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Dear Readers,
my 15th annual summary of the ladies I saw pee outdoors in 2007.
This has become a lot of work to write, taking about a week because of all the statistical categories I've added over the years - all thanks to my discovery of spreadsheets when I first started using computers in the mid '90's. It's been fun coming up with different categories of things to track my female pee sightings behavior in, adding formulas (to various cells in my spreadsheets) to calculate and show these new statistics. I still basically just update the totals on my spreadsheets every weekend after pee sightings nights (who, when, where I got pee sightings and if I snapped or passed on pictures) and totals automatically update in all the other categories I've set up when I update my pee sightings - still one of the coolest things to see! I'd never have the time or inclination to do a fraction of this work otherwise, there are now over 90 categories I keep track of in my pee sightings work. I use the basic month and year totals when I write my weekly stories, at year's end I look at the totals in all the areas and compile them to write these summaries (no, I was never a math/finance/statistics major in school!).
This year's numbers are particularly revealing, since like virtually everyone else I hear from who goes out for pee sightings I have had a major drop in pee sightings this year and we're all looking for reasons for that. My stats remain relevant since I get them in the same area year after year and can compare yearly differences, I'll have some comments following the categories in certain areas that show significant changes from last year.


Overall a frustrating year. Snapped my string of consecutive years with more than 100 pee sightings after 14 years by getting just 95 pictures and not as many great and memorable sightings as years past. I finished below my monthly sightings average in 9 of the 12 months in 2007, summer was especially frustrating with just 32 sightings combined over the 3 months and no pictures - 28 fewer pee sightings and 9 pictures below my summer averages, which make up 50% of my sightings and 55% of my pictures for a year.
I got sightings on 32 weekend nights this year as I went out on just weekends again, averaging 3 sightings per night. Last year's 127 pee sightings came on 35 weekends for a 3.6 sightings per night average, so not only were this year's numbers down, but also my per-night sightings average.
My observation throughout the year was ladies were being more careful about their behavior in public, more doing preventative 'bathroom using' earlier before getting full so they wouldn't get caught up in the crush of long bathroom lines at the bars which sends them out on the streets desperate to piss and having to pee outside and a lot more ladies (than usual) who did have to pee wouldn't do it outside, they weren't desperate enough that they couldn't get to a bathroom.
On to my numbers, with comments in the categories where the patterns stand out to me compared to last year:
TOTAL SIGHTINGS: 95 pee sightings in 2007, 32 less than last year's 127 sightings (25% decrease). Overall I have 2096 documented sightings in 15 years, a yearly average of 139.7 sightings that is down from last year's overall 142.9 average. This year's 95 pics rank as my lowest ever yearly total, 15th out of my 15 pee sightings years. Where did the losses come from? The category totals listed below will show those changes, with the net being minus-32 in all the categories compared to last year. Even though this means lower numbers in just about every category compared to last year, the percentages of some groups in their categories are higher than they were last year - which is more important than the actual numbers because they indicates the patterns that are occurring.
I'll start with the breakdown of the ladies who peed in my sightings area in 2007:
THE LADIES: 84 were white (88.4%), 7 were Hispanic (7.4%), 3 were black (3.2%), and 1 of other races (1.1%). 
Net numbers: 22 fewer white ladies peed than last year (4.9% increase), 4 fewer Hispanic ladies (1.4% decrease), 2 fewer black ladies (.8% decrease), and 4 fewer ladies of other races peed (2.4% decrease) for the net loss of 32 sightings in 2007.
Age-wise the area continues to be dominated by twenty-somethings, although I can't verify the age of all the ladies I see. Many look older (in the dark nights) but turn out to be younger after I look at pictures of them I snap or hear them talk and see how they act while I'm around them. The area seemed to be getting younger, I saw more 20-somethings and fewer older ladies - which makes sense because I hear older ladies saying all the time how annoyed they are by younger ladies in the same social environment (translation: they don't like the younger ladies getting more attention from men!).
ATTIRE: Jeans remain what most of the ladies who peed outside were wearing, with 44 (46.3%). 16 ladies wore non-denim pants (16.8%), 26 wore a short skirt/short dress (27.4%), 5 ladies wore shorts (5.3%), 2 wore a long skirt/long dress (2.1%) and 2 wore athletic wear (other, 2.1%).
