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A Lady Pees Standing - She Does Her Pee Up A Wall!

Dear Readers,

The cold and snow we were to get last weekend didn't materialize, it was mild with night temps in the 40's so I was able to get out both nights and get 4 sightings and a very unusual puddle shot. 7 sightings for November to pass the 6 I got last year and hit the month's average, and it's now a better month than August's 6 sightings - which is hard to believe and the reason I'm struggling to get 100 sightings this year. I'm up to 95 sightings for the year now, making things interesting: with 6 weeks left in the year to get 5 sightings 100 now becomes possible again, thanks to this late-year (9 th inning) rally that may allow me to come back and pull out a 'come from behind' victory. The puddle shot is of the most unusual piss I've seen a lady take, more on that in her story.

While I wouldn't prefer to get a lot of my sightings during the cold-weather months because most are not as sexy or revealing as warm weather sightings (ladies are covered up with big coats and layered clothing because it's colder), I'll take them if that's what I need to get 100+ sightings. Fate is definitely smiling on me with this continued good weather, my stats over the years have shown that mild November weather does bring the ladies out to pee. In my 3 best November years (16, 11, and 11 sightings) there were 50-degree nights on those weekends, the biggest producing nights being the weekend after Thanksgiving which seems to bring a lot of people out. The nice weather this month has allowed me to get out the 1 st 3 weekends so far, the 1 st time I've done that in any November.

Crowds were very small Friday night and again big on Saturday night, 2 sightings each night. The small crowds, fewer ladies dressed sexy, and crowds leaving earlier at closing time because of the cooler weather definitely make it more boring to be out so my outings are shorter. The few sightings I get are easier to find because with fewer ladies out it's easier to watch them and know who has to pee without being distracted by other situations nearby. On to the stories:

Saturday, 1:53 a.m.- At the north end of the RTD block a 20's couple coming from the busy area was about to cross the street to the RTD block but turned and went down towards the next corner. She was a cute blonde in jeans, above average height holding hands with her boyfriend, she seemed tense and uncomfortable. I watched as they were about to pass the alley, she took off running and turned into the alley with her boyfriend following. There were 2 guys already at the dumpsters behind the corner bank building where she probably would have gone had they not been there, she continued on down the alley slowing to a stop after seeing them as she now wondered where she could pee. The boyfriend caught up with her and they walked past a couple of buildings and turned up into a parking area behind the buildings in the middle of the block. She disappeared behind the corner of the building where I couldn't see her from where I was outside the alley, the guy went partially up there as I could see part of his leg outside the end of the wall. About 30 seconds later he came back out into the alley with the blonde following, zipping up the front of her jeans so she probably peed. They walked out of the alley and crossed the street and passed me, she looked a little out of it (drunk) but was much more relaxed now. I crossed the street and went into the alley to look for her puddle, walking down the alley a truck turned in from the other end and drove past me with a guy and lady in it before I got to the area where the blonde went. I got to the building and turned up to where she went, there was a dumpster there sitting in an area of dirt and I found her puddle on the far side of it. It was a small puddle, most of the pee had already sunk down into the dirt so I couldn't tell how big it really was...

1:59 a.m.- I heard a lady's voice yelling. Stepping back into the alley I saw the truck had stopped at the end of the alley, the passenger door was open. A pretty brunette in jeans was standing by the dumpsters behind that corner bank building not liking her choices as the ground around them was wet from guys peeing there earlier. She was in bad shape as she was holding the front waist button of her jeans ready to unsnap them, finally running between the 2 dumpsters. I started walking back down the alley towards there, deciding not to try for a shot since I knew a guy was in the truck waiting for her. I kept staring at the dumpsters as I got closer to them, when I was about 6 feet from them the brunette came out zipping up her jeans. She was above average height and slim with a pretty face and below-shoulder brown hair, looked mid-20's. Our eyes met as she looked over and saw me, immediately got embarrassed and looked away as she quickly walked over to the truck and got in and slammed the door closed. The truck quickly turned out of the alley as I looked between the dumpsters where she peed, the area was already wet and her puddle wasn't noticeable but the big pool of pee was making it's way out into the alley with the fresh addition from her.

