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December Pee Preview. Pee Sightings for 2009

Dear Readers,
I was excited about my first post-Thanksgiving weekend of sightings in 3 years because finally it wasn't snowing, but it turned out to be a huge bust - as so many of my anticipated sightings outings become.
Friday night's temp was near 40 like the weekend before, but getting to the sightings area crowds were about as small as I've seen them in some time. The big warehouse dance club in the busy area was closed for the weekend for the holiday, taking the huge crowds it brings to the area out of the mix and the other bars and clubs on the busy block had just a few people at most outside them instead of the usual long lines waiting to get in. It was pretty much that way everywhere else in the area, seemed more like a weeknight than a Friday or Saturday night. It was much more like an actual holiday night, people were doing other things instead of coming down to the area to party. I left a little earlier than usual because the crowds were so small there were no sightings possibilities, didn't bother going out Saturday night because it was about 10 degrees colder (temps below freezing) and the crowds likely wouldn't have been much bigger.
So all I have today is my December preview and it's actually pretty surprising now:

December preview: It's dropped past February this year to my worst sightings month (12th) with just 42 sightings, remains tied for 11th in shots with 7 in it's previous 16 years for averages of 2.63 sightings and .4 shot (February has 45 sightings and a 2.65 average to move up to 11th place).
Bests for the month are 9 sightings and 2 shots, worsts are the last 3 years with no sightings.
December is falling off my sightings map. I haven't gotten a December sighting since the 31st (New Years Eve) in 2005, my last mid-December sighting coming in 2004 when I got my 100th sighting on December 12 that year.
After producing 38 sightings and all 7 of it's shots during it's first 10 years ('93 -2002) the month has only produced 4 sightings and no shots in the last 6 years, much of that because of cold weather and small crowds. The last 2 years I couldn't get out at all because of snowy weather every weekend until New Years' Eve.
I'm glad I got my 100th sighting last weekend and don't have to count on December sightings to get there this year. I probably won't go out this December unless there are unseasonably warm weekends, with an average yield of just 2 sightings that's not worth being out for hours on cold nights.$
But I do once again plan to be out for New Years' Eve regardless of the weather, it's always the biggest crowd of the year and there's so much energy and sightings potential among the ladies I still look forward to it.
My last December shot was in 2001 (desp186 in album 10), a lady in jeans peeing inside her open car door by a building in a parking lot (now a nearly 2 year old new hi-rise office building still looking for it's first tenants), her squatted butt and stream visible under the bottom of the car door - one of 2 sightings I got that 1st December weekend which would be my only sightings that month.

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