Net numbers: 20 fewer ladies who peed wore jeans than last year (4.1% decrease), 14 fewer wore non-denim pants (6.8% decrease), 3 fewer wore shorts (1% decrease), 1 fewer wore a long skirt/long dress (.2% decrease) while 4 more ladies wore a short skirt/short dress than last year (10% increase) and 2 more wore athletic wear (other, 2% increase) for the net loss of 32 ladies.
BIG BLADDERS: The ladies who peed longer than 30 seconds, or peed visible puddles that were bigger than the average puddle size of what most ladies make. I saw 21 ladies take big pisses in 2007, 1 less than last year's 22. That's 22.1% of this year's ladies, which was 3.8% higher than last year's 17.3% of the ladies taking big pisses. I think this is in the teeth of the ladies' preventative bathroom-using. Fewer ladies needing to pee means fewer ladies taking big pisses outdoors.
WHO LADIES WERE WITH WHEN THEY PEED: Who was actually there with peeing ladies, close enough to see or hear them doing it. This includes others who peed with a lady or stood guard for her, does not include people who waited some distance away while the lady went to a different spot and peed. 52 ladies had another lady with them when they peed outdoors (54.7%), 15 were with a boyfriend/husband, (15.8%), 20 were alone (21.1%), 5 with a group of men and women (5.3%), and 3 were the only lady in a group of men (2.4%).
Net numbers: 10 fewer ladies peed with another lady with them than last year (5.9% increase), 5 fewer ladies peed alone this year (1.4% increase), 14 less were with a boyfriend/husband (7% decrease), 3 fewer in a mixed M/F group (1% decrease) and the same number of ladies in a group of men peed (.8% increase) for the net loss of 32 sightings.
In the 5 years I've been keeping this stat of ladies peeing together, it's gone up 5%, so it's becoming more of a female bonding/sharing activity every year. Always pay attention when you see 2 or more ladies go off somewhere together!
WHEN AND WHERE: 1 New Years' Eve sighting late Sunday night/Monday morning (1%), 58 pee sightings were on Saturday night/Sunday morning (61.1%), 36 on Friday night/Saturday morning (37.9%).
Net: 26 fewer sightings on Friday nights (9% decrease), 7 fewer sightings Saturday nights (10% increase), 1 more sighting Sunday night for the net loss of 32 sightings.
Time-wise, the 2 a.m. hour continues as the busiest hour for ladies peeing with 48 pee sightings (50.5%), 1 a.m. was next with 41 (43.1%); midnight, 6 (6.3%) and no other hour had any sightings this year.
Combining days and times, the Sunday 2 a.m. hour (Saturday night) remains the busiest with 28 sightings; Saturday 2 a.m. (Friday night) 20, Saturday 1 a.m. 12, Sunday 1 a.m. 28, Sunday midnight hour 2, Saturday midnight 4.
Hourly net: The 2 a.m. hour had 26 fewer sightings than last year (7.8% decrease), 1 a.m. 5 fewer pee sightings (7% increase), the midnight hour the same number of sightings (1.7% increase), and the 11 p.m. hour 1 fewer sighting (2% decrease) for the net loss of 32 sightings.
Day/time net: Saturday 2 a.m. had 16 fewer sightings, Sunday 2 a.m. had 10 less, Saturday 1 a.m. 12 less, Sunday midnight 3 less, Friday 11 p.m. 1 less, while Sunday 1 a.m. had 6 more than last year, Saturday midnight 3 more and Monday 1 a.m. 1 more for the net loss of 32 pee sightings.
Monthly, September was the only month to get over 20 sightings with 22. June had 16, July and October 11 as the only months to get more than 10 sightings. May had 9, April 8, November 7, August a record low 6, March 3, January and February 1 each and December for the 2nd straight year didn't have a sighting. July still leads in total monthly sightings with 333 (22.2 average), 2nd place August has 318 (21.2), really falling off this year because of it's record low 6. June is 3rd with 273, followed by September 266, October 199, May 173, April 134, January 113, March 107, November 100, December 42, and February 38.
Monthly net: October had 7 more pee sightings than last year, June 4 more, September 2 more and November 1 more for the gainers, February and December were the same as last year. August and May each had 15 fewer sightings, July had 8 less, January 4 less, April 3 less and March had 1 less for the net loss of 32 sightings.
This is the area that has the most factors I have no control over (weather, bar openings/closings, events going on that weekend, etc.) that influence crowd size in the sightings area. More ladies in the area equals more potential for pee sightings, wish I could snap a finger and get lots of ladies there whenever I wanted.