Sunday, 1:40 a.m.- I had just crossed the street to the north end of the RTD block. 2 young couples (early 20's) were standing near the corner talking when one of the guys said, "I have to piss!". "So do I!", his girlfriend said, a petite slim lady with short 2-color hair (black with red ends) wearing tight black jeans and a short black coat. She grabbed his hand and they ran towards the open terminal building, running past the doors to the grassy area beside the building and the pee areas - she had no interest in going inside the building to use the bathroom! She led him across the grass and down the steps to the employee parking lot, I figured they would - as most people do who go down there - pee by the wall a few feet from the steps, just below the grassy park area. I walked over to the wall bordering the park area right above there and looked over it, not going to try for a shot since a guy was with the lady. There they were right below me, her in the corner right below me and him about 4 feet further down with his back to me peeing against the wall. She was right below me, standing bent-over with her jeans pushed down so I had a top view of her bent-over back and naked butt in the corner of the 2 walls. I heard no splattering and didn't see a puddle running out from between her spread feet, but didn't have much time to look and listen as she was already pulling up: it had barely been 10 seconds, did she even pee? I quickly jumped away from the wall before they looked up and saw me, within a few seconds both came back up the steps and walked past me back to the other couple near the corner waiting for them.

woman's pee puddle up the wall I went down the steps to see what she did, and was amazed to find this! She had actually peed against the wall like a man standing, her pee was running quietly down the wall and that's why I didn't hear any splattering or see any stream running out between her spread feet! 99% of the ladies I've seen over the years who peed standing bent-over like this with their butt by a wall, their streams went straight down between their legs to the ground and didn't wet the wall behind them. A couple of ladies sprayed pee at the base of the wall behind their feet, but none have ever peed this high up on a wall behind their butt like this....very impressive for a lady! She has to have a urethra that angles straight down between her legs instead of a forward angle like most females, so when she bends forward at the waist she can shoot a stream out behind her and pee on whatever is behind her butt instead of down to the ground between her legs like most females. She seemed very comfortable peeing this way and doing it quickly without worry of squatting down over a dirty ground or splashing herself, I wonder when she realized she could pee outside easier than most females can? Her boyfriend's puddle on the wall, beyond the left edge of this shot, was about a foot higher than hers and much bigger (from standing taller and having a bigger bladder). This made an otherwise normal female piss very sexy, I've seen hundreds of ladies pee in this position and the difference here is definitely her pee running down the wall because most ladies can't do that. This strongly verifies how powerful a lady's puddle is to the appeal of her sighting, and why I started snapping shots of puddles after ladies finished!

1:46 a.m.- I had just snapped the puddle shot and came back out to the corner of the RTD block where I saw the group. They were starting to walk off, the lady who peed staring at me as I walked towards them like she knew I had been interested in her piss. "Hi!", she said smiling at me, which threw me off guard. Guy 2 who was with the other lady asked me the directions to somewhere in the area, while I was telling him lady 2, a chubby blonde in jeans, walked over to the lady who just peed. "I have to pee!", I heard her say. "C'mon, I know exactly where you can go!", lady 1 said grabbing lady 2's hand and they started running past the terminal building over to the steps. Boy, that sent a jolt through me as it is so sexy when I know a lady is going to an outdoor spot to pee! The guys went with them and this time the group was very aware of me as they kept looking back at me, stopping by the steps but not going down before they knew where I was. I walked across the patio area towards the other end of the block to make them think I wasn't interested, the blonde and her boyfriend ran down the steps. I was now at the other end of the terminal building by the pee sidewalk, which is at the other end of the sidewalk leading to those steps. I could see the blonde from the waist up, she went a few feet from lady 1's pee on the wall and pushed her jeans down and squatted to a sitting position while her boyfriend peed next to her, his back to me as he was facing the wall. She peed longer than lady 1 did, about 20 seconds before she stood up and pulled up her jeans and ran back up the steps. The boyfriend finished and came back up and the 2 couples walked off, I went back to that end and looked over the wall to see a big wet area on the pavement from lady 2 and her boyfriend. This is why I snap my puddle shots right after the lady leaves, other people peeing there will change the scene. As I watched the group walked off I had an admiration for lady 1's ability to pee on walls, she is a uniquely-talented lady! 1 of my shots this year was of a lady who also peed standing bent-over in this same spot (desp 236 in September), and I had puddle shots of her and another lady who both peed in this same spot each night that weekend (appst515.html). The other lady squatted down but her puddle looked the same as the lady who peed standing, the standing lady didn't get any pee on the wall behind her bent-over butt. Those shots show the full view of that wall area while today's shot is a cropped shot of that corner where they all peed to better highlight the lady's pee on the wall.

Female pee challenge: The pee on the wall sighting got me wondering:
how many ladies can do that? I've got several shots of ladies bent-over peeing like this lady did that I snapped from behind, everyone's stream went straight down between her legs to the ground (forward-angle urethras). I'd bet most of the ladies who couldn't pee on a wall behind them in that position could probably do it standing facing the wall, helping their forward-angle urethras by standing close to the wall and tilting their hips backward (to make their stream angle higher) while spreading their legs and holding their 'lips' open. Their stream would shoot forward onto the wall in front of them, probably higher on the wall than the puddle in today's shot. Guys, issue this challenge to your wife/girlfriend and let me know if she can successfully do it in either position and you female readers try it. I'll run any stories of these successes in a future report, let's see how many 'uniquely talented' ladies there are out there and how easy it is for ladies to learn how to 'pee up a wall!'

The 2 sightings at the RTD block are the 38 th there this year, 10 th on this north end end of the block by the employee parking lot. The RTD block has a whopping 40% of this year's sightings and 4 of the year's 5 shots, dominating the area's peeing despite the building being open later because of outdoor spots elsewhere being lost to construction (a few more areas were boarded up this weekend for new construction). The blocks directly across the street from the RTD block on all sides - parking lots, alleys, buildings, stairways - have produced 33 more sightings (34.7%) and my 5th shot, giving this middle part of my sightings area an unprecedented 74.7% of this year's sightings and all of my shots. Not a lot of walking through the rest of the area, including the busy area, has been necessary or very productive this year, although I still do it for variety and to keep myself out of trouble. Anywhere ladies are gathered can produce sightings, and that still includes a lot of places in my sightings area.

Once again cold and snow are forecast for mid-week through next weekend, night temps to drop into the teens which would end my pleasant November run because I wouldn't go out. A couple more sightings this month would get me to 100 again for sure, I'd then need 3 in December (which is it's average) and if I didn't get them by New Years' Eve I'd go out earlier that night for pre-midnight sightings in the big crowds - if the weather wasn't too cold. And there will be a New Years' Eve bonus: that night is a Monday this year, meaning the RTD building will be closing at it's usual 1:10 a.m. time instead of the late 2:20 a.m. Friday/Saturday night closing time that started this summer for those nights. It will be 'business as usual' for New Years' Eve, things getting interesting on the block after 1 a.m. when ladies desperate to pee find the building locked.

I'm completely at the mercy of the weather now, last year this was my last weekend of sightings because of snow and cold every weekend the rest of the year through mid-January - the earliest I've ever concluded my sightings for a year. I'd gotten all my 127 sightings for the year by then so it wasn't too upsetting having to sit out all of December, looks like weather will be better to end this year but I won't be close to last year's sightings total. Each year has some different quirk to it!

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