between her feet under the truck, I could have walked into the alley past the truck and gotten an easy shot of her, but decided not to - stayed on the sidewalk side and watched her stream run out from under the truck towards me as I still heard her splattering. A street guy saw her go over there and walked into the alley past the truck to look at her. It was about 35 seconds before she finished and came back around the truck to her friend, her hand openly under her skirt pulling her panties back into place as she walked by me. She and her friend sat down on the sidewalk next to the building where they were, I went into the alley and found her average-sized puddle in front of the truck by the building. Her stream ran about 6 feet towards the middle of the alley but didn't make it, splitting into 2 thin streams before pooling up into a small puddle.

2:07 a.m.- Still outside active alley a 20's couple I saw earlier came back from the sidewalk and turned into the alley. She was an average height blonde wearing a tight black miniskirt and carrying her high heels (walking barefoot in a dirty cruddy alley?). She walked ahead of him, turning up beside dumpsters by the 3rd building while the guy went to a building across the alley so she was alone. I entered the alley and started walking through to the other end, staying a little later at that end of active alley than I usually do. Bar employees emptying trash cans in the dumpster saw her as she made no effort to hide the fact she was going to pee from them, by the time I passed her dumpster she just finished and stood up and I saw her pull up her panties. She called out to her boyfriend, I saw him as I passed the next building peeing in a back doorway. Active alley has 19 sightings now, about 40% of my sightings this year.

August still has until next Friday night at midnight, but I think I've probably gotten all my sightings for the month I'm going to get. 100 sightings for the year is out of the question now since I didn't get to 50 this weekend, September has been the best sightings month of the year for about the last 4 years now so we'll see. I shot a video of a lady peeing at Oktoberfest last year, a lady in one of those German Oktoberfest dresses who hurried into a parking lot from the crowds on the street and squatted between 2 cars: distant video I shot with 2 security guards near me so I was a little nervous - of course none of them noticed the peeing lady! If the weather remains good those 2 weekends in mid-September should be fun.

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