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Pee Sightings of Ladys peeing at night in an alley

Pee sightings of ladies peeing in a dark alley or the sidewalk

Dear Readers,
I got my 100 th sighting of the year last weekend among 4 sightings in my best November weekend, things have returned to normal after falling short of 100 sightings the last 2 years. 7 sightings for November and 103 for the year, this has been my best November since 2003 when I got 11 sightings.
Web page report today, 2 puddle shots and I had to include the 'pee ticket' lady from Halloween weekend to make it 3 because she was too sexy not to include her shot in one of my reports. This is my 600 th weekly report dating back to 2001 when I started saving them, started writing them back in '97 and posting them to Internet newsgroups and overwrote them each week with the new stories. Pretty mind-boggling that I've written so many of these, there's actually about 12 more from my yearly sightings summaries and a few other special reports I've written over the years. I've taken it week-to-week and now I've done 600 of these - 'sightings history', I guess you could say!

It was cold last weekend but it didn't snow, night temps in the mid-30's just above freezing. I went out because I was just 1 sighting away from my 100 and I had a strange feeling that I'd get a sighting or 2 despite the cold conditions because so many of my sightings have come in circumstances where you wouldn't figure ladies would be peeing outside. After all that's what ladies do, things you often don't expect them to - and they've proved me right again. There was no hesitation at all from any of the 4 ladies to pee in the cold, yet 2 weekends ago (before the snow) when it was warmer with more comfortable peeing conditions, none of the ladies peed!

Friday night had one of the smallest crowds of the year yet 3 ladies peed, Saturday night had a much bigger (September sized) crowd and was not as cold (night temp near 40) and I got just 1 sighting. Works exactly the opposite of what it should be: smaller crowds mean easier bathroom access at the bars and being colder you'd think more ladies would want to pee inside a warm bathroom instead of outside in the cold and when the crowds are bigger (tighter bathroom access) and it's warmer, more ladies use the bathroom inside. How do you figure this? On to the sightings, followed by the pee-ticket lady:

Saturday, 1:25 a.m. - 100th and 101st sightings! Walking down a busy avenue leaving the south part of the sightings area I noticed a car stopped in a driveway outside a parking garage door with it's lights on and engine running, I assumed they were waiting for the door to open so the car could go in the garage. But the door wasn't opening, suddenly the passenger door opens and a tall thin black lady in tight jeans gets out. She seemed tense, ran into the alley next to that driveway holding the belt buckle of her jeans. I was across the street and knew she was going to pee, watched her going around by the cars parked in the alley behind the corner building looking around for a suitable spot before disappearing in the space between the corner and 2nd buildings. It was about 45 seconds before she came out, buckling up the belt of her jeans so she did pee. She went back over to the car and got in, it was apparent now they had pulled in that driveway to get off the street and not to go in the parking garage. On the other side of that alley a food cart is on the sidewalk, another black lady in jeans was among the people there and she was walking back to the car with 2 plates of food she'd just got. She handed them in the passenger side window to the lady who just peed, suddenly she seemed tense as she crossed her thighs and bent further forward at the waist. She reached down and pressed a hand into her aching crotch, she had to pee too! "Where did you go?" I heard her asking the lady in the car and an arm stuck out the window pointing to the alley. She turned and ran into the alley, running up into the space between buildings where the earlier lady had gone squeezing her crotch with one hand before disappearing between the buildings out of my view. She took a quick piss, emerging from the buildings and walking back out of the alley in about 20 seconds. She got in the back seat of the car and it backed out of the driveway onto the street and drove off, a 3rd lady driving never got out of the car. So they pulled in the driveway to get food and for 2 of the ladies to pee! Too dark where they went to go look for puddles.

2:07 a.m. - Back over at the RTD block I was watching the scant crowds walking around. I was at the south shuttle bus stop end, the food cart vendor outside the corner lot across the street wasn't there tonight because of the cold so I didn't think there would be sightings in that lot tonight. A petite lady with long black hair wearing a short white ski coat and jeans coming from the busy area had walked down the block to this end, going over to sit on a bench near the terminal building. Looking at the scant people walking by I turned back to the bench and the lady was gone, I thought she went in the terminal building to catch the late bus. There's a wheelchair ramp sidewalk coming from the patio area in the middle of the RTD block to just a few feet from the area where she was sitting, glancing back at that sidewalk I saw her head and upper body in the middle of the sidewalk, looked like she was squatted there - was she peeing? I walked around the bench area where she had been sitting to get a clear view of the sidewalk and she was indeed squatted there, in a side view to me. I could see a reflection of several thin dark streams running down the sidewalk from her towards the bench area, she saw me and was staring at me to see that I didn't try to go over there. I probably could have gotten a shot if I hustled over there, but I didn't bother because it wouldn't be a very revealing scene and I like to see what the ladies do naturally, a dynamic that's ruined once they see me near them because they start acting unnaturally. I stood out on the sidewalk where I could see her upper body over the wall bordering the sidewalk, which relaxed her and she turned her attention back to peeing and looking down at her work (I would have gone for the shot then if I wanted it). After another 10 seconds she stood up and pulled up her jeans and walked down the ramp back to where she had been sitting, it was then I noticed her stream running out past the end of the ramp towards her - had to be a big piss to go that far! I had to wait for her to leave before going over to look at the puddle, she pulled out her cell phone and did a couple of text messages and made a phone call before getting up and walking off about 20 minutes later (the puddle hadn't started evaporating yet because of the cold). The terminal building was still open when she did this, but she had no interest in going inside to use a toilet in a warm bathroom.

