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She tried to pee standing but was wetting herself

Dear Readers, a good first weekend of April as I got 4 sightings despite small crowds in the sightings area last weekend, more sightings than I got the entire month of March. Glad to see that, maybe this year will come to life as I move ahead of the sluggish pace I had last year on this date (9 sightings now to last year's 6 on this date). I'm still 3 shots behind last year on this date but have lots of time to make that up, I didn't snap my 4th shot last year until September.
All 4 of this week's sightings were good, the ladies were really desperate and took intense pisses - 2 of them on a street in front of people, the kind of desperation that keeps me coming back to see more. It was warmer - no, make that 'not as cold' as it has been with temps in the mid 40's Friday night and around 40 Saturday night as I did go out both nights. I went out late for brief outings expecting small crowds and they were even smaller than I thought - more like weeknight crowds on both nights with few people on the streets, but there were enough cars in the parking lots to indicate a lot of people were out. But even during closing time the crowds weren't very big and the area cleared out quickly after people left bars. I had ladies grinning at me each night, a cute lady complimenting me Saturday night - such things are the 'X' factor that adds additional spice to my outings that makes it fun. Maybe one of these nights I will return the attention of one of these pretty ladies and enjoy the ride! 3 of the sightings came on the very small-crowd Friday night and 1 on the bigger-crowd Saturday night.
I continue to be amazed how often ladies pee outside on nights when there is less reason for it, like these small-crowd nights where bathrooms aren't crowded and they can get to them easily. Seems like more ladies pee outside on nights when they can get to bathrooms than on big-crowd nights when bathrooms are crowded and there is more reason to pee outside!
On to the stories:
Saturday, 1:47 a.m.- At the south end of the sightings area I was on the corner of the block outside the big parking lot that is mostly used in that area. People were scattered along the sidewalk trying to flag down cabs as the crowds were leaving and I looked directly across the street to see 2 early 20's black ladies standing in the gap between the front and back bumpers of 2 cars parked on the street by the corner. Both were average height with shoulder length brown hair, lady 1 slim wearing white knit lo-rider pants (top was on the hip instead of waist). Lots of cars were driving by on that street, suddenly as a car passed them lady 1 was squatted between the cars with her pants down peeing! It was a few moments after I saw her that people nearby noticed, yes she was peeing out in the open in front of lots of people! She was laughing as lady 2 half-stood guard, finishing about 20 seconds later and standing up and pulling up her pants. By now she was getting honked at and guys were stopping to talk to them, finally a limousine pulls up beside them at the red light and the driver is talking to them. I noticed lady 2 wasn't there, the light turns green and the limo drives off to reveal a squatted lady 2 peeing right next to lady 1's puddle! This time more people saw her and she was drawing lots of attention, amazingly none of the nearby cops came over there. She finished after about 25 seconds and stood up, pulling up her tight blue jeans as she had a stockier build than lady 1 (they were sisters, I think). A few minutes later they walked off with a crowd of people who seemed to be treating them as celebrities, I crossed the street to see the 2 huge splatter spots in the street with streams from both running under the 2nd car (behind where they squatted). I wanted a shot of these puddles and was waiting for the people by there to leave, but suddenly a fight breaks out between 2 punk guys a few feet from the 2nd car! That was that, soon cops were there and a crowd lingered so long I finally left as the puddles were starting to evaporate. I have to snap them while they're fresh to capture the intensity of the pisses, can't let the evidence 'dry up'!
2:14 a.m.- I went back over to the RTD block. Nothing was happening there and I was leaving, at the north end of the block when I noticed a group of about 6 people walking up to the terminal building, all early 20's. It was still open but the group looked unsure, if they'd walked up to in front of the doors they would have automatically opened but the group never went up to the doors. After a few minutes they walked off, I noticed a petite slim blonde in tight jeans and high heels and short jacket walking with her arms folded and seeming tense. She and her boyfriend were falling behind the rest of the group, when they passed the bus stop shelter near the middle of the block she stopped. "I have to use the BATHROOM!", she said sounding anxious. She climbed up on the grass near the shelter and went over to the wall bordering the employee parking lot, tried to climb over it but couldn't navigate it in high heels. She went over and handed her long-strapped purse she'd been carrying over her shoulder to her boyfriend standing on the sidewalk, then went to a small tree by her and quickly pulled down her jeans and panties and leaned her back against the tree. She tried to pee standing like that but apparently was wetting herself so she bent down to a sitting position with her butt against the tree and leaned her back forward and really let loose. "You guys, wait!!", the boyfriend shouted to the rest of the group who had made it to the next corner (near me). "What's she doing?", one of the guys said. "She's using the bathroom, she really had to go!", another girl in the group said. I couldn't get closer than about 40 feet because of the boyfriend looking at me, I was just far enough away I couldn't see her stream. "That is so inappropriate!", another of the guys said seeing the blonde squatted by the tree. That made me laugh, his apparent disgust with the blonde peeing. Of course it's inappropriate, that's why it's so fascinating and enjoyable when it happens! She peed about 40 seconds before moaning in relief, lowering herself to the grass as she pulled her panties up. She was so exhausted from the experience she fell over in the grass, her boyfriend going over to help her pull up her jeans and stand her up and they walked over to their waiting friends. That was quite an experience for the blonde, unfortunately by the tree I couldn't see much but a little wetness on the grass blades as she peed over the grass.
Sunday, 2:02 a.m.- At the south end of the RTD block I saw 2 ladies walking by the bars across the street (east) turn into the parking lot next to the 1st building. Lady 1 was in a hurry as she turned into the parking lot, a mid 20's blonde in jeans, with lady 2 following. She went down the row of cars parked by the building (about 10 cars) and up between 2 cars, was it her car? I knew it wasn't when she went past the door to the building wall, lady 2 stopping in the gap between the cars and turning to face the lot to stand guard for her friend. I saw the blonde squat down by the building wall between the front fenders of the car, I crossed the street and went into the lot. Lady 2 was looking at me as I walked down that row and past her, carrying on a conversation with her peeing friend standing several feet away with her back to her. I glanced over her shoulder as I walked by and saw the blonde behind her by the building wall, squatted in a front view with thighs spread over the sound of loud violent splattering. I waited further down in the lot for her to finish, about 40 seconds later she came out buckling up the belt of her jeans. 3 guys walking by outside the lot had noticed her and stopped to look, she got angry and started yelling at them - while not aware I was the one who got a peek of her peeing! After they walked off I snapped a shot of the dark area between the cars where she peed to see how big her puddle was, surprisingly it wasn't as big as it sounded - slightly bigger than an average sized puddle.

Next weekend's weather looks good enough to get out again, maybe another 2-night weekend as it will be a little warmer. I expect the crowds will remain smaller than usual since most of the people coming to the sightings area are suburbanites making long drives with gas prices continuing to rise. This weekend reminded me again how small crowd size doesn't necessarily mean no sightings, it will be interesting to see if my sightings numbers remain consistent if the crowds continue to be smaller - something I expect for most of this year if the economy doesn't get better.

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