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Pee Sightings in Car Lots & Streets

Pee Sightings in Car Lots & Streets. Night time pictures in dark parking areas

Dear Readers,

4 sightings and an almost-shot last weekend, all coming Saturday night. Friday night was super-dead but I expected a big Saturday night because of both Halloween parties and World Series (baseball) parties in the pee sightings area, and I got it - although I didn't see as many of the desperate ladies break down and pee as I hoped would. Despite the weather being borderline cold (upper 30's) the crowd was big like a summer night, the atmosphere and energy in the crowd was a lot like a New Years' Eve. I will finish October with 11 pee sightings and no shots, slightly below it's averages of 13 pee sightings and 1.4 shots. 88 pee sightings for the year and just 5 shots in my record slow year, I had 121 pee sightings and 14 shots on this date last year and got my 88th sighting last year on August 13th - a very painful reminder of how different each year can be!

There was peeing in huge numbers everywhere in the pee sightings area, pee puddles in every alley and parking lot I passed and on a lot of sidewalks and buildings in the area - love it!! Most were male puddles as pee was running down walls to the puddles, I saw lots of women complaining of needing to pee who ended up making it to bathrooms. One lady was leg-crossing desperate, walking ahead of her friends she kept stopping and yelling at them to hurry so she could get to a bar before "I go pee-pee in my pants!" I enjoyed following her as she finally ran off ahead of her friends and didn't look back, but went into a downtown train station for relief. Another lady was on the street outside a parking lot with a friend trying to flag down a cab and said just as I walked by, "I'm going in the parking lot for a piss" and went into the parking lot with her arms folded. She was a cute long-haired blonde in jeans, went between cars looking down at the ground and was about to squat between cars where I would have had her shot. Suddenly she yelled out to her friend, "Hey where are you, I can't do this by myself!" as she didn't want to pee unguarded. I wanted to remind her that peeing is one of those things you can't have somebody do for you, but didn't want to let her know I knew what she was wanting to do. She went back out to her friend on the street, and they eventually got in a cab and left with her still needing to pee. It remained a high-energy night all night with desperate men peeing everywhere, until finally female bladders started giving out late. On to the stories:

Sunday, 1:38 a.m.- outrageous! and I almost got myself in big trouble! I went over to the corner of the block in the busy area across the street from a big (former warehouse) dance club where they were having a big Halloween party. Not only were lots of people on the sidewalk outside and around the club but a pack of cops were there also, 2 police cars directly across the street from my corner. The cops had walked off down the block to patrol the area when a really desperate early 20's lady in her short dress Halloween costume crossed the street from the crowd and went between 2 cars parked on the street right in front of me and quickly hiked up her dress and started squatting. She can't be about to pee, not only was I right next to her but other people near me on the sidewalk and others constantly walking by coming and going to the bars on the block! She was drunk as she fell back against the front bumper of the truck parked behind her, before she could squat all the way down a gushing stream started shooting from her and splattering loudly on the street, 2 thin streams quickly running from the puddle to the gutter right in front of the sidewalk where I stood. 2 people near me had noticed and stopped to stare at her, the excitement got to me and I quickly yanked out the camera and pointed it at her. One of the guys near me stared at me in shock looking at the camera, I couldn't see the cops but knew they weren't far away - this could be big trouble if I snap this one! The lady now saw me pointing the camera at her but was peeing too hard to stop and her loud splattering was bringing more gawkers. I couldn't do it, just stood there holding the camera watching her pee. She stared at me for the rest of her piss, standing up before she finished holding her dress up to give the gawkers a view of her stream flowing down to her puddle as she finished standing up, about a 35 second piss. "Too late now!" she said looking at me as she pulled her dress back down. Looking at all the gawkers she said, "What's the big deal? I just took a piss!" She then went back out into the street and around the parked truck that was behind her, coming up on the sidewalk to 2 guys she had been with who were just a few feet from me and would have been right there if I snapped her shot. Then 3 cops walk by, none of them noticing her puddle as they cross the street to the next block. I've never felt so lucky NOT to snap a shot! I would have loved to snap her in a more private spot but her bladder wasn't going to let her make it the half block to the parking lot and alley which was the nearest place.

ladies pee puddle in street lady walking away after having a piss With the show over, people started walking off. I snapped this shot of her puddle in the street, between the front and back bumpers of the truck behind and car in front of her puddle and this back shot of her as she walked off. The puddle shot was snapped from where I stood while she took her desperate piss in the street, that close to her while she stared at me unable to stop until her bladder was empty. Totally out of control desperation, the only ladies I've seen more desperate than her were 2 ladies who peed on themselves!

