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Dear Readers,
my 2nd consecutive weak New Years' Eve as again I get just 1 pee sighting, so this report won't be very long. The night can best be described as both surprising and frustrating and I just have this feeling 2009 is going to be a weak pee sightings year.
Of course, I'll give the year a chance to prove me wrong. We got snow last week but it was dry tonight with the major streets clear, nothing like last year when there was over 2 feet of snow on the ground. Temps were slightly cooler this year (around 15 degrees) but it didn't bother me like I thought, so despite not going out in the cold this winter I must be used to cold weather from all those years of doing it.
I knew something was different when I got to the area and had no trouble parking, found a space quickly and got to the downtown fireworks area about 11:40 p.m. - earlier than I expected.
Normally there are huge crowds shoulder-to-shoulder on every block for close to a mile waiting for the midnight fireworks, but tonight there were just a few small crowds and people walking to where the biggest crowd was. My normal spot, across the street from the RTD building by a parking lot and an alley across the downtown mall on the other side, had just a few people scattered about with the bigger crowd nearly 2 blocks up the mall.
This was more like a summer night than a New Years' Eve, thousands of people stayed home. I walked up to where the crowds were, easily getting around because they weren't that big, to discover a big mall that is normally closed was open, hundreds of people going in and up the escalators to get out of the cold and use the bathrooms with more going in as they came out - not good for pee sightings. I went back down to my usual area by the RTD station for the midnight fireworks as lots of new people were entering the area at that end.
Even though most of the people weren't there, cars were parked in the alley and loading dock across the alley, usually parked cars produce sightings and this is where I've gotten most of them on New Years' Eve in past years.
Midnight came and the fireworks started, officially ending my 2007 sightings year with 95 sightings and 5 pictures - my lowest sightings total for a full year with the 5 pictures tying my lowest yearly total ever back in 2004 (101 sightings that year).

12:08 a.m. - Among the people trickling into the area from that west end a 20's couple turned into the alley with all the parked cars behind the building and in the loading dock across the alley. The guy went up between cars in the loading dock while the lady, about 5'6" and thin wearing tight jeans tucked into tall boots and a waist-length ski coat, went across the alley and up between the front and back bumpers of cars parked along the wall of the building across the alley. She stood there looking around nervously for a long time before finally squatting to piss between the cars, me watching from out in the mall outside that alley. The boyfriend finished and went over there looking for her, I heard her say "I'm over here!" and he went over and stood in the alley in front of the cars watching her pee. She finished peeing and stood up after about 20 seconds, that area was dark and icy and she fell on her butt trying to walk out to him. They walked out of the alley and stopped right near me and watched the rest of the fireworks, her being my first pee sighting of 2008.
But that would be it, after the fireworks ended and the flood of people were walking by to leave the area nobody went into the alley or parking lot for a piss like some always did in years past: those who had to pee were among the crowds piling into the still-open shopping mall on the block where the crowds were to use the toilet.
I then went across the street to the RTD building where I got another rude surprise. Despite this being a Monday night, a 2:20 a.m. last bus was running instead of the 1:08 last bus it should have been, meaning the terminal building was again going to be open for the closing time desperate ladies needing to pee. Apparently they are going to be running this late bus every night now (or very soon), which will just serve to make my sightings work harder. As I turned from the building a guy was peeing by one of the bike storage boxes on the sidewalk, a reminder that there will still be some who pee outside despite the building being open late. But none of the ladies tonight did and honestly I don't know if any would have. Because of the small crowds the night felt like a typical October sightings night, there wasn't anywhere near the normal amount of New Years' Eve party-night energy among the crowd.
I saw 3 ladies late complaining of needing to pee badly, but they all left the area without peeing. What was with the crowd? A lot of people didn't want to come down this year for whatever reasons - expected big crowds, snow and cold, safety and a lack of bathrooms (a lady said on a news report that's why she couldn't come). Count me among those who would rather be there for the festivities than watch at home or not go, although I hate to say that after 16 years of these I've changed too. I found myself getting very annoyed by the silliness of some of the squawking ladies, I wanted to tell them to just shut up and pee!
There was the normal bunch of ladies strutting around in skimpy miniskirts and heels with no coats stepping through snow and ice, the thing that keeps me coming to the area because they are the ones I go there to see take a pee. I think there will be fewer of them doing so in '08, the question is if there will be enough on a weekly basis to make coming to the area still worthwhile?
Will this be the year that more ladies decide not to pee outside because more buildings start staying open later and letting them in late to use the toilet? I walked through the area checking out new openings and closings. Another parking lot has been fenced off for construction since my last outing in November, a big lot in the old Oktoberfest area where I snapped one of my most memorable pictures of a pretty blonde in a black sexy dress bent over by her car in the lot pissing a double pee stream (desp194 in albums 5 and 11). I haven't gotten a pee sighting there for a few years, but I still hate to see these parking lots go, with a (condo) building being built there now there will be no possibilities for sightings anymore and by now, a few of the places open this night will have closed for good January 1st after their New Years' Eve parties, something that happens every year in the sightings area.

So that long-expected transition in my sightings area of both people and places is finally taking place, making this New Years' Eve - and all of 2008 - a year of transition for my sightings work. We'll see what happens as the new year unfolds. Next week, my annual (2007) Pee Sightings Summary.

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