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New Year's Eve & January Pee Sightings Previews.

Dear Readers,
I decided to take the whole month of December off from sightings, the first time I've ever done that in my 17 years of sightings. I will be back out next Thursday night for my 18th New Years' Eve night of sightings, technically the start of a new sightings year but it always feels like the end of the current sightings year because there is hardly any sightings activity after that night until mid-March, the period I consider my sightings off-season. I take that time to ponder my sightings passion and see if I want to do it again for another year.
Today is my New Years' Eve and January previews:
The decision to sit out December was based mostly on the fact that I got my 100th sighting in November. I didn't think there would be many sightings to get and with so few of this year's sightings being the super-sexy out of control pisses that make the best shot opportunities and stories, it was easy to decide staying home on cold December nights made more sense. And the miserable cold and snow we and most of the country has seen this month makes it an even better decision, I feel better now than I usually do in December not having the chronic cold and flu symptoms I usually have from the many nights out in the cold looking for sightings. Although I did get sick this month, I recovered quicker not being out in the cold as much as I would have looking for sightings.
But I'm ready to get back to work, ready to see really desperate sexy ladies pee on New Years' Eve again - knowing it will be the 2nd biggest crowd of the year making it worthwhile to go out. Halloween weekend has grown to have the biggest crowds of the year in my sightings area the last 2 years, which I like because it's warmer.
New Years' Eve has 87 sightings and 8 shots in it's previous 17 years, averages of 6 sightings and .5 shot that make this single night more productive than the entire months of February and December have been over that time. Bests for the night are 15 sightings and 2 shots (different years), worsts are 1 sighting and no shots.
Last year I got 4 sightings and no shots, my last New Years' Eve shot was in 2007 (desp233), a cute blonde in a short white dress who, upon finding the RTD terminal building doors locked, hiked up her dress and bent over and peed standing by the side of the building with her boyfriend standing next to - not guarding - her. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and a 5 foot pile of it shovelled into a big pile near me and part of that bright white snow on the right side of my shot swallowed up the light from the flash and the peeing lady came out too dark in the shot.
By New Years' Eve it will still be cold, we've only had 2 days above freezing in the last 3 weeks. Night temps have been in the teens and single digits, it will again be in the teens Thursday night - which I'm not happy about. But it shouldn't have much impact on sightings because it's been cold long enough that people are used to it and it won't be my coldest New Years' Eve - that would be 2 degrees below zero in 1995, somehow I got 2 sightings that night.
Last year was a balmy 49 degrees, the average New Years' Eve temp in my sightings years has been right at freezing, 32 degrees. This will be the 7th year that will be colder than that. I do expect a smaller crowd this year because of the sluggish economy, some places that would be having New Years' Eve parties have closed - although I've still yet to see much drop-off in the sightings area crowds compared to the year before's crowds.

January preview: 118 sightings in it's previous 17 years ties it with March for 8th in sightings with an average of 6.9 sightings, it's 7 shots tie it with December for 11th with an average of .4 shot. New Years' Eve makes up 73% of my January sightings and all of it's shots, the 8th New Years Eve shot was a pre-midnight December 31 shot so it counts as a December shot.
Bests for the month are 14 sightings and 2 shots, (New Years' Eve), worsts are 1 sighting and no shot (New Years' Eve), last year I had 4 sightings and no shots (New Years' Eve).

I don't go out much in January after this night, crowds are typically tiny and it's still cold. By March when I start going out more again the sightings area has changed: some places have closed and once-busy spots are vacant, 1 or 2 new ones have opened. The crowd is mostly lots of new people, which makes it seem like a new sightings year. I expect more closings and changes when I return next spring than I usually see, I know a lot of places are just hanging on by their fingernails and will likely throw in the towel after a final New Years' Eve night of business.

Tidbits: I'm getting some feedback about my pee techniques page on desperatewomen.com All guys so far have been describing ladies using basically the same positions my techniques pictures show saying because their knees are bent more or less like the ladies in the shots (making them higher or lower to the ground) that makes it a different technique? No it doesn't: there will always be individual variances in how much a lady will bend, squat, tilt, etc. to pee, based on her particular anatomy - angle of urethra, pelvis flexibility, muscle strength and other physical factors that determine the direction and angle of her stream when she pees. I'd entertain this discussion more with ladies, who would have more first-hand knowledge about female peeing techniques.
Why do guys think they know all about this? That's kinda like a guy talking about what it feels like to be in labor and give birth to a child!
Yes, there are other techniques ladies use to pee outdoors. But they make up less than 1% of the techniques ladies use, as I wrote in an update on the techniques page. Ladies using unusual peeing techniques tend to be those who don't know how to pee outside, tend to be introverted and aren't comfortable about their bodies or bodily functions like peeing. So it can be pretty comical if they get hit with extreme desperation and have to pee outside, they'll do it in ways you've never seen because they don't know how to do it the way most ladies do.

Interesting: I heard about a recent speech given to journalism students at my old college a couple of months ago. A long-time newspaper man was talking to them about the future of news print media with newspapers going away, told them the journalists of the future will have to be photojournalists. They'll have to have the skills to take their own pictures and do their own editing, write their own stories and make it into their own web content and do their own online publishing. Sound familiar? So what I've been doing with my sightings work for the last 10 years is now considered the trend of the future and college students are now being taught how to do basically what I do!

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