big piss puddle by a desperate woman girl's giant piss puddle I went over to find an impressively big puddle for such a petite lady, snapping this first shot on the left standing over where she squatted. The 2nd shot on the right was at the end of the ramp where her pee streams ran out and pooled up, a couple of people walked through there stepping in her piss puddle before I could snap the shots and you can see footprints by the streams. Again another example of the illogical female bladder properties, smaller ladies having bigger bladders and taking bigger pisses than bigger ladies and this lady being an ethnic minority (Native American/Indian), a higher percentage of minority women have big bladders and take big pisses than white women. The funny thing here is most ladies probably aren't aware of this, I actually know more about it than them since I've observed the properties of ladies of all types and sizes taking outdoor pisses!

On Saturday night there was more bladder energy among the ladies than I've seen in a while as I heard many ladies complaining of needing to pee. But they all forced themselves to hold it and left the area without peeing, in other words not desperate enough. Finally one lady was desperate enough:

Sunday, 2:14 a.m. - At the north end of the RTD block 2 early 20's couples were standing by the building just outside that popular alley talking. They had been there awhile, finally one of the ladies - petite with brown curly below-shoulder hair wearing a red short dress - bolted from the group and ran into the alley. She ran right to those popular dumpsters behind the corner bank building on the other side of the alley, going between the first 2 dumpsters. Her boyfriend went in after her, stopped for a moment looking between the dumpsters to see what she was doing before turning his back to her and standing guard in the gap. About 35 seconds later he moved and she walked out from behind him, tugging at the black pantyhose under her dress pulling everything back into place. They went back to the other couple just outside the alley and resumed talking, about 5 minutes later she broke from the group and again ran into the alley and back between the same dumpsters....huh?? The boyfriend didn't go over to stand guard for her this time, she was back there longer as it was about 45 seconds before she came out this time and went back to the group. They finally walked off, did she pee again? I counted her as just 1 sighting.

Shortly after that I waited out 2 couples and a 3 rd lady at the RTD building's shuttle bus stop end who were waiting for their ride. The security guard locked up the terminal building after the last bus (2:20 a.m.), about 10 minutes later one of the couples started up towards the terminal building. They went up to benches there by a pay phone, kissed for awhile before the guy whipped out his cock and started peeing around the base of the phone area. The lady, average height and thin wearing a white loose short dress and brown boots, went over and sat down on one of the benches and watched her guy pee: didn't she have to pee too? Watching him did seem to affect her, she was fidgeting around and started to reach under her dress a couple of times but changed her mind: I think she wanted to pee but wasn't sure how to do it. Finally the group's ride came and they all got in the van and left, I went over to the bench where she sat and inspected the ground for a puddle to see if she did it discreetly, but the ground was dry - I would have seen her hike up her dress if she did pee. She's yet another reminder of the fact that for every lady I see who pees, there are about 10 others who are desperate enough to want to, but just won't (don't know how to do it outside, afraid to, think it's unladylike, against their values, etc.). This lady thought seriously about peeing while watching her boyfriend doing it, but in the end just couldn't bring herself to do it.

History of 100 sightings: this is the 15th time in my 17 years of sightings I've gotten more than 100 sightings. I did it this year despite little help from the big sightings summer months, just 34 sightings combined from June thru August which is my lowest ever summer total in a year that produced 100 sightings (35 summer sightings in '04 when I finished with 101 sightings was my previous summer low). Is this year's date of November 21 the latest date I've ever gotten my 100th sighting? No, I got my 100th sighting in 2004 on December 12. On average it takes me 252 days into a year to get my 100th sighting, which would be September 9. 10 years I've gotten it before that date with the earliest being July 19 in 2003, just 200 days (168 sightings that year). The December 12 date in '04 was the longest to 100 at 347 days, this year's 325 days is my 2nd longest. The average 100-sightings date is for the 15 years where I did get 100 sightings, if I include the last 2 years where I came up short of 100 that adds another 23 days to the average (275 days) and makes the average date to 100 sightings October 1.

pee ticket lady Pee ticket lady: OK, here she is walking with her guy after leaving a bar Halloween party. She said she squatted somewhere and peed, thought she had peed in her shoe when she finished and found a cop standing there who apparently saw the whole thing and issued her a ticket. She sounded that night like she was looking forward to her day in court to fight the ticket, I wonder if she's had second thoughts since then? She admitted she did it in the conversation I heard, how was she planning on convincing a judge she didn't take an outdoor public piss? And why would she want to go through that, embarrassing herself in front of a judge trying to explain this away? I'd bet by the court date she's decided to just quietly pay the fine and I'm very surprised a cop caught her because the cops in the sightings area I see miss ladies peeing about 98% of the time. Too bad I wasn't there to see her sighting, a lack of catching ladies like her peeing is probably the top reason I don't have any new shots this year. I want to catch more ladies like her, which actually was a regular occurrence in earlier years. Times have changed...the few sexy ladies like her I've seen peeing this year have all been guarded. Hopefully this ticket doesn't stop her from peeing outside again.

Looks like the weather will be about the same next weekend as it was this weekend, so I'll get to go out for November's best sightings weekend for the first time in 3 years. This weekend put me ahead of my November average (6.4 sightings) and got me to 100 sightings, any additional sightings now are gravy as there's probably no more than a few sightings at most left in this year. I guess I still like gravy!

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