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She didn't know how to pee outside and peed on her legs!

Dear Readers,
August starts off with 2 sightings in it's first weekend, once again a weekend that should have produced many more. Just 47 sightings for the year, 2 behind last year's pace on this date which isn't a good thing because I won't get to 100 sightings. My lady counting is the main thing keeping my sightings work interesting this summer, as it revealed yet another interesting trend which I will get to after this week's stories.
It's really apparent now the sightings area crowds are smaller, a by-product of the sluggish economy I expect to continue the rest of the year. Friday night was a small weeknight-sized crowd, Saturday was bigger but still much smaller than a typical August crowd. A definite summer energy was in the air with good sightings potential as plenty of ladies were walking the streets through the area, passing a walkway between buildings on one of the busy blocks there were 3 puddles on the sidewalk with 1 of them looking like a female puddle in a hidden part of the sidewalk where a lady would squat.
Crowds were big enough outside the busy bars on that block that some people would have trouble getting in to use bathrooms, the typical scenario of productive summer sightings nights! Looks like I missed the puddles being made by about 20 minutes, I thought that was an indicator of a big sightings night and was very happy when I'd get the night's first sighting shortly after that on this hot summer night (temps both nights were about 80 degrees). But alas, with this being "the year of the sightings decline" no other ladies peed after that and I had to be content with just 1 sighting each night. The good news is that both sightings came on the RTD block, which has been quiet the last 2 weekends but still is the sightings leader this year with 16 of my 47 sightings. The pesky Friday night security guard was on duty this week but I noticed he's not coming out to watch the pee areas any more, he did come up the escalator after Friday night's sighting (he didn't see it) and stared out the window at the pee areas for several minutes before finally going back down the escalator to the bus loading area - I think he's been told by his supervisor not to spend a lot of time outside and focus on watching the bus boarding areas and what's going on inside the building - good news for me, if only more ladies would pee!
Both sightings came late and were interesting because the terminal building was open when both ladies who were desperate to piss were there, but they passed by the unlocked doors preferring to pee outside somewhere nearby - just what I like to see them all do! Stories:

Saturday, 2:08 a.m. - At the north end of the RTD block 2 mid 20's couples were standing by their cars parked on the street by there. While talking one of the guys suddenly said, "C'mon, let's go!" and grabbed the hand of his lady, a tall long-legged slim brunette with long hair wearing a beige print miniskirt suit with high-heeled clunky sandals. Holding hands they walked towards the terminal building doors, surprisingly passing by them and turning up on the grass and walking towards the pee areas. I knew immediately it was for her, they headed back to the steps towards the employee parking lot. "Go on, I'll wait here!" he said to her pointing to the steps. She was reluctant but finally scampered over to the steps and disappeared down them, I wanted to walk over to the wall above there - where I've snapped a few shots of ladies peeing below me before - but he was positioned on the grass nearby facing me so I couldn't go over there. She took a long time, over 2 minutes before he said, "What are you doin' down there?" and she finally came back up the steps a few seconds later. As they started to walk back over to the others and their car, she stopped and reached down and started wiping the insides of her legs, from just under her skirt all the way down to mid-calf, on both legs! She apparently had never peed outside before and she didn't know how to pee  outside and peed on her legs some!
Looking at her legs from behind I couldn't tell in the darkness if they were wet, when they stood at the corner under streetlights her legs looked dry from behind. After they left I went over to the area to look for her puddle, found it on the steps as she sat down on the 2nd step from the top and peed down on the 3rd and 4th steps. Her pee must have splashed back up on her legs from the lower step where she made her puddle (the steps are about 8 inches high), a definite sign of inexperience as a lady who knew how to pee outside wouldn't make this mistake: a lady I snapped a shot of peeing on these same steps peed standing bent-over so pee from the huge horse-piss she took that night wouldn't splash up on her legs (7-9-05, desp 211 and 211a in Album 12). This is one of the most fascinating things about my sightings, observing how both experienced and inexperienced ladies deal with the challenges of peeing outside and not wetting themselves!

