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Her pee stream started shooting out in a forward angle.

Dear Readers,
2 sightings to begin July, 34 for the year. 25 on this date last year, 3 on July's first weekend.
As is typical for July, the sightings are getting sexier with one of them being great this weekend - could have snapped a shot of it but decided not to.
I expected smaller crowds because this was a holiday weekend and that's what I got, the crowds were 92% of the size of last weekend's crowds. Nice nights, temps both nights around 70 degrees.

This is a brief report, 1 sighting each night. On to the stories:
Saturday, 1:28 a.m.- Walking by the big Irish bar a group of people were standing by the alley behind the building. I looked into the alley as I walked by (across the street), I saw a petite blonde go up into the back doorway of the bar but she came out almost immediately, walking further down the alley and going up beside the dumpster by the next building. I watched from across the street, it was nearly a minute before she came out snapping up the front of her blue jean shorts. Her boyfriend was among the waiting group, all early to mid 20's, she was the only one in the group who peed. After the group walked off (5 of them) I went into the alley to look for her puddle, 2 guys were in the alley near there so I just settled for seeing her stream running from beside the dumpster to the middle of the alley - not enough volume to make a puddle in the alley.

Sunday, 2:28 a.m.- More fruit from no cops being in the busy area. With the RTD block being strangely unproductive this year I went to the busy area since no cops are there anymore, just watching the people still lingering around near the busy block. Among them were 2 ladies and a guy sitting on a window ledge of a corner building by the busy block, one of the ladies got up and walked into the alley behind that building. She was about 5' 7" with long blonde hair wearing a clingy black knit tight short dress, I knew immediately she was going to pee. A guy was standing by the 2nd building in it's small parking lot peeing against the building, she went through the parking lot behind the corner building over to right near him, leaned her back to the wall as she lowered herself down to a sitting position with her hands under the bottom sides of her dress. She pulled her panties down to her knees, pressed her thighs together and spread her feet. I stood outside the alley watching her (about 40 feet away) in a front/side view to me as the peeing guy started talking to her, after about 3 or 4 seconds her pee stream started shooting out in a forward angle and hitting the ground slightly behind her feet. I soon heard the splattering noise, felt myself unzipping the camera bag.
The guy finished after a few seconds and walked off, she was now looking at me, but she wasn't at all alarmed, casually pulled out her cell phone and called someone while she peed. Since she could see me coming if I tried to get closer for a shot I didn't try it, although it looked like she was not going to be finished for some time - I could see a thick stream running from between her spread feet across the small parking lot. She peed for close to 1 minute before pulling up her panties and standing up, walking out of the alley and passing me on her way back to her waiting friends. She glanced at me, didn’t seem at all bothered that I had just watched her pee. She left a huge puddle in that corner of the building where she squatted, I snapped a shot of it but didn't include it today.
No way she pees here if the police presence had been like it has been the last few years, I'm going to get more sightings in this area if cops continue to stay away this summer!

I've snapped 4 shots of ladies in this area, the last 2 near where this lady peed in October 2001 (Desp 183, 184 in Album 10) in the days before cops started blanketing this area.
Next weekend's crowds should be bigger, I'm looking forward to that and seeing if the good momentum for July will continue.

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