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I peed out there in the rain!

The Woman Said, "I Actually Peed Out There In The Rain!"

Dear Readers,
no sightings of women pissing to report today, 2 pee stories I got from the media over the last 2 weeks will make up the meat of today's report. I did get out the last 2 Saturday nights but got no pee sightings, this Saturday was particularly frustrating because I heard several ladies complain of needing to pee but none of them did. I caught a lady coming out of an alley behind a parking lot that I suspect peed, but I got there too late to see exactly where she went back there and since I never saw her go to a spot to pee, I couldn't count it as a pee sighting.
Saw a nice female pee puddle last week on a sidewalk entrance to a parking garage, would have been a piss puddle picture if I saw the lady who did it - but I got there too late.
It's cold now and the crowds are smaller, looks like my ladies pee sightings have completely dried up as I remain stuck with just 2 for November and 89 for the year, on the way to what will be a new record low pee sightings year. I like to think of this as a "pee sightings recession year" - the pattern is following the way the economy is going in the way that the bottom seems to be falling out.
But I did get to go out this weekend which makes it better than last year, where this was the first of 6 straight weekends of big snow storms. Early forecasts say we will get some snow on Thanksgiving day, but it looks like light snow so there is a possibility of pee sightings work next weekend. OK, the week's 2 media pee stories:

The first was a story about confessions of actresses about their most embarrassing on-set moments. This gem was from Actress Briana Evigan, who peed outside in the rain during the outdoor rain scene of the movie Step up 2: The Streets. Her explanation of what happened: "I tore the ACL in my right knee. The whole rain segment was done with a big crazy brace on my leg and I actually peed out there in the rain. We were soaking, a thunder storm pouring down on us, the toilets were really far away and it was a struggle for me to get there. Everyone knew.

The most interesting was a case on Judge Judy last week that I happened to catch - and record. A teenage girl, Jessica, who had been staying with her friend Michelle in Michelle's parent's house, was suing Michelle because she says Michelle put her belongings in the front yard after Jessica moved out and most ended up missing or damaged. Michelle had a counter-suit filed for defamation of character, claiming Jessica came to her work and embarrassed her by saying nasty things about her in front of co-workers trying to get her to pay for her missing and damaged belongings.
Pretty routine stuff, until they got to Michelle's countersuit: Michelle's supervisor at work was there when Jessica came in and started bad-mouthing her, supervisor Jennifer got up and testified. She said that in front of store customers, Jessica brought up an incident at her mother's house after a party Michelle had been at, where Michelle went into the front yard and "pulled down her pants and peed."
Michelle turned her head away in embarrassment as Judge Judy asked Jessica if she had said this.
Jessica said yes, then Judge Judy turned to Michelle and asked her if she had done that.
"Yes, as ashamed as I am to admit it, yes I did that!" Michelle said.
Judge Judy told Michelle "That's not actionable, defamation has to be something somebody said about you that is false. As embarrassing and unladylike as that was for you to do, you still did it - so she's not defaming you by saying you did that!"
The look on Michelle's face throughout this was priceless, having stuff like that aired out on national TV! But she brought it on herself by wanting to use this for a countersuit. Judge Judy gave Jessica a judgment for a portion of the money she wanted for her belongings and Michelle's countersuit was dismissed: can't sue somebody for telling other people they saw you pee outside! But you already knew that, right?
This segment was about a 5-minute recording, I'm thinking of making a video clip of it.

Finally, I read a letter in an 'Ethics' column in the Sunday paper here, from a college student who was upset about a former city council member in his town who regularly snapped pictures of drunk college students around bars near the college campus acting rowdy on weekends and posted them on the internet to rile up people living in the area. The student wrote that since these pictures didn't show faces and the identities of the students they were probably legal, but is something like that ethical? The columnist wrote that there probably was a better way for the former councilman to call out bad student behavior.
This reminded me of the early days of my website when I was thinking about which pictures to put up in my sample album. I decided not to post the pictures showing faces and naked genitals before I actually found out that would protect me legally, even though it limited me to just a fraction of my pictures, I didn't want to embarrass any of the ladies in the pictures by posting identifiable pictures of them. Good thing I did it that way, I've never had any problems and the pictures apparently haven't caused any problems for any of the ladies in them.

There's one lady I run into periodically who I caught mid-stream peeing with a friend in a mid-90's shot (desp 51, she was smiling at me in the shot) and 1 lady I snapped peeing 2 different times (desp 12 and 16) and I've seen maybe a handfull of the rest of the 200+ ladies in my pictures again. Probably 95% of the ladies were out-of-state visitors or came from suburban areas and aren't in the pee sightings area very often, those who did return I never noticed again because they never peed outside again!

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