1:55 a.m.- At the north end of the RTD block a group of people were walking across the park area towards me from the south end of the block, all wearing Halloween costumes. As they got closer it was 4 ladies and a guy, all early 20's and Hispanic. They were almost to the bus stop shelter when one of the ladies suddenly ran across the grass to the wall bordering the employee parking lot, a petite lady wearing a blue-green miniskirt, tall black boots and a Dracula-type cape. Getting to the wall she hiked up her skirt and turned around with her back to the wall and squatted down and started peeing in the grass, one of her friends running over to stand guard in front of her while the others laughed. The guy pulled out a digital camera and snapped a shot of her (looks like a lot of people besides me snap shots of ladies peeing, ladies they are out with who get desperate). She had pulled her cape around to the front and it was hanging down over her knees so nothing was really showing, finally after about 25 seconds she stood up and flipped her cape back over her shoulder and I watched her pull her panties up and walk out pulling her tight miniskirt back down. The group walked off laughing, she was drunk and stumbling a bit as the guy put his arm around her to hold her up while they walked.

2:00 a.m.- I crossed the street and was passing that corner building with the parking lot next to it, just in time to see 2 mid-20's couples coming from the alley running into the parking lot. One of the ladies, long black hair wearing jeans, was running with both hands squeezing her crotch and a pained look on her face with the other 3 following, running behind a construction crane parked behind the building to the back doorway of the building. Both guys went back there with her and both peed as I saw them standing above the crane looking down, and I could see the squatted feet of the lady below the bottom of the crane. The other lady stood guard in front of the crane looking around nervously, staring at me but eventually relaxing when she saw I wasn't going over there. The 2 guys finished and came out first, the lady finishing about 15 seconds later (about a 40 second piss) before coming out and everybody walked out of the lot past me and walked off. The lady seemed a little upset about having to pee outside, her boyfriend had his arm around her trying to console her. I didn't go to look at her puddle since the guys peed right by her, it would be a big combined wet area.

2:41 a.m.- Back at the RTD station's north end I saw the Saturday night Security guard come up inside the building and lock the doors (about 2:25 after the last bus left), since there were still a lot of people hanging around I stayed there. A petite slim lady in jeans with shoulder length brown hair talking on her cell phone was looking at the guard when he locked the doors as she had been easing towards the building, turned around and walked away when she saw him lock the doors. She was out on the sidewalk near the bus stop shelter when she finally ended her call because she had to pee, bending forward at the waist and crossing her thighs. She called out for her boyfriend who had been talking to other people nearby, he came over and the 2 started walking across the grass of the park area looking around with her unbuckling the belt of her jeans. The guy pointed to the wall right where the petite Hispanic lady peed earlier, and she went over there and pushed her jeans down and squatted in the same spot. She looked over at me and said something to the boyfriend who made a half-hearted effort to stand guard, but when he saw me not trying to go there he moved out of the way next to her and I could watch her pee from the sidewalk some 40 feet away. They started talking while she peed, I had a mostly front view of her and with the light-colored wall behind her could see a reflection of her stream flowing down to the grass below her squatted butt. It was a long piss as she stayed squatted for a minute and 5 seconds before standing up and pulling up her panties and jeans, unfortunately another piss on grass so I couldn't see how big her puddle was.

I was in the pee sightings area for awhile Sunday night, and it really made me appreciate the magic that occurs on Friday and Saturday nights. Many of the nightspots were closed, far more families out with very few sexy ladies - I found it very boring and didn't stay long. All the desperation and peeing I see on weekends doesn't come close to happening in the area the rest of the week, making me realize and appreciate what a fantasy-come-true environment I find there on weekends!

November preview: It's 93 pee sightings and 8 shots in it's previous 14 years rank it 10th in and 9th in shots with averages of 6.6 pee sightings and .6 shots. Bests for the month are 16 pee sightings and 3 shots, worsts are no pee sightings and no shots, last year I had 6 pee sightings and no shots. On average I have 94% of my year's pee sightings starting November, this year probably more like 96% to 97% because I won't be out on cold nights like I have been in the past. The weather will be cool next weekend with small crowds as nothing special will be going on in the pee sightings area, as long as it remains above freezing I will go out. I expect less than a full month's work because of cold weather and probably won't make my monthly average in November either, the weekend after Thanksgiving has been a busy one if it's not cold and snowing. My last November shot was in 2002, a 4-year picture drought that I expect to continue this year if I'm not out much. November's 11.6 to 1 pee sightings-to-picture ratio is 11th, only January is worse.

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