BUSIEST LOCATIONS: Alleys/dumpsters and beside a building were the top spots this year with 20 sightings each (21.1%), tree/bush/grass was next with 17 (17.9%), sidewalk/driveway next with 14 (14.7%), parking lots dropped from the top spot last year to 5th this year with just 11 (11.6%), on or near steps had 8 (8.4%), parking garage 4 (3.1%), and 1 other- in the street by her car (.3%).
Net numbers: 33 fewer ladies peed in parking lots (23% decrease), 9 less in alleys (1.7% decrease), 6 fewer ladies peed on a sidewalk or driveway (1.1% decrease), 1 fewer lady peed on or near steps (1.3% increase), while 10 more peed by a tree/bush/grass (12.4% increase), 4 more ladies peed by a building (6.9% increase), 2 more in parking garages (1.5% increase), and 1 more peed in another location (in the street by her car) for the net 32 fewer sightings.
Top spots: The RTD station block was again the top outdoor spot with 38 sightings, 2 less than last year but a higher percentage of this year's pee sightings (40%) than last year (31.4%). 4 of this year's 5 pictures were on the RTD block, last year it was 7 of the 14 pictures. The 2nd and 3rd top spots were a parking lot and alley across the street from the RTD block (north) with 10 sightings each as most of the sightings moved to the middle part of the area by the RTD block, resulting in a drop in total spots used by ladies to 28 this year from last year's 36. 6 of those were new spots where ladies hadn't peed before, compared to 7 new spots last year.
The drop in parking lot sightings is the major stat here, because I never have a big pee sightings year without a lot of parking lot sightings. That's where more ladies feel the most comfortable peeing, unfortunately the main reason parking lot peeing is declining is the loss of parking lots to development. They are being replaced by parking garages, a good place for ladies to pee but much harder to go in and see them do it. Most of those ladies don't know it's likely them ladies peeing is on film, since most parking garages have cameras on all their levels for security and insurance purposes. More cars are parked on streets because of the lack of parking lots and I am starting to see a few ladies peeing right on the street by their cars - something I'll be on the lookout for more in 2008. Tree/bush/grass, the category with the biggest increase this year, are probably the most natural outdoor spots to pee but bad for pictures because no puddles are visible!
PICTURES: I snapped just 5 pictures this year, less than half the 14 I snapped last year. That's a 64% drop in pictures and a picture ratio of 19 (1 picture every 19 sightings), but there were 7 scenes I could have snapped but didn't which would have given me 12 pictures this year and a picture ratio of 7.9 - better than last year's picture ratio of 9 considering the 32 fewer sightings this year.
237 pictures overall in 15 years for an average of 15.9 pictures per year (I haven't snapped that many pictures in a year since 2001). This is an area where I definitely have changed, I'm more picky now and look to snap pictures of just the sexiest pee sightings since I've snapped so many pictures over the years and know most sightings aren't very exciting or revealing. We sometimes forget, but ladies peeing outside do NOT want to be seen and are trying to hide their misdeed, which makes most sightings unrevealing. 2 pictures each came early Saturday morning (Friday night) and early Sunday morning (Saturday night) and 1 early Monday morning (New Years' Eve Sunday night). 2 were during the 1 a.m. hour and 3 during the 2 a.m. hour, 1 picture each in January, February, and March, September was the year's best picture month with just 2.
Picture net: 6 fewer pictures on Saturday night, 4 fewer on Friday night, and 1 more on Sunday night for the net loss of 9 pictures.
Hourly picture net: 6 fewer pictures during the 2 a.m. hour this year, 2 fewer during the 1 a.m. hour and 1 fewer during the midnight hour for the net 9 fewer pictures this year.
Day/time net: Sunday 2 a.m. hour 3 fewer pictures than last year, Sunday 1 a.m. 2 fewer pictures, Saturday 2 a.m. 3 fewer pictures, Saturday 1 a.m. 1 less picture, Sunday midnight 1 fewer picture, Monday 1 a.m. 1 more picture for the net of 9 fewer pictures this year.
Monthly net: 5 fewer pictures in July, 3 fewer pictures in June, 2 fewer pictures in August, 1 fewer picture each in May and January; 1 more picture each in February, March, and September make up the net 9 fewer pictures this year.

When I see a lady peeing my thought on pictures now comes down to this: is there something so sexy about her or the way she's peeing or it's intensity (uncontrollable pisses are the sexiest and best pictures) that I would risk the possibility of bad things happening to me to snap her picture? There were dozens of ladies in past years where the answer was a definite yes, I haven't seen that many the last few years and most of those I have seen have been too closely guarded to shoot. I do remain amazed how most ladies don't react angrily when I snap their picture while their pee stream is flowing, it's such a shock to them I think most are caught off guard and don't know how to react!

Pee Sightings and picture highlights:
I write this section off the top of my head, the pee sightings that jump out in my mind - preferring not to look up my stories to remind me because I'd have 50 or 60 sightings I'd want to include. Based on that criteria 4 sightings stand out and 3 of the 4 - as most of my favorite sightings are - pee sightings I snapped pictures of:
4) An early 20's lady in late September that I snapped the year's final picture of (desp 237). She and her friend were at the RTD building late, she looked in the window and saw the building was open but instead squatted to piss between 2 benches by that window and hiked up her miniskirt and spread her feet and let loose a thick golden pee stream that ran across the sidewalk. Me walking towards her and pointing the camera didn't make her stop, she never noticed me until after the flash went off. "That's not nice!" she said to me before turning her attention back to peeing. I like the picture, a clear view of her naked crotch and pee stream with her looking down at her work.
3) The New Years' Eve picture last January of a pretty blonde in a short babydoll white dress. She had on no coat on that 20 degree night with snowbanks everywhere from the 2 feet of snow, her boyfriend had been holding her to keep her warm. She couldn't stand still, running up to the RTD building and getting hysterical when she found the doors locked (the good ol' days!). She immediately came around the side of the building by where I was and quickly squatted and yanked down her panties with her back to the building window, twice started falling over because she was a little drunk and her boyfriend held his hand on her shoulder so she could keep her balance. She started shooting out a yellow geyser from between her spread thighs, I hesitated because the boyfriend was right there but finally had to pull out the camera and snap the picture when I realized she couldn't stop (desp 233). Amazingly she and her boyfriend didn't react to the flash, but the bright white snowbank near me deflected the light and made her (still peeing in the background) too dark.
2) The Halloween weekend sighting of the lady in the short dress in the big crowds outside the warehouse dance club who suddenly ran across the street to the space between 2 cars parked on the street in front of me, quickly squatting down to piss reaching under the sides of her skirt and pulling down her panties and peeing in the street between the back and front bumpers of the 2 parked cars. People were right by me who saw her and several cops nearby, I pulled out the camera and she looked at me but couldn't stop peeing. Her loud splattering was getting to me but I just couldn't snap this picture with so many people right there looking at me and her, after her 35 second piss she stood up and pulled up her panties and said, "Too late!" staring at me smiling. Cops walked by right after that not noticing her, she looked at all the people staring at her and said, "What's the big deal? I just took a piss!" and then walked over to her waiting friends. Next to a lady who can't hold it peeing on herself this is as desperate a situation as it gets, there was absolutely no way with the big crowds there that she could get into the club - or any of the bars nearby - to use the bathroom. I love to see ladies in this situation! And speaking of a lady peeing on herself... 
1) My 'best piss of the year' goes to the lady in February who also walked up to the RTD building late with a friend only to find the doors locked. I heard loud splattering almost immediately, then the ladies turned and walked towards me and I could see a pee stream of wetness on the ground behind the lady in gray pants - from what I thought was a bottle of something she was holding. But as they got closer and passed me it was apparent she was peeing on herself as she walked, I could see the dark wetness on the insides of her pants legs and the dark patch over her crotch. She was completely stoic like she wasn't aware she was peeing on herself as they walked past me and I snapped her picture (desp 234).
As powerful as it can be watching a lady barely get her panties down in time and take an emergency piss, nothing compares to seeing a lady peeing on herself so hard she is powerless to stop it until her bladder is empty - which is what happened to this lady. She's the 2nd lady I've seen have a bad public ladies peeing accident since starting my sightings work, like the last lady who peed her pants helplessly standing on the sidewalk I will remember the intensity of their peeing accidents and am glad I was able to snap pictures of both.
2008 outlook: I actually don't know what to expect this year with construction in most parts of my sightings area changing everything. There will always be some desperate ladies who pee, the question is how many?
100 sightings in 2008 will probably be as hard to get as it was this year and I expect to go out less for pee sightings in 2008. This is now my annual sightings 'vacation time', January through April or May (depending on weather) before sightings start to pick up in worthwhile numbers again.
But will they in 2008? I'll find out in the spring when I see the comings and goings in the sightings area from all the construction, some of which will be finished or close to it by spring. I'll write over the next few months on the weeks when I have something to write about.

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