Sunday, 1:08 a.m. - During my first trip past the RTD block I went over to a drinking fountain on the patio near the pee areas to get some water on this hot night. Walking away from there after drinking a 20's couple turned past me headed over there. Were they going to get water too? I just didn't think so, I thought they probably didn't know a drinking fountain was there and it was the last thing on their minds anyway - the lady had to pee as she was the one leading the way, letting water out instead of taking it in was the need here! The lady had short black hair and a petite slim build, wearing olive jeans and a black tank-top shirt showing off the tattoos on her arms. They went straight towards the drinking fountain, the lady walking past it to a big trash can flower pot sitting near it on the grass. They both started looking around as she was unsnapping the front of her jeans, she squatted down behind the trash can while the guy stared at me to make sure I didn't try to go over there. She peed about 20 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans, the 2 walked back over to the bench they were sitting on near the terminal building doors on the south end of the building. People had been going in and out of the building while they had been sitting there so they knew the building was open, but this lady didn't want to bother with going in and finding the bathroom preferring to pee outside in the grass!

Lady-counting: Crowd counts were 430 late-night ladies Friday night and 548 Saturday night, 430 is the average number of ladies over the 7 nights I've counted so far which is well short of what it should be this time of year. Friday night's lady was 2.3 tenths of 1 percent of that night's late ladies, Saturday's sighting 1.8 tenths of 1 percent of that night's late ladies - overall 2 tenths of 1 percent of the late night ladies for the weekend crowd. I've gotten sightings on 4 of the 7 nights I've counted, 2.7 tenths of 1 percent of the ladies combined on those nights. Including the 3 nights where there were no sightings, the 7 nights overall percentage of ladies peeing during the late hours is 1.8 tenths of 1 percent.
The surprise? I've seen an average of 430 ladies on the nights when I've gotten a sighting and an average of 466 ladies on the nights where I haven't gotten a sighting - more ladies on the nights where nobody pees. That seems backwards, isn't it the bigger crowds that produce more sightings because it puts more strain on bathroom facilities and makes it more likely some ladies will have to pee outside? After all, long bathroom lines have been a complaint of ladies forever. These early numbers indicate desperation might not be the only reason ladies pee outside. The 2 sightings this weekend are the latest example of that, as was the lady in the only shot I've snapped so far this year in June - all 3 passed on going inside the RTD terminal building to use the bathroom in favor of peeing outside. While better than 99% of desperate ladies seek out a bathroom to relieve themselves, there are some who won't use a bathroom even when they're desperate. Why?

Thanks to my ladies room survey .... I actually have some insight into that, from the things ladies have said in their answers to several related questions on the survey: -
Question 3 ... asks about using public bathrooms when desperate. 41% of the ladies said they would not, the top reasons being that they would rather pee outside and/or feel many public ladies' bathrooms are filthy.
Question 4 ... asks about peeing outside. 85% of the ladies say they would do it, more doing it because they enjoy peeing outside and find it a natural thing to do (67.3%) than would do it because they were desperate (37%).
Question 7 ... asks ladies specifically if there are reasons other than being desperate why they would pee outside. 83% of the ladies say there is, the top reasons they say they do it are, in order:
1) because they're drunk and are both desperate and uninhibited.
2) with another lady who is peeing (ladies like peeing together).
3) too lazy to go to the bathroom.
4) filthy bathrooms.
5) with a group of people where some or all are peeing.
6) with their boyfriend/husband/date who is peeing.

I would also add to this list not knowing where the nearest bathroom is, as I think that was the situation with Friday night's lady and other sightings I've gotten over the years. The 6 reasons above probably do explain why ladies in the smaller crowds are peeing outside more than ladies in the bigger crowds, interesting that no ladies listed crowded bathrooms/long lines as a reason they peed outside - so desperation isn't what drives this behavior. Interesting, isn